Custom Neon T-shirts

custom Neon T-shirts and Tanks

Order custom printed neon t-shirts and tanks. Popular colors and styles available.

Custom neon t-shirts have a life of their own. Since the dawn of their time, they have had a great run and I don’t think people will ever be able to live without the neon. It seems like they are popular for a few years and then take a hiatus for a few years but always come back in style in a big way. 2015 should be a great year for custom neon t-shirts as they have slowly been picking up speed over the last few years. They have become so popular that 2015 is bringing in new colors and more and more companies are now offering neon t-shirts.

Due to their popularity neon’s now come in a variety of basic t-shirts from various manufacturers and are now also available in tank tops, performance fabrics, and even athletic jerseys. There are new shades of green hitting the market as well as some other colors such as purple and blues.

Who orders custom neon t-shirts? Anybody and everybody. We’ve print custom neon t-shirts for ball teams, walk events, companies, schools, churches, etc. If you are looking to have fun with custom printed t-shirts or you want to really get your message out, custom neon t-shirts are the way to go.

In the athletic arena the performance fabrics have really come a long way. Just about every company offers a neon in just about every sports jersey, especially for the women.

Tank tops have gained traction in the past few years and now they a few companies are offering neon tanks, they are both gaining double the traction. So in addition to custom neon t-shirts you can order custom athletic jerseys and tank tops and ladies cut shirts.

To browse the neon shirt availability, you can follow this link to our online catalog. If you have a questions or need pricing, we’ll be happy to help. Visit our HTML tutorial

Custom JDRF Team T-shirts

Custom JDRF printed t-shirts

Order custom printed t-shirts for your JDRF event

Kirkwood Trading Company provides custom JDRF team t-shirts for your walk team or events. We have been operating in St. Louis for over 20 years and we work closely with a lot of teams from various foundations on their custom tees. In years past we have always donated money back towards each team who orders their custom team t-shirts through, which worked out great because it went towards each teams fundraising goal. However in recent years because of timing, it was decided that we would simply offer a discounted rate on custom JDRF team t-shirts as our way of giving back to the cause.

We have a lot of fun with this foundations t-shirt orders. A lot of times the shirt designs come directly from the kids themselves which is neat to see their creative expression. Another way we give back is we do not charge artwork fees on custom JDRF team t-shirts. More often than not the artwork the teams provide from their t-shirts isn’t of the quality needed to screen print. So we have to recreate or edit the artwork to get it in a usable format. Other times teams have no idea what they want on their t-shirts and we come up with a completely custom design for them. All of the artwork time we provide in either case, whether editing or creating from scratch, is done completely free of charge.

If you are participating in the JDRF walk this year and you are looking for custom JDRF team t-shirts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk with you about your specific needs, give options, and provide you with a free price quote.

Another neat aspect about the Kirkwood Trading Company is they offer an online t-shirt design studio. Design Online. This is always a fun experience for people to go in and pick their shirts and add their own design or choose from clip art and text fonts. There is a lot of fun in getting custom JDRF team t-shirts.

screen printing on black t-shirts

screen printing on black t-shirts

Black t-shirt screen printing

Screen printing on black t-shirts or any dark t-shirt for that matter requires more labor and setup than traditional custom printed t-shirts. While any dark color t-shirt requires the same printing methods I’m only going to mention black tees to keep it simple. In screen printing we deal with opacity (the condition of lacking transparency or translucency). Inks used for screen printing come in a variety opacity’s from very opaque to non opaque. Black is the most opaque color in the spectrum and therefore, any ink printed on black t-shirts will be less opaque than the shirt itself which means if a printer prints these less opaque colors then the design or print will be very poor. While there are some very opaque ink colors out there, at Kirkwood Trading Company we still like the use the tried and true methods of printing black t-shirts to obtain the maximum quality.

There are two factors to keep in mind when you order screen printing on black t-shirts. Black and colored shirts are higher priced than lighter and white t-shirts and the printing on black t-shirts is more labor intensive and hence costs a little more.

To properly print on black t-shirts in the least expensive manner possible the ink color needs to be white or grey. However unlike printing a dark ink on a light shirt where the ink can be hit once and then put through a dryer, the black t-shirt requires a little more work. Once the first layer of white ink is printed on a black t-shirt, the ink needs to be flash cured and then printed a second time. This prevents the darker more opaque black garment fibers from showing through the white ink. This method ensures the white ink logo or design pops out and prints smooth. Now, it gets a a little tricky. You can virtually print any dark color ink on a light colored t-shirt and it’s done, one pass of ink and it’s through the dryer. With screen printing on black t-shirts, that isn’t the case. Any color except white or grey, needs to have an under base. Typically the under base is white ink, which then gets printed like a white ink does with two hits and a flash cure. However now with color, each and every color on a black t-shirt gets printed on top of that white ink. While you don’t see the white ink under base, it still gets printed as a color and hence gets priced as a 2 color. If you are looking at to have screen printing on black t-shirts, just remember, white must be either a color or under base, and there fore makes a single color print a 2 color, a 2 color print a 3 color, and so on for pricing reasons.

For any questions on screen printing on black t-shirts or any other custom t-shirt needs you may have, you can contact Kirkwood Trading Company anytime at Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom St. Patricks Day T-shirts

custom printed  St. Patricks Day T-shirts

Get custom printed St. Patricks Day t-shirts for your clan, group, or event.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and now is the time to look at getting custom St. Patricks Day T-shirts. Whether you participate in a parade, have a St. Paddies day bash, or want to express your annual group, custom t-shirts are a great way to go.

Custom St. Patricks Day t-shirts can also be used in conjunction with long sleeve tees and sweatshirts and hoodies. Depending on where you are, hoodies may make the most sense.

Kirkwood Trading Company can custom design a shirt for you or print your logo or design on shirts. One embellishment we offer in addition to screen printing is metallic green vinyl. This is sure to make any apparel stand out. Choose from a sparkling texture or a metallic shimmer texture. Great options that are different from the everyday ink.

The nice thing about custom St. Patricks Day t-shirts, you can order as few as 12 t-shirts or a combination of hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts to fulfill the12 piece minimum requirement.

Custom St. Patricks Day T-shirts – Bar Owners

If you own a bar and want to generate some additional revenue on this fruitful holiday. Kirkwood Trading Company can provide you with your logo or a completely custom design that you can buy in bulk and resale at your bar or establishment. We have been running a St. Patricks Day bar promotion for years and local establishments have had great success selling t-shirts for additional revenue. These shirts are a combination of a St. Patricks Day design and your bar logo. People go to their favorite bar on this day and are more prone to buy a specialty shirt with the bar logo on this day, it’s like a one of a kind annual t-shirt. Custom St. Patricks Day t-shirts can be a tremendous revenue generator for local bars and establishments who host an event for this holiday.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company for a free price quote or to learn more about our Custom St. Patricks Day t-shirt bar promotion. Contact Us

Save money on your custom t-shirts

how to save money on custom t-shirts

Save money on your next order of custom t-shirts

Any time you have something custom made it’s going to cost a little more typically, especially when you are looking at small quantities. At Kirkwood Trading Company we are all about value and how we can save our customers money. We build relationships with our clients and we know in the long run, saving clients as much money as possible will pay off over the long haul. So we try to save you money on your custom t-shirts where we can.

We constantly get phone calls from small businesses in the St. Louis area inquiring about ordering custom t-shirts or their business. It’s obvious in looking at this option they understand the marketing power of having custom logo apparel with their brand on their shirts. However small businesses typically only need small quantities and often times are faced with higher prices per shirt. So we ask questions to try to find out as much information about our client to better serve their needs and give them the best price possible. The key is to save money on your custom t-shirts to get more bang for your buck.

Save money on your custom t-shirts – order for the entire year

The easiest way we can help you save money on your custom t-shirts is by explaining the benefits of ordering all the apparel you’ll need for the year, at one time. Most companies order short sleeve t-shirts for the warmer months and long sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for the cooler months. If they are ordering 12 short sleeve t-shirts in April and 6 hoodies and 6 long sleeve t-shirts in October, those are treated as two separate orders. Our first and best option is to order the 6 short sleeve t-shirts, 6 long sleeve t-shirts, and 6 hoodies at one time giving you an order total of 24 pieces instead of two separate orders of 12 pieces. While the order itself is only 24 pieces, it is not going to be a huge savings but as a fellow small business owner, any savings helps. As long as the printing is the same on all your apparel, the print price and quantity discount come into effect regardless of having different types of apparel.

Understandably the number of employees and the apparel needs varies among small businesses. We will have small businesses that will order 100 pieces a year broken into 4 separate orders. Ordered as 100 pieces will have more significant savings for the companies needing larger quantities.

Keep it simple

If you are going to have smaller quantities keep the design simple. The more colors in your logo or design and the fewer shirts in your order, the more cost prohibitive the custom t-shirts become. Our rule of thumb is that if you want the most cost effective shirts and you need less then 24 pieces, keep the design or logo to a single color on the front and back. The best way to save money on your custom t-shirts is to use a design that is cost effective in relation to the quantity of your order. The smaller number of shirts you need the less colors you want in your design.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been printing custom t-shirts and logo apparel since 1993 in St. Louis Missouri. We make ordering custom printed t-shirts and logo apparel easy and fast. Contact us for a free price quote the next time you have a need for shirts. We promise, we’ll work with you on your order and if there is a way to help you save money on your custom t-shirts. You’ll save money on your custom t-shirts.

Walk Run Event Custom T-shirts

Walk Run Event Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirt screen printing for your walk run or roll event. Fast turn around and great quality shirts at good prices

Walk Run Event Custom t-shirts are probably the largest marketing resources a foundation can have when it comes to promotion and events. Sure pens and pads of paper and a frisbees make great items for attendance prizes or goody bags. A custom printed t-shirt with your cause or foundation on it raises awareness ten fold. If you are looking to have an event whether it’s your first year or 5th year, look no further than some of the bigger foundations and what they are doing.

Local walks for things such as Autism and breast cancer have numbers in the tens of thousands attending each local walk or run event. That’s tens of thousands walking billboards and the graphics are always original, always cool and eye catching. The volume of shirts brings the per shirt price down lower and you have people wearing these shirts for weeks if not years advertising your cause.

Kirkwood Trading Company located in St. Louis has a lot of walk run event custom t-shirts clients. We do custom tees for foundations across the country. With answers looming in the future and diagnosis ever higher, walks have become a great way to raise both money and awareness. Cures are funded with money raised from these very events and when you grow enough to have events in every state and major city, you are talking about a lot of dollars coming in for research. Sometimes a t-shirt is just the thing to make a child smile.

Walk run event custom t-shirts are a simple process. Typically the foundation, organization, or event will have their own logo and artwork. If not, no problem because Kirkwood Trading Company has graphic artists to assist in t-shirt design if need be.

We look at your needs and how many shirts you need. We price the quantity with the type of shirt and the artwork that is being printed and formulate a price. We have a very fast turn around time so we can wait until just about as last minute as you can get to maximize your needs and order.

For a free price quote contact Kirkwood Trading Company. We’ll be happy to work with you on your custom t-shirt needs show you how we can be a good fit for you walk run event custom t-shirts.

Logo Placement Guide For Custom T-shirts

logo placement guide for custom t-shirts

Guide showing traditional logo placement on custom t-shirt printing

This logo placement guide for custom t-shirts is meant to assist anyone looking to have t-shirts made who may not be sure where to put the print. While most people ordering custom t-shirts have an idea where they want their logo to go, many people don’t. Truth be told, depending on your logo, certain logo’s actually need to be placed in a certain location to be effective while other logos can be screen printed anywhere and look good.

Logo Placement on Front of custom t-shirt

You really have 3 logo or design placements when it comes to the front of the t-shirt. The full front is traditionally 12 inches by 12 inches or smaller but squared. Then there is the smaller front center print which is great for certain logo and ladies tees. Then there is the left chest. The left chest is a different beast honestly. Left chest is typically a personal preference. For me personally if you are going to have a single print on the t-shirt my suggestion would be to do a full front print, not a left chest. Some people like a left chest because it’s subtle and not so in your face. But for a single print I prefer my message, logo, design be seen and I prefer a full font or center print. A t-shirt is a walking billboard and the purpose of the shirt is to simply get your message out there.

Logo Placement on Back of custom t-shirt

The back of t-shirts are always a good option so people see your message coming or going. You’ll see on the logo placement guide for custom t-shirts that you can have a traditional back print or a tag print. The back print is an attention grabber but so to is the tag print because it’s a trendy print placement. I’ll never be a fan of back only prints and if you are going to have one print on a t-shirt it always needs to the be front. With back prints, full back prints make a great compliment to a left chest print and a tag print compliments a full front print very well.

Hopefully this logo placement guide for custom t-shirts helps you visualize your own design on shirts you will be ordering. As I mentioned earlier, some designs lend themselves to a certain placement. Kirkwood Trading Company can help you on that decision and provide you with digital mock ups so you can see first hand what your logo will look like on the finished product. Part of the ordering process with us is that we provide all of our customers a digital mock up to approve prior to printing.

You can contact us anytime to place an order or to inquire about placing at order at Kirkwood Trading Company website

Custom Printed Ladies Cut T-shirts

custom printed ladies cut t-shirts
Several ladies style shirts that can be custom screen printed



Now more than ever is the best time to be a woman looking for custom t-shirts. Custom printed ladies cut t-shirts have come a long long way in the past few years. So much so that for every unisex or men’s style shirt there is 8 ladies styles to choose from. There are now specific brands catering to the women’s style shirts and to make men feel not so out of place they at least offer one of two men’s styles as well.

If you are thinking about buying custom printed ladies cut t-shirts there are a few things to keep in mind. Mostly you have to think of about the style or cut of the shirt and imagining where your design or logo will go on the shirt. Personally, while deep v-neck t-shirts are sexy and trendy, they make a bad option for customizing. Really the only viable options I see are a very small print just below the v-neck or a tag print on the back of the shirt. A lot of people want to put a traditional left chest print on a deep v-neck shirt and when it comes to reality, you have about a 2 to 2.5 inch space to place the print before it starts wrapping under the ladies arms. Another thing to consider is the size of print on a ladies cut t-shirt. First no matter the style there is always the “Boob factor.” Since women are traditionally smaller standard size printing requirements don’t work. A traditional 11inch wide design would look hideous on a women’s small crew neck t-shirt. No matter the style, it’s always best to go with a smaller design than a larger one on all styles of custom printed ladies cut t-shirts. Left chest prints are okay and even suitable for most v-necks. However look at the cut before you decide your logo placement.

Rayon, Poly, spandex, and Triblends are the popular fabrics for custom printed ladies cut t-shirts theses days. Women like soft t-shirts and anything with Rayon, Poly, or a triblend will be very soft. Ladies I’m told also like spandex because while more fitting, does allow for a comfortable relaxed feel.

Custom Printed ladies cut t-shirts brands

Some brands to look at when looking for custom printed ladies cut t-shirts would be Gildan, they offer a great style called their softstyle. They have v-neck, crew neck, and long sleeve options. Next Level is another company that makes high quality soft feeling ladies t-shirts, and Bella Canvas, one of the originals, continues making great shirts for women. The only downside to women’s t-shirts is they run small, and even within different brands shirts will fit differently. However I know this also to be true when women are shopping for themselves at any retail store.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a local St. Louis custom t-shirt screen printing company. They have been serving the St. Louis area for over 20 years and have a lot of experience in providing custom t-shirt orders for women. Contact them for a free price quote.

T-shirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

T-shirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

Great custom t-shirt screen printing

If you are looking for quality, professional t-shirt screen printing in St. Louis, check out the Kirkwood Trading Company. This company has a long history of printing custom t-shirts and other logo apparel in the St. Louis area dating back to the early 90’s. They have a reputation for being very friendly and their service and quality of printing is second to none.

Their normal turn around time is faster than anyone else in the area on a regular basis. While they are happy to jump through hoops to meet a tight customer deadline, they rarely have to because typically the order turn around is four to six business days. They have accommodated orders in 24 hours and they’ve even on a rare occasion done same day work on things like custom coffee mugs. Not matter their capabilities I think you’ll find that having custom t-shirt screen printing done inside one week is pretty good.

To go with their screen printing they offer a full line of logo apparel. They don’t just do t-shirts either. They screen print and embroider on just about anything from hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, hats, bags, towels, mugs, iphone cases, jackets, scarves, blankets, and so much more. They are a full service imprint company and do a good amount of business working with local sports teams providing team jerseys and uniforms for youth soccer teams, baseball teams, volleyballs teams, and pretty much all sports.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing

Matt is typically the person there who handles the orders and is experienced in both the apparel and printing side of the business as well as the artwork side of the business. If you have the proper artwork your job will go slightly smoother but these guys are graphic experts and they can create, tweak, or convert your existing artwork into the correct format should it need to be. While they are a t-shirt screen printing company they are a full service logo apparel business.

They can be reached online at Kirkwood Trading Company. You can design online, see samples, get a price quote and learn about their business. T-shirt screen printing in St. Louis, Kirkwood Trading Company.

Digital Print Custom Tees

Digital Print Custom Tees

Custom T-shirt screen Printing St. Louis

New technology in t-shirt manufacturing has developed the trend of digital print custom tees. The entire shirt is digitally printed with various patterns such as camouflage and various other patterns. These digital print custom tees come in a variety of colors and styles including women’s, youth, and long sleeve.

These shirts pop! What that means is that whatever design or logo you have us print on these shirts will pop as well. There are two types of fabric on the digital prints. They are your traditional cotton and now the new performance poly. The performance poly is a light weight material which is both breathable and anti-microbial. With the current t-shirt trends leaning towards more tapered and light weight fabrics, these digital prints are bound to be a hit.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based custom t-shirt screen printing company. They have been operating in St. Louis for over 20 years and serve a clientele across the United States. While these digital print custom tees may seem daunting at first, the guys at Kirkwood Trading Company can help you with the right color combination of ink for the shirt color combination you choose. They can even assist in steering you in the right direction of ink colors if you are open to it.

Digital print custom tees are slowly gaining in popularity simply because they are a product of new technology. Honestly these may be shirts we look back on a decade from now and laugh, but who are we to buck trends? So for the time being if you are looking for a new fresh look for your company or team logo, check out digital print custom tees. They are sure to make a splash wherever you wear them and brand recognition is the name of the game and these shirts guarantee that.