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Best screen printing business in St. Louis

2014 Best Printing Service in St. Louis award. Providing quality custom t-shirts and logo apparel

St. Louis Best Custom T-shirt screen Printer

Kirkwood Trading Company is a local St. Louis custom t-shirt screen printing business that has been serving St. Louis for over 20 years. If you are looking for convenient fast service then we are the company for you. We offer a full line of apparel from various styles and fabrics on t-shirts including youth and ladies tees but we also offer so much more. In addition to the traditional custom tees, we offer custom sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, bags, koozies, and even more.

We utilize all the major apparel distributors in the United States so if there is a specific item you are looking for, chances are we carry it. If not, our history in this industry garners us the experience to provide you with great alternatives and options on quality brands.

We can screen print single color graphics up to 8 color graphics and depending on your specific needs and quantity, even full color images. We are great at educating our customers because often times our new customers have never ordered custom t-shirts before. We will gladly walk you through the process and give you the best options and anytime we can save you money we certainly will. On occasion we’ll have a client who comes to us for a small order of t-shirts but they want a high number of print colors on their logo. When you take high number of prints colors and pair that with a low quantity of shirts, often times the per shirt cost is cost prohibitive. When that’s the case we explain why it’s cost prohibitive and provide our client with options to save them for money.

Our goal is the same as our customers. To provide the highest quality product at a fair price on time.

All of our screen printing services are performed in-house. This ensures quality and timely turn around times on every order. In fact we have the fastest order turn around time in the St. Louis area with a 4 to 6 business day turn around time. When we tell a client we’ll have an order completed by their deadline we follow through. In fact we have gained new customers for the mere fact that other companies dropped the ball when it came to deadlines. For 20 years we have made it a point to follow up when we tell a customer a date their order will be completed and ready. When we really jump through hoops to get a rush order done in a day or two and are greeted as hero’s by the client makes it all worth it.

In addition to printing we also can create, assist, tweak, or edit existing artwork. Some of our clients don’t have proper artwork and that’s okay with us. If we can provide artwork in a timely fashion we try not to charge for our the artwork. In some instances that is not always possible but we like to treat our customers as we like to be treated when we are the customer. That business model is in direct relation to our longevity in the screen printing business.

We hire dedicated people. People are are looking for a career rather than just a job. The people we hire take pride in their work and are eager to be here every day. It’s a fun place to work and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. We are printing awesome t-shirts for people not performing brain surgery. We have fun with and we enjoy it and that is passed onto the customer experience.

We have a 12 piece minimum and can print however many thousands of t-shirts you may need. There is no limit to the number of shirts we can print. The more shirts per order the less per shirt cost there is.

We provide our clients with several ways to contact us and get a free price quote. They can call us, email us, use our online quote form and use the ever so fun Online Design Studio. The design studio allows people the freedom to choose their shirt style and color and design it directly on our website either using our clip art and fonts or they can upload their own artwork or logos. It’s a really fun tool that gives the customer creative control. They can share their design with friends, email to themselves, and all kinds of fun things.

Custom Mugs in St. Louis

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs fast!

Looking for custom mugs? You came to the right place. Kirkwood Trading Company offers quality custom mug printing in-house so the quality is superior and the turn around is fast. Located in St. Louis we are centrally located so shipping across the continental United States is a breeze.

We offer a full different styles of mugs. All mugs will have a white base. The following mugs can be customized to fit your needs.

1. 11oz white coffee mugs – print capabilities is a quarter inch away from the handle and a quarter inch bleed on top and bottom.
2. 15oz white coffee mugs – same print location
3. Heart shaped coffe mugs- same print location
4. Metal travel mugs – same print location

Our process of printing mugs is different than screen printing which means it doesn’t count colors. So your mug logo or design could be a single color or full color and the price per mug is the same.

Each custom mug order receives a digital proof prior to us printing the order. That way there is no confusion on how the mug should look. All mugs are dishwasher safe!

Each mug is guaranteed to last for several occasions and add enjoyment for all those or partake. With a super fast turn around time on custom mug orders they are a unique gift that is too easy to pass up.

Custom coffee mugs are great for many occasions.

Churches to give to new members
Christmas or Birthday gifts
Clubs and organizations
Gag gifts
Company marketing
commemorate something
and much more.

In addition to mugs we also provide the following custom items with our dye sublimation process
phone cases
dog tags
water bottles
award plaques
name badges
clip board
door hangers
poker chips
and so much more.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company at our contact us page located on our website Kirkwood Trading Company

St. Louis Custom T-Shirts and Spirit Wear

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts and spirit wear printing

Custom printed spirit wear for your school, team, or event

Kirkwood Trading Company has been providing custom spirit wear in St. Louis for 20 years. We currently work with many local schools as well as schools and teams across the country. Because we carry a full line of apparel and the fact that we access all major distributors we are able to get just about any apparel products a school or team could want.

We offer custom jerseys for all sports in many styles, color combinations and fabrics from cotton, poly, blends, and spandex. The trend now is for light weight performance wicking fabric and all of the major garments we offer will come in that as well. In addition to the apparel and printing we also offer custom lettering and numbering and since we cut our own letters and numbers pretty much any font you would want to use is fine.

Regarding spirit wear we offer several styles of t-shirts including the basic tees, ladies, youth, and specialty cut shirts as well as sweatpants, shorts, jackets, bags, towels, mugs, koozies, and more. For many spirit stores we are a one stop shop for most of their store needs and at the very least where the apparel is concerned.

With our super fast turn around time of 4-6 business days we have grown in the spirit wear business because schools need items fast because if their shelves are empty they are losing revenue. So while we always have fast turn around times on orders we prioritize those clients who use our screen printed apparel as revenue.

When it comes to smaller schools or schools who don’t’ have a spirit shop we work on an order form basis. If need be we’ll provide the custom order form for the school. While it’s always easiest if the school tallies the orders but if need be we can do that too.

When it comes to design most schools have their standard logo and many come to us with a t-shirt design already. However many of our clients look to us to provide them with popular trends not just in the artwork but in the design area as well. If asked we’ll gladly put some designs together for you so you can see options and choose a design or designs that work best for you.

For teams, in addition to the full line of jerseys and uniforms we also carry several brands of coaches shirts, warm-ups and jackets. It seems the recent trend has been to get away from the jackets and the hoodie has gained in popularity.

Because we print in-house we can accommodate rush orders from our clients as well. We understand that when it comes to schools and teams and there is a lot of fundraising and money to be made should a team advance to the playoffs or have an annual big game against a rival. In those cases often times there is not tons of time to plan for such events. We had one particular school who called us back in 2013 and asked if there high school football team made it to state, could be print up some t-shirts so they could sell them at school to raise money for the athletic program. The only caveat is that the semi-final game would be 5 days before the state game so we would have a short window to print shirts. Short notice was not a problem and we got the design out of the way ahead of time. When they advanced to state we printed 1,000 shirts within a couple of days and then printed another 1,000 a couple days after that. The shirts were selling faster than we could print. The team went on to win the state game and the school decided to get custom t-shirts printed for the state championship. Because it was a local high school, local citizens in addition to the student body bought shirts and they eneded up selling another 3,000 state championship t-shirts. The proceeds raised from shirts went into upgrading the school fields and weight room. Because we turned the order around so quickly we were hero’s to the school and they were thankful because they raised a lot of money.

If you have a need for custom spirit wear or team wear, the Kirkwood Trading Company in St. Louis will be happy to provide you with a price quote. We offer a fast turn around time on all of our orders and we operate with customer convenience in mind.

Custom Printed Coffee mugs locally in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

custom printed mugs in St. Louis Missouri

Kirkwood Trading Company is one of the few local St. Louis companies that provides custom printed coffee mugs. Since we print the mugs in-house the turn around time is super fast and typically can receive them in a few days depending on quantity. We offer a few different styles of mugs so there typically is something to fit everyone’s needs. The nice thing about mugs that differs from screen printing is that the process doesn’t count colors. So a full color photo print on a mug costs the same as a single color mug print. So the opportunity to get creative doesn’t cost a whole lot more.

Popular clientele who have ordered custom printed coffee mugs consists of schools, churches, businesses, events, clubs, and organizations. Although really there is no bad reason to have a custom printed mug.

Unlike quantity minimums we have for custom t-shirts and screen printed apparel, there is no minimum for mugs. While the more you buy the less each costs, we can print single mugs and can print as many as a thousand.

Specific recent custom printed coffee mugs orders have been for birthday’s for the coffee drinking age, churches who provide new parishioners, gag gifts for a gentleman’s work.

In addition to custom printed coffee mugs we have a full line of other items we can customize which include custom phone cases, puzzles, water bottles, mouse pads, koozies, travel mugs, name tags, and over 100 other products that we customize separate from the logo apparel.

Custom Printed Family Reunion T-shirts in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company screen prints custom family reunion t-shirts

It’s spring time and the entire family is getting together! What better way to celebrate family solidarity than with custom screen printed family reunion t-shirts! The trend seems to be taking offer over the past year as we did more family reunion t-shirts in 2014 than in any year past. It’s a fun way to design your own authentic family tee and have fun with it. Of course if you aren’t the creative designing type, no worries, we can put something together for you.

Custom printed family reunion t-shirts are great no matter the family or the reunion. The nice thing about family reunion t-shirts is they often times keep a simple theme and when things are simple with screen printing that means they are more cost effective as well. Also family reunions tend to draw large crowds so the quantities in these orders is often times higher saving additional money. Nothing says keepsake like those custom printed family reunion t-shirts.

We can turn your custom printed family reunion tees around in 4-6 business days, help with design if need be, and make you the star of the event with some awesome t-shirts. What’s not to love.

Custom Athletic Jerseys and uniforms in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Athletic jersey and uniform printing in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom printed athletic uniforms and jerseys for all sports. We carry a full line of apparel from various fabrics including the popular performance fabrics. Our jerseys come in just about every color combination a sports team may have and our turn around time on these orders is super quick. Typically 4-6 business days. Depending on your exact specs this turn around may be longer but never has it been longer than 10 days. Don’t be left wondering where you jerseys are days before the first game. Contact Kirkwood Trading Company and have your uniforms in plenty of time. No hassles, no worries, only quality and convenience.

Custom logo t-shirts St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company has moved!


Kirkwood Trading Company has been providing custom logo t-shirts in St. Louis for over 20 years. While we have moved over the years to increase our space which allows us to better serve our clients, we now have a space that should suit our needs for years to come.

We use both automatic and manual presses which enables us to provide our screen  printing services to a diverse clientele from small sports teams to large major brands.

Having been in the custom logo t-shirts business for so long we have the experience to tackle any job with precision no matter if it’s a 12 shirt order or a 10,000+ shirt order.

Give us a call for a free price quote on your next custom logo t-shirts. We’ll be happy to put pricing together and explain the process to you.

Custom Beard Club Tshirts

custom beard club tshirts

St. Louis Screen Printing custom t-shirts

So you have a beard club and it’s pretty cool. It’s growing, in fact you got 14 new members this week and you all have a common place to chat about your awesome hedges. You have the business cards that you hand out to the ones you deem qualified to be in your club and it’s all cool because you have a unique group of men who all belong to something. Only problem is how to promote it offline. Sure you have the business cards you can ambush someone with while their enjoying a cocktail with friends. But if said friends think a beard club is cheesy, well you just set that chap up for a night of harrassment from his boys. That’s never a good idea. The best clubs let the members come crawling to them. Let’s say that poor chap was having some cocktails with his pals and instead of ambushing him with a business card and interuppting him about how awesome your club is, you simply head out for the day sporting one of your awesome one of a kind custom beard club tshirts. No more having to sneak up on some unsuspecting beard bro and breaking his mojo by telling him about your club. No, instead he can see your t-shirt from a distance with envy, and he comes over to you. Maybe he says “Nice shirt” and you say “Thanks Man.” Then he says “how do I get one of those shirts?” and you say “Just join our feakin’ awesome beard club is how.” Tell him to go to your site “” and sign up. You have give aways, chat about the long locks, have beard balm give aways, and just enjoy some time about talking about beards.

Custom beard club tshirts are an awesome way to promote and attract new members from a distance, without being pushy, and without being lame. Let’s face it, two strangers chatting it at a bar about how awesome each other’s hedges are is kind of lame. A Custom beard club tshirts eliminate that lameness and propel your club into bread heaven awesomeness.