custom printed performance t-shirts

Custom Printed Performance T-shirts

Custom Performance moisture wicking t-shirt printing. Kirkwood Trading Company St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom printed performance t-shirts. These are the 100% polyester moisture wicking anti-microbial fabrics that have come into high fashion in recent years. Due to the trend these shirts are taking over and with them is coming lower price points so getting awesome feeling shirts doesn’t cost an arm or a leg any longer. These custom printed performance t-shirts come in a variety of colors including camo prints and what they call tie-dry. You have your basic colors and then digitally printed patterns as well. If you are looking for an edge on the field or in everyday wear, custom printed performance t-shirts are the way to go. Especially in climates like St. Louis where our summers are muggy and hot.

Performance shirts get their name because of the ability of the material to take sweat and push it to the outside of the fabric quickly for faster evaporation. The evaporation has a cooling effect and when sweat and moisture get wicked quickly, then you shirt remains light and comfortable.

Custom printed performance t-shirts accept a variety of substrates with the most popular being a screen print design. The screen print design is among the most durable printing method for the life of the design. Because performance shirts are thin and slick they allow a nice custom design or logo to be printed with minimal ink deposit. So even your logo or design won’t bog down the light weight shirts.

In addition to custom printed performance t-shirts, there is a variety of styles including athletic jerseys and uniforms. Performance fabrics aren’t limited to t-shirts either. This material is available in sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, hats, and just about any style garment.

Kirkwood Trading Company in St. Louis specializes in screen printing on performance fabrics. We offer the best price points in the area and our turn around time of 4 to 6 business days is the fastest in the local industry.

If you are looking to enhance your team shirts or jerseys or simply want to check out the trend of custom performance printed t-shirts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and pricing.

Custom printed t-shirts in St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom T-shirt screen printing in St. Louis Missouri

If you are looking for custom printed t-shirts in St. Louis look no further than Kirkwood Trading Company. A local business serving St. Louis for over 20 years. With a history of quality and reliability they have a reputation of getting the job done quickly and correctly. With so many years of experience, seldom do they come across an order that stumps them. They have a long history of providing custom printed t-shirts for schools, teams, organizations, foundations, and local businesses. They also have done specialty non traditional type screen printing on apparel for companies like Playboy, Chevy, the United States Army, and others. Whether it’s a simple company logo or catch phrase for a ball team, they have the experience to make sure your custom printed t-shirts look professional with the highest quality. In addition to the above mentioned clientele we also serve a large number of churches be it vacation bible school t-shirts, summer camp t-shirts, or fun activity shirts for the congregation.

No job is too large and only if it’s less than 12 pieces would it be considered too small. That is correct, they have a 12 shirt minimum order which basically is due to their 20 year history and learning that customers who want something completely custom printed tend to find shirt orders under 12 pieces cost prohibitive.

Whether you are new to order custom printed t-shirts or you have been doing it for many years, Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to discuss the ordering process with you. They pride themselves on the best customer service in the industry and meeting custom deadlines.

Over the past 20 years this company has shown continually growth do to their excellent quality of screen printing and their friendly neighborhood manner. Even when they can’t help a customer which typically tends to be because the customer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of 12 pieces, they still take the time to send them in the right direction of a company who can help them. This is a local St. Louis family owned business who take great lengths in making sure they hire the right people. People who take pride in their work and are eager to see the company grow and excel in a competitive industry.

And it’s not just t-shirts Kirkwood Trading Company specializes in, they also provide a full line of apparel including custom team sports jerseys, jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, coffee mugs, name tags, puzzles, and much more. You can visit their online catalog at Visit our online catalog here If you don’t see what you are looking for, no problem. We utilize all of the apparel wholesale suppliers in the country and just don’t have room to show case everything we offer. This catalog is comprised of the most popular products based on current trends. It has a tone of ladies, mens, and youth tees which can we can turn into custom printed t-shirts for your specific needs.

Kirkwood Trading Company also offers potential and existing customers very easy user friendly ways to contact us for questions or price quotes. We are always by the phone and if by chance they miss you, they are great at returning calls quickly, even on weekends when they are closed. The have email listed on their contact us page as well. Additionally they offer their customers the opportunity to design their very own custom printed t-shirts online on their website. Here you can enter the design studio and have fun designing your very own t-shirt or product order from scratch or you can upload your own artwork. Lastly, they offer a very easy to use online quote form. Simply fill in what you want and they’ll send you back a price based on your specs. Ordering custom printed t-shirts in the St. Louis area really doesn’t get any easier than Kirkwood Trading Company. We make custom printed t-shirts fun and exciting.

custom athletic jerseys – Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

Custom screen printing on jerseys and athletic uniforms.

Custom Athletic jerseys and team uniforms have grown into big time cost for team sports. With the newer technology and digital printing on these jerseys and uniforms the cost has gone up over the past few years. However there is no reason to pay more than you need to. Kirkwood Trading Company, a local St. Louis custom t-shirt screen printing and embroidery business specializes in team custom athletic jerseys and apparel.

Screen printing in St. Louis for over 20 years we have built a relationship with numerous athletic suppliers and we specialize in one main thing as far as our customers are concerned. That is getting orders our very quickly and correctly. We know the horror stories of using the local team wear headquarters type businesses and starting your season without your jerseys because promises were made and in the end, these team apparel superstars didn’t come through. We strive on those businesses because we get a lot of business because of those superstars. We have never missed a custom team jersey order because all of our printing and naming and numbering services are done in-house. So we can shuffle jobs around if need be to fit your time frame demands. Of course they have to be realistic. What I’m talking about is a typical turn around time of 4-6 business days and on occasion maybe up to 10 days depending on your specific uniform and customization needs. However, your custom athletic jerseys will always be ready when you need them guaranteed. We will be happy to discuss your custom athletic jerseys with you.

Kirkwood Trading Company specializes in all sports and various styles and color combinations and fabric materials. We currently work with and supply many local high school, college, and youth sports teams. We specialize in offering current trends in athletic jerseys and team color combinations.

Best of all we make ordering your custom printed jerseys very easy. We will be glad to quote your specific needs and discuss the expectations. We can be contacted at CLick her to contact us for a free quote and we’ll be happy to discuss any custom athletic jerseys printing you need.