Marketing with Custom T-shirts

marketing with custom t-shirts

Be seen when you wear a custom t-shirt

It is said that the average t-shirt on an average day in an average town is seen by 300 people. Sounds good doesn’t it? Although skeptics will see this as pretty vague and it really kind of is because nobody knows what an average day is and no one knows what an average town is unless you want to spend some time searching for these answers. Let’s make it easier and just understand that some company who specializes in market analysis knows this information and what logistics take place to make this sentence true. A t-shirt that is worn in a single day is seen by 300 people. That is powerful marketing with custom t-shirts. There must be truth behind this sentence otherwise why would organizations like Komen and Autism Speaks order hundreds of thousands of t-shirts to put on their walkers backs? Harley Davidson makes more revenue from their custom t-shirts than they do their motorcycles. Think about that for a minute. A company that builds motorcycles actually makes more money from t-shirts with their brand on it than they do the one product that were created to sell. That’s powerful.

Here is what we in the industry know. A t-shirt is seen by a lot of people over the lifetime of that t-shirt. Marketing with custom t-shirts just makes sense because everyone wears t-shirts and everyone likes to read other people’s t-shirts. When you are talking about the most bang for your buck, nothing comes close the marketing power with custom t-shirts. If over the lifetime of a t-shirt that message is seen by 10,000 people, the t-shirt may have only cost $5. A dollar amount that little for the exposure cannot be competed with.

You have an event, a team, a business, or just a simple message you want to get out there. There is no better way to reach the masses than with custom t-shirts. Marketing with custom t-shirts by far out weights any other advertising medium for the cost per unit compared to exposure. Often times you can find yourself with a captive audience which makes sense.

For a free price quote on custom t-shirts contacting Kirkwood Trading Company Free Custom T-shirt price quote

Custom metallic Shimmer T-shirt Printing in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom metallic tees

Awesome metallic screen print t-shirts in St. Louis

Custom Metallic shimmer t-shirt printing are specialty inks used to make unique custom t-shirts. Kirkwood Trading Company is a pioneer in printing unique and specialty ink tees. With over 20 years of experience we have had a lot of time to experiment and perfect various inks and their ability to separate our customers t-shirts from the rest of the pack.

Although specialty inks and ordering custom metallic shimmer t-shirt printing is a little more expensive than traditional plastisol inks, they really hold their value because they are so unique.

Metallic colors are available in silver, gold, red, blue, green, and black. The metallic shimmer offers a good amount of sparkle on any design, although ideally you want a design with a large ink application, so bolder fonts and images compared to thinner script or small ink deposit designs. It works collectively over a larger surface area to really get the shimmer to pop.

On glitter ink prints the same print surface requirements remain but with the glitter ink you get a higher wow factor in the amount of shimmer that pops off the ink. These are great for brand clothing, specialty shirt designs, and in general when you want to get a message across from the standard inks.

Custom metallic shimmer t-shirt printing is a unique aspect of what the Kirkwood Trading Company does. Because of a few additional requirements in order to make the ink pop, the cost is slightly higher but with anything custom, the more you buy the less each piece is.

Custom metallic shimmer t-shirt printing is a great value when done correctly and can bring a lot of exposure to your custom t-shirts. Contact Kirkwood Trading Company with any questions or an order you would like to get quoted using metallic shimmer inks and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process and explain the difference in the inks. We’ll look at your artwork to determine if it’s a candidate for this specialty time of screen printing.

Custom Printed T-shirts in St. Louis

Custom Printed T-shirts Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company is a local St. Louis business specializing in custom printed t-shirts. We offer a full line of apparel from name brands our customers know and trust. Serving the St. Louis area for over 20 years we have the experience to complete any print job quickly and correctly.

All of our screen printing services are performed in-house which enables us to have better quality control from one job to the next and we can expedite orders based on priority more easily.

Our custom printed t-shirts are typically turned around in 4 to 6 business days. Sometimes we can do it sooner and other times it may be a little longer depending on print needs and shirt availability. Either way when you place your order with us you will know the exact date the order will be completed and ready to pick up, delivery, or shipping.

We offer t-shirts from all the major brands that consist of 100% preshrunk cotton, 50/50 blends and the trending performance apparel which is 100% polyester. The current trend is for light weight fabrics and for those fabrics we carry special brands like Gildan’s performance and softstyle apparel, Next Level, American Apparel, and Bella Canvas to name a few. Kirkwood Trading Company carries a full line of men’s, women’s and youth style shirts. So we offer something for everyone including toddler sized apparel as well.

While custom printed t-shirts is our specialty, it’s not all we do. In addition to custom tees, we print on sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, hats, jackets, blankets, bags, coolers, and much more. In addition to screen printing we also offer embroidery services as well which is the embellishment of choice for polo and oxford style shirts.

Kirkwood Trading Company also has an in-house graphics department so if your artwork needs tweaking or you need completely fresh custom artwork, we can help you with that as well. Depending on the extent of the graphic needed, a modest artwork fee may apply.

With our history of custom printed t-shirts we seldom run into an order request we haven’t crossed before. Our experience is second to no other companies and our employees are excited to be at work each day. We hire experienced and friendly employees which at the end of the day makes a big difference in the overall customer experience. We boast a 98% customer retention rate which speaks volumes of the quality of our service, customer service, and ability to make customers happy. Custom printed t-shirts is our business. We enjoy it and it shows in the manner with which we conduct our business.

We offer a design online studio where you can design your very own t-shirts.

We also offer an online quote form for those who just want to get a price without picking up the phone. Here you can get a price quote on your custom printed t-shirts or any apparel you need customized.

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However we are always a phone call or email away. Should you have questions or want to place an order feel free to call us or email us at your convenience.

Custom Printed Hoodies

Custom Printed Hoodies

Custom Hooded Sweatshirts

Custom Printed Hoodies are nothing new but they are all the range in 2014 and 2015. As their popularity has grown over the years so too have their color options and the materials from which they are made.

Now more than ever people looking to have custom printed hoodies have a lot of options. There are no both light weight and heavy weight options that are made of a blend of cotton and polyester. You can order performance wicking polyester hoodies, and the color availability in both full zip and pullover is larger than ever. Ladies can choose from their own slim fit light weight hoodies and youth hoodies have come a long way as well.

When you order your custom printed hoodies from Kirkwood Trading Company you know you are getting the highest quality printing in the St. Louis area with the fastest turn around time for your order. We will speak with you to see what your needs are and choose a hooded sweatshirt that is right for you. Traditional women have started leaning towards the full zip hoodie because the zipper allows them to easily take it off or put it on without messing up their hair. Newer lighter weight and color combinations have also enhanced the female market for the hoodie. Women can choose a highly tapered hoodie or a slightly tapered hoodie. They can choose traditional colors or newer modern colors and even look for a contrasting drawstring or interior fabric.

When it comes to men the options are ever present as well with the newer performance materials available at a more reasonable price than years past. You can choose color accents for team sports in by accent panels or piping along the perimeter of the hoodie. Camo hoodies have come a long way as well with about 6 to 8 different camo patterns including digital and traditional woodland and desert patterns.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based screen printer specializing in custom t-shirts and logo apparel. We have been printing for over 20 years and serve a clientele throughout the United States. If you have a need for custom printed hoodies, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to look at your needs and see how we can help.

Custom Summer Camp T-shirts St. Louis

Custom Printed Summer Camp T-shirts

Summer Camp Tees

Custom printed summer camp t-shirts serve are a great item to provide campers and serve multiple purposes. The best part if done correctly is to build the cost of the shirt into the fee for the camp. Whether it’s a recreational summer camp, summer sports camp, or just a local municipal camp, the cost of the t-shirts can be built into the registration fee and the ROI (return on investment) with any t-shirt marketing, can be huge. There is no better way to market your summer camp than having a few hundred kids running around town with your camp plastered all over the shirt.

Over the years we have printed summer camp t-shirts for all kinds of camps ranging from high school and college sports camps to equestrian camps, band camps, vacation bible schools, and many more.

One neat purpose for custom summer camp t-shirts is that many camps will separate the different age groups or activities of the campers with different color shirts. They will color code their camp t-shirts which makes it easy for the staff to recognize and contain order within the camp with color coded shirts. So one age group will get red shirts, another age group gets yellow shirts, so and so forth. Camp counselors get a completely different color shirts so everyone knows who is who.

On sports camps you have options of basic tees or performance tees. Typically performance tees are the t-shirt of choice for summer sports camps. Light fabrics are the current trend and there is nothing lighter than a performance t-shirt.

Kirkwood Trading Company ( can assist you with all your summer camp t-shirt needs. If you have a design already, great! If not we can assist you and create a truly one of a kind design to fit the needs of your specific camp. We understand many of our clients are great at other things and sometimes not so much with shirt designs. No problem, we are glad to help.

If you are interested in learning more about custom summer camp t-shirts, contact us and we will be happy to speak with you on your needs and see where we can come in and make them a custom t-shirt to remember.

Tone on Tone screen printing

Kirkwood Trading Company

Screen printing tone on tone ink shirt combo

Tone on tone screen printing custom t-shirt is a nice way to make a traditional one color image pop. It takes a cool colored t-shirt but really any color will do, and then either a lighter ink or darker ink depending on the shade of the shirt. For darker shirts a lighter ink of the same shade is used and on a lighter shirt a darker shade of the same ink is used. To make it simple a light blue t-shirt with a slightly darker ink is what we are talking about. You could even use Royal for the ink color but the closer the tone sometimes the more pop even though you’d think that would be the opposite case.

Kirkwood Trading Company specializes on options when we have a customer who is stumped with their custom t-shirt design. We like to assist using our many years of screen printing experience. A lot of times our customers stay safe with their ink colors. If it’s their company logo sometimes they don’t have a choice. Other times they can tinker. But other times customers are looking for the latest and greatest or just something new to them.

Tone on tone screen printing is just a fresh approach to any kind of logo or design. In addition to the look of the shirt it also has the tendency to possess a really light coat of ink making it a more retro feel and look as well. There is no extra cost for a tone on tone print unless it’s a combination of a lighter ink on a darker garment which would depend on the specific garment color.

Tone on tone screen prints look and work great on the lighter softer fabrics as well. Contact Kirkwood Trading Company for your custom t-shirt needs here in St. Louis.

St. Louis Custom T-shirt Printing Fast

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

Custom T-shirt Screen printing

Kirkwood Trading Company provides quality custom t-shirt printing fast. If you have to wait two weeks to receive your custom t-shirts then you are going to the wrong place. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turn around time of any other local company with a 4-6 business day turn around. Since we print in-house under one roof we can control the output of orders as we don’t rely on any other companies to output our custom t-shirts.

From the date the order is placed to the date the order is ready is inside 6 business days. For 98% of the orders we receive this turn around time is true and usually even faster with an average turn around time in 2014 of 4.6 days. We simplify the ordering process so it’s easy for our customers. First, we make it very simple for our customers to get a free price quote. They can call us, email us, go online and use our online shirt design studio or our online quote form. So we offer several ways to contact us and there is a way for everyone so you can choose which method works best for you.

We also have an online catalog on our website ( so people can see the apparel we offer. In addition we also offer a custom t-shirt buying guide. This compares the most popular styles and materials so you can see a side by side comparison. Allowing our customers a way to educate themselves simply moves the process along that much quicker. However you find it easier to simply pick up the phone and call us with questions, we are just as happy with that as well.

Once the initial contact is made we need artwork. Now artwork ideally will be in a vector format either an illustrator file or Corel Draw file. But if you don’t have either of these files no worry, we can make what you do have work in most cases. Once artwork and shirt color and ink colors are decided on, we simply need a deposit to get the order placed. Once the deposit is made and the order is placed we will provide our customers with a digital mock up to approve. This way there are no surprises when it comes to your custom t-shirts. The printing is laid out and we go! It’s that simple.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

Custom Tees in St. Louis Missouri

Kirkwood Trading Company is a local custom t-shirt screen printing business located in St. Louis Missouri. We have over 20 years of printing experience and offer a full line of apparel. All of our printing and numbering and lettering services are performed in-house to ensure quality from one job to the next and with better quality control we can meet or exceed customer deadlines better than any other company in the area.

We carry the name brands our customers know and trust. In addition, if you are new to ordering custom tees, we have the experience to help you make the right choice based on your needs by looking at shirt styles, brands, and materials.

If you need a free price quote on your we make it easy. We offer our customers several options for getting a free price quote. They can email us under the contact us page. They can call us as well. A couple fun features are our design online custom t-shirt design studio and we also offer an online quote form. So whichever option works best for you, we offer it.

We strive to make our customers awe at the t-shirt creations we make. If we don’t have your logo or design looking completely awesome then we are not doing our jobs correctly. With our experience and know how we can tackle any job and no job is too big or two small as long as it’s at least 12 shirts. Our custom t-shirt screen printing is geared towards our customers needs. Screen printing is an art and it takes experience to do it correctly in order to provide the best custom t-shirts on the market. For over 20 years we have been doing just that.

In addition to t-shirts we offer a full line of apparel from sweatshirts, sweatpants, ladies apparel, youth apparel, polo shirts, button down oxford shirts, shorts, hats, blankets, bags, and much more. In addition we also provide custom athletic uniforms and jerseys for team sports. Our lettering and numbering services are also performed in-house as well.

We can screen printing on several different kinds of t-shirt materials from 100% preshrunk cotton to 100% poly and all of the blends in between. Currently the trend is leaning towards softer thinner t-shirts where ten years ago everyone wanted very heavy standard fitting shirts. Regardless of your preference we will provide you with fast custom t-shirt screen printing on each and every order you may have.

We can be contacting at and we’ll be happy to quote all your custom t-shirt screen printing needs.

Custom t-shirts St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

Custom Tees

Choosing the right company for your custom t-shirts can seem daunting. In St. Louis you have a lot of options. You want the best quality printing on a comfortable shirt and you want them ready when you need them, right?

Custom t-shirts screen printing is an industry that the average person really has no idea of the process of which is carried out to get a design from a computer screen onto a quality t-shirt. I’d compare it to things like having your oil changed in your car or having an electrician come in and adding additional outlets to your house. Most people are not familiar with these processes.

When it comes to custom tees, I would first recommend a company that is going to take the time and speak with you about your specific needs. We are talking about having something completely custom made and the buyers input is just as important to the process as any other aspect. A t-shirt shop is custom printing your design on shirts and it should look exactly how you want it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is look at the history of the company. History means experience and a track level of doing things correctly. A company that has been in business for 20 years has seen everything. They know the tricks of the trade and their know how means they have been doing it long enough to keep at it.

Most people have no idea about the shirts available for purchase. T-shirts follow trends and typically set them. So a soft feeling cotton shirt with a slight taper down the side may fit your needs more so than a traditional cotton. Any issues with artwork, design, colors, ink colors should be caught early in the process and honestly, the first visit is really when any issues should arise so they can be nipped in the bud.

Probably the most important trait you want to find in a custom t-shirt company is time frame. Do they have a track record for fast turn around times on orders and meeting customer deadlines? Look at reviews you might find on the web. The last thing you want to experience is being one of the customers whose shirts are completed in the time frame you need them and your event becomes less successful because you don’t have your shirts.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based custom t-shirt screen printing shop. We have been serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. From day one our priority was providing our customers with the best possible customer service, high quality screen printing, and meeting custom deadlines. We do what we have to in orde to make all of those things jive, and we love every minute of it. If you are in the market for custom t-shirts give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free price quote.

Custom Athletic Jerseys Fast St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom T-shirts St. Louis

Custom Athletic jerseys and uniforms with quick turn around time.

Kirkwood Trading Company has always been more than just a custom t-shirt shop. In addition to screen printing custom tees for the past 20 years, we have also been one of the areas leaders in custom athletic jerseys and jerseys. Hailed by our clients for our super fast turn around times, we are a company that has been asked to step up time and time again where others have failed. To us, a team having to start the beginning of their season without their jerseys is absurd. Listen, no company is so bogged down that they can’t put in a little over time to meet a customer deadline. Meeting customer deadlines is the one reason companies like ours stay in business. Perhaps that we print in-house and do all of our lettering and numbering in-house gives us a step up but really you are saving money as well.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a full line of athletic jerseys and uniforms from a few main sources of athletic companies and brands. We offer a variety of options for just about every sport for both youth and adult. In addition to styles and materials we also offer several color combinations to meet the needs of your team colors. Jerseys come in both youth and adult, male and female and we can customize them to fit your needs in your time frame.

Whether it’s girls volleyball or high school hockey. We have the modern jerseys and materials you are looking for. We provide the best options and best everyday brands for custom athletic uniforms and jerseys and we can print to your specs.

The ordering process is simple. Let us know what you are looking for and in what colors. From socks to hats we can outfit your entire team or entire organization. While our average turn around time on custom t-shirts is 4-6 business days, usually we can complete jersey orders in that time. Sometimes a team wants socks, pants, jerseys, and hats. On occasions such as these we will still have your order completed in 10 business days. It’s a matter of the location of the items relative to us and what we are doing on them. If we are printing numbers on pants, jerseys, and hats in addition to printing, that takes a little extra time but again, our orders are completed inside 10 business days for custom jerseys and athletic apparel.

The next time you are looking to outfit your team or organization here in St. Louis, call Kirkwood Trading Comapny for a free price quote. I think you’ll find the best customer service and options for your time team and your time frame will be something we find completely manageable. #kirkwoodtradingcompany #screen_printing #custom_jerseys