Custom Class T-shirts

Custom Class T-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom class t-shirts

Custom class t-shirts are a great way to savor the memories of a special group of people. Whether it’s a graduating class, a special group, or simply a sports team that made it to the finals. A custom printed class t-shirt is a fantastic way to commemorate special memories.

Need custom class t-shirts? Kirkwood Trading Company is a Saint Louis based custom t-shirt and logo apparel screen printing company. We offer customers the opportunity to get their design or logo printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, bags, and even coffee mugs. I think we all which we could go back in time at some point in our lives. I know we all had a special class, a special group of friends, or a team that did really well. It’s nice to go down memory lane and with a custom class t-shirt you can do just that. The great thing about class t-shirts is they are usually printed in higher quantities so the price per shirt is pretty low. These are the kinds of shirts you wear for a while and tuck away only to be found years down the road when you are moving or going through keepsakes. Few commemorative items have the shelf life of a screen printed t-shirt. I know I still have one from high school and that was over 20 years ago. Granted it’s a little worn but the distress print is in so it looks trendy. But it’s neat looking back at the shirt and my teammates names listed on the back.

Class t-shirts are just an inexpensive way to keep fond memories. We do an 8th grade sweatshirt for a local private grade school in our area and while it’s not part of the uniform technically, the school has made the 8th grade sweatshirt part of the uniform because it’s such a big deal. The kids wear them every day and it is just a neat way to remember a special group of kids. This is a perfect example of a custom t-shirt, or in this case, a sweatshirt, where the kids will wear it throughout the school year and then it’ll probably get tucked away and forgotten for years to come until that one day they stumble upon it.

If you have an interest in a custom class t-shirt, Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to assist in a price quote as well as design. We can be contacted here.

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Custom Printed Tees

custom printed tees in Saint Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Printed Tees in Saint Louis are the life blood of Kirkwood Trading Company. It’s an art form with roots going back as far as 500AD with Japan using it as a highly developed art in the 1600’s. Things are a little more advanced now and even in the past 20 years to where the process is not only more efficient but the artwork can have far more detail. From graphic programs to the film output printers, everything has taken a leap in technology for the better. In addition, for larger volume shops the printing is now automated through automatic printing presses make a large run order a day long process instead of a week.

From a consumer stand point there are two really nice advances in custom printed tees. The first really doesn’t have to do with the process as much as the apparel. Today there are far more brands providing an array of different colors and styles and fabrics. The fabrics are softer with more vibrant colors and textures. The price hasn’t changed a whole lot from 20 years ago. I think as long as fuel and cotton don’t skyrocket the prices of shirts won’t vary much. Although with newer fabrics such as bamboo and rayon, the price of these types of shirts certainly climb.

The other nice advance in custom printed tees is the ability of designing online through online custom printed tees designers. Now customers can upload their own artwork or choose from pre-loaded clipart and fonts and completely design their very own t-shirts from their computers. It’s an awesome way to have creative control and what’s more, when you design artwork on these shirt designers, it’s printer friendly so the printers can use the artwork as is and it’s in the correct format. Custom printed tees in Saint Louis is a fun business. We are Kirkwood Trading Company thing we do it well. Custom printed tees is what we live and breathe and we get excited to meet new customers and see how pleased they are with our work.

For a free price quote on custom printed tees in Saint Louis, give us a call or check us out on the web.

Great Softstyle Custom T-shirts

To receive a free price quote on sofstyle custom t-shirts with your design, you can contact us at Contact Us

great softstyle custom t-shirts

Soft affordable custom t-shirts

Softstyle custom t-shirts are now more affordable than ever. Gildan, the largest t-shirt manufacturer came out with a softstyle combed cotton blend a couple years back. In recent years they have included men’s and women’s styles in the regular crew neck t-shirt, long sleeve, tank top, and v-neck styles. The offer color options not available in their other styles and their softness on some color combinations rivals the softest t-shirts on the market. Since it’s Gildan you know they have a great price point.

If you are looking to order custom t-shirts and use it for your brand or simply to get your message across, the new trend is a soft tapered shirt that is big on comfort. These are the types of shirts you want to purchase because these are shirts that people will actually wear. If you are using custom t-shirts to get your message across you better have a shirt that people will wear out in public. Softstyle custom t-shirts combine the softness, colors, and comfort that people are looking for today. The best part if the price point these shirts have. All the major brands who specialize in soft shirts have a price point that is double a regular t-shirt. The Gildan Softstyle t-shirt, a great softstyle custom t-shirts are priced between a standard t-shirt and the specialty brand soft shirts. So you get a truly affordable shirt that people will like.

Gildan went a step further and expanded their collection to include the tank top, long sleeve, and v-neck styles for both men and women. Softstyle custom t-shirts are becoming the shirt to have screen printed because of the options with color and styles. While they are soft they are also contain a euro cut taper so for the best fit it’s the good idea to bump up sizes. The only flaw in Gildan’s Sofstyle is that the women’s crew necks are junior fit making them especially small. Softstyle custom t-shirts are the best bet for marketing purposes. We have done these shirts for small local bands who sell shirts at their performances. It doesn’t matter if you are rock n roll, country, pop, etc. The bands who pay a little more for their softstyle custom t-shirts sell about twice as much as those getting your basic cotton t-shirts. That is our experience here locally in Saint Louis where we have a specific clientele we can compare. We screen print softstyle custom t-shirts for schools, athletic teams, bars and restuarants, promotions companies, and anyone needing custom tees. We just know the feedback on softstyle custom t-shirts has been very positive.

Kirkwood Trading Company provides free price quotes on custom screen printing and softstyle custom t-shirts. You can contact us here for a free price quote. Contact us

St. Patricks Day custom t-shirt and koozie

St. Patricks Day Custom t-shirts and koozies

Custom St Patricks Day T-shirts

Each year around this time and as we get closer to St. Patricks Day we do a lot of custom printed t-shirts and koozies. So we thought why not offer a custom St. Patricks Day custom t-shirt and koozie combo? We do a lot of shirts for groups or families who participate in the local parades and events, and families love having their name and some design or crest. So here is our St. Patricks Day custom t-shirt and koozie offer.

A 24 shirt minimum will get you a custom printed t-shirt and koozie for $12. That’s one koozie and one t-shirt for $12 with with a minimum of 24 t-shirts which means 24 t-shirts and 24 koozies. The St. Patricks Day custom t-shirt and koozie combo will be limited to a single color front print on both shirts and koozies.

If you need more than 24 then the price would adjust as we don’t know what to expect with this. We have done St. Patricks Day of all kinds of quantities from 12 pieces to 5,000 pieces. The 24 shirt is simply a minimum and the price is based on that.

If you have not experienced St. Patricks Day in Saint Louis we would encourage you to check it out. There is the downtown parade on the weekend before St. Patricks Day and on St. Patricks Day there is a great old school grass roots parade in Dogtown St. Louis. The downtown parade is great but the Dogtown parade is something to soak up while you are there with the home made floats, family pride, and fun atmosphere, especially when St. patricks day falls on a week day and everyone is extra excited to be off of work.

So check out our St. Patricks Day custom t-shirt and koozie combo and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. We can be contact at Contact Us

Fast Custom T-shirt lead time

custom t-shirt lead time

Fast turn around time on custom t-shirts

Fast custom t-shirt lead time is what we do. We love it when the first question a potential customer asks isn’t about quality, our history, or even the brands we offer, but when it’s how quickly we can turn a custom t-shirt order around. This means they either thought of having custom t-shirts made as an after thought or they simply waiting until the last minute.Either way is fine with us and they are always shocked when we tell them no problem. Kirkwood Trading Company has always had a fast custom t-shirt lead time of 4-6 business days. However we can always see what we can do when people are really behind the gun. If you need fast custom t-shirt lead time we are the company to get it done on time, correctly, and without hassles.

As I write this on a Wednesday we had a gentleman enter our shop today looking to have some shirts for Mardi Gras. We asked when he needed them and he said he was leaving Saturday to head to New Orleans. Well we don’t work weekends so we have 2 days to print his shirt order. We tell him we’ll design them, print them and they’ll be ready by 3pm Friday. Talk about an ecstatic customer. No extra charge, No hidden fees, it’s simply a matter of we can fit it in the schedule and make a customer happy.

The process of ordering custom screen print t-shirts is simple. We need a design, shirt color and quantity, and a deadline. It’s pretty simple and we try to make it as simple as possible. Prior to printing the order we provide the customers with a digital mock up to approve prior to printing. We require a 50% down deposit on all orders which is the standard for classifying the order as placed. Once that happens we order the shirts and begin working on a digital mock up. Shirts typically arrive in 1-3 business days which gives us ample time to hash out the artwork. Once the digital mock up is approve we begin printing. Fast custom t-shirt lead time is just that, fast. The entire process is completed with the finished product ready for pick up or delivery in 4-6 business days.

Custom Printed Next Level T-shirts

custom printed Next Level T-shirts

Next Level Apparel and brand t-shirts by Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company in Saint Louis Missouri provides custom printed Next Level t-shirts and apparel. If you have never heard of the Next Level brand, you will. They are gaining market share by leaps and bounds and it’s not just because their main competition, American Apparel is in turmoil, but because they are coming out with really great apparel. They have very soft t-shirts with amazing colors and several styles for both men and women. These are the types of shirts you can sleep in they are so soft and comfortable.

Custom printed Next Level T-shirts are the shirt to order if you are wanting to truly use apparel as a marketing source. Why? Because these shirts are so soft and comfortable that people will actually wear them. I print t-shirts for a living and I know that we print shirts that nobody will ever wear and usually that is more because of the design than the quality of the shirts. With custom printed Next Level t-shirts design doesn’t matter. People will wear them simply because of the way they feel.

Aside from their soft feel they offer awesome colors. They are variance of traditional colors that just give them a stand alone look above and beyond what everyone else offers. In addition to custom printed next level t-shirts you can also get a few styles of tank tops, a few crew necks, v-necks and they even offer the profound burnout tees.

The printability of next level t-shirts is also excellent whether it’s their tri-blend, 50/50 or ringspun cotton. Kirkwood Trading Company’s custom printed Next Level T-shirts are great for anybody needing custom t-shirts. We can print a minimum of 12 or 12,000. Truly a shirt that will bring a whole new feeling of comfort. You can browse the Next Level brand at the following page. Catalog

Saint Louis Screen Printing

Saint Louis screen printing Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company is the premier Saint Louis screen printing shop.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a premier Saint Louis screen printing business operating for over twenty years in the area. We offer quality custom t-shirt screen printing at a fair price with super fast turn around times. As a family owned business we have grown relationships with our clients and old time values of giving the customer the highest quality product at a fair price when they need it. It’s a simple philosophy that has garnered us growth and happy customers.

There are a lot of steps that go into printing quality custom t-shirts. In Saint Louis screen printing has a lot of competition and recently two local businesses have closed. One of which was around for a couple decades and the other, a 3 year old company. In both cases these companies got stretched too thin by expanding their services and offering a lot of different types of printing processes and products and yet, specializing in nothing. Our main business is custom t-shirts that we provide with either the screen printing process or dye sublimation process. We have learned not to offer a service or product unless we provide that service in-house. By only specializing in one area we are able to provide that service or product better. Services we provide in-house means we have better quality control and can control the turn around time. The two biggest questions we get from customers are “When can I have my order finished?” and “will my design look good?” The answer is yes it will look good, we haven’t been in business this long by providing inferior products and you ordering will be ready in matter of days, not weeks.

Saint Louis screen printing companies don’t always have it easy in the Show Me State. There are lots of skeptics and that’s why I’ll briefly explain the custom t-shirt printing process.

Saint Louis Screen Printing – process

As a Saint Louis screen printing business we are centrally located from all of the apparel distributors in the country which is a bonus because it means when we place an order for blank shirts it’s typically going to arrive at our facility in one to two days.

The screen printing process starts with artwork. The higher the resolution your artwork is the better the shirt print will be. Ideally we need vector artwork which is artwork that can be scaled and sized and doesn’t get distorted with pixels. If you have a multiple colored logo or design it’s imperative the artwork is in vector format because the colors will need to be separated.

Once the artwork is setup on the computer it gets printed onto a film. This film is used to then burn the screens. A process that requires certain chemicals, time, and light. From there the image is burned on the screen and the press work begins. Saint Louis screen printing custom t-shirts is a great fun business and we like to think we do it well. Kirkwood Trading Company is a Saint Louis screen printing business that offers a convenient location, excellent friendly customer service, and fast turn around times on orders. Not to mention our full line of apparel we offer from all major brands. Next time you are the market for custom t-shirts or logo apparel, contact us. We’ll be happy to see how we can help.

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Custom Printed Burnout T-shirts

custom printed burnout t-shirts

Burntout t-shirts custom printed

You have been missing out if you have never ordered custom printed burnout t-shirts. They are a trend that was before their time and is only now gaining the traction they hoped they would over the last 5 years. The premise for the burnout tee is based on the vintage t-shirt from back in the day. You know the shirt, your favorite t-shirt you wore every day and after a few months you noticed you could see your skin through the shirt on the shoulders and back and sometimes the sleeve and stomach. Yep! That’s the idea behind the burnout t-shirt.

If you have never owned a manufactured burnout t-shirt you are truly missing out. The shirt starts out as a regular t-shirt but very soft. They manufacturer then goes through a process where a lot of the shirts fabric is thinned giving it a see through effect just as old vintage t-shirt had. What you have is a very soft t-shirt that breathes incredibly and actually is so comfortable, you forget your are even wearing a shirt. Me personally, living in the St. Louis summers, the burnout t-shirt is the only t-shirt I wear in the summer time. Trends start on the coasts and work inward. People on the coasts don’t understand the summer heat with the high temperatures and soaring humidity we have in the midwest. If these shirts are trendy and stylish on the coasts, that trend has arrived in the midwest but with the added benefit of being the ideal t-shirt to wear on a 95 degree day with 80% humidity.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts are the new rock stars in apparel fashion. However anytime the manufacturer has to take extra steps and processes in creating a t-shirt, the price of the t-shirt goes up and honestly, custom printed burnout t-shirts are just about the most expensive t-shirts on the market.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts – quality

The quality of these shirts is in line with the highest quality t-shirts. Don’t be fooled, just because the fabric is thin in a lot of areas, their quality is exceptional. The feel of these shirts is the softest t-shirt I have ever worn. They are lightweight and when it comes to comparing a burnout t-shirt to a moisture wicking performance shirt, there is no comparison. The custom printed burnout t-shirt should be considered a performance shirt if you are looking at fabrics ability to breath and wick moisture away. Nothing compares to a custom printed burnout t-shirts ability to breath and wick moisture away. Polyester has nothing on a burnout t-shirt.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts – price

As I mentioned early, they are priced higher. Depending on brand and style they can be up to 4 times what a basic custom printed t-shirt costs. So they aren’t for everyone. However if you are looking to brand your product and market it with logo wear, a burnout t-shirt is a shirt that people will wear because it is so comfortable. Isn’t that the idea when selling or giving away t-shirts with your brand on it, to have people actually wear it around town? Yes it is.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts are a unique line of apparel that because of their price, make them more niche. Although if a budget can be increased, the logo on these shirts get seen but I can tell you from first hand experience, the shirt itself gets people asking questions because most people have no idea what a burnout t-shirt is. So for marketing purposes you have your logo on a shirt that people actually wear, and you have a shirt that draws attention all by itself, it’s a 2 for 1 win win in the marketing world.

If you want to check out various styles and color options for custom printed burnout t-shirts, you can follow this link to our online catalog and simply type “burnout” in the search bar. They have styles for both men and women in short and long sleeve styles, burnout tank tops, and other styles as well. Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to provide you with pricing on any custom printed burnout t-shirt needs you may have.

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Custom T-shirt money saving tips

custom t-shirt money saving tips

Affordable custom screen printed t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company will show you custom t-shirt money saving tips whenever we can. A lot of our customers have no need for large quantities of custom t-shirts and sometimes customers can’t afford a large quantity when the need is there. Whenever possible we will work with you and give you options with our custom t-shirt money savings tips.

The first tip I’ll offer is to have the number of ink colors (print colors) be commenserate with your quantity. If you have a need for 12 t-shirts, keep your print colors down to single colors. When you get higher than that with this kind of quantity the shirts can become cost prohibitive. The more print colors your design needs the more setup and pre-press time their is for us. As everyone knows time equals money and nothing in this world is free. Every single print color has it’s very own screen from which to be printed. Each screen has a designated price per screen. Some companies charge $15 per screen per color while some companies charge as much as $25 per screen per color. The ideal cost effective theory is to have $1 to $1.50 of your total cost per shirt going towards screen charges.

We get calls from customers who need 25 t-shirts. Their design is for a 5 color front print and a 5 color back print. That’s 10 screens at $15 a pop for a total of $150. That breaks down to $6/per t-shirt which doesn’t include the price of the shirt or price for printing. So in this case we’ll work with them to get their print colors down but yet keep the same depth on the design.

The attached picture is a perfect example of a custom t-shirt money saving tips. A customer came to us with this 5 color design. They had a budget and wanted to keep the t-shirts at $9/shirt. With their 5 color design they were looking at around $14/shirt as it was. We showed them a single color print using gradients that still gave the design depth, but cost them far less. We actually charged him $7/shirt on this design beating his budget, saving him money, and in the end he was thrilled with what we could do with a single color print.

Custom t-shirt money saving tips work and just about any design can be scaled down in color to save money based on custom t-shirt quantities. Custom t-shirt money saving tips will be a new series of posts we’ll do in the future. Keep an eye out.

Custom T-shirt Online Designer

custom t-shirt online designer

Design your own t-shirts online at kirkwood trading company

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a custom t-shirt online designer for people looking to design their very own t-shirt orders. It’s a fun and easy to use tool and gives you creative control at your finger tips. You can complete access to our catalog so you can choose exactly the shirt and color you want including bags, hats, blankets, and everything else.

The best part of the custom t-shirt online designer is that you have two options for artwork. You can upload your own logo or design or you can choose from our clip art and text fonts. The custom t-shirt online designer has tons of clip art and designs from which you can choose. There are several fonts available and most are really cool that you probably haven’t see before.

You can toggle between the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt and unlike most web based designers, this custom t-shirt online designer is very easy to use and to size your artwork appropriately. So if you want a full front or full back design or even a left chest, it’s very easy to use and navigate.

One unique thing about our custom t-shirt online designer is that we make sure what you designed is priced correctly. There are too many intricacies in screen printing and none of the software out there catches some of these, such as white ink on dark shirts. In reality it costs more but to get the designer to pick that up just doesn’t happen. The point is that you cannot purchase directly from the custom t-shirt online designer, you can only get a price quote. The price quote allows us to explain the pricing to you so you know exactly what you are paying for. The last thing you want to do is have a company back after they charged you and tell you they need more money. We don’t want that and you don’t want that. So when you design your custom t-shirts, simply click the quote button and we’ll provide you with a price. Another cool tool is that you can email people your design or post it to social media. A lot of times customers will design the shirt online and then send it to a few people involved in the process to get their feedback before purchasing.

The custom t-shirt online designer is a great tool you can use to design your shirts. You can check it out here and start designing right away.
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Custom t-shirt Online Designer Pricing

The best part of the custom t-shirt online designer is our pricing. There is no price hike for using it. Since we print all of our own t-shirt orders at our facility, the pricing is the same as if you ordered by phone or walked in our shop. This also gives us the same quality control on our shirt orders that we have from traditional orders via phone or walk ins. Most online companies send your orders across the country to be printed without ever seeing the finished product. A lot of hands touch your order and it’s a labor intensive process. In the end you pay a higher price for your t-shirts when you don’t have to. Since we print all of our own orders you get the best price possible and the highest quality custom t-shirts.

Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, our custom t-shirt online designer allows us to serve a national clientele although many of our local customers take advantage of it as well. Check it out, have fun, and design your heart out!