bulk order custom t-shirts for less

bulk order custom t-shirts for less

Kirkwood Trading Company provides custom screen print t-shirts for less.

Bulk order custom t-shirts for less by Kirkwood Trading Company. A local Saint Louis based screen printer with over 20 years of experience selling quality custom tees to schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, foundations, organizations, and more.

Everybody wants the best price possible when it comes to having something custom made. Custom tees are no different and Kirkwood Trading Company provides bulk order custom t-shirts for less. All of our graphics, printing, and design work is done in-house which saves our customers times and money. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest custom t-shirt shops in the St. Louis area. We have grown our clientele through great service, excellent screen printing, and meeting and exceeding the demands of our customers. We have built relationships with our customers and a lot of our customers have become good friends.

I developed a saying because we constantly hear such positive feedback from our customers in regards to the quality of our work and the competitive pricing we offer. I tell my clients that I don’t want to retire on one order, I want to retire over the course of time from repeat orders. We give you the best price available which usually is low enough to get the business but not so low you question our quality and methods.

Ordering bulk order custom t-shirts for less is because our customers can save on our volume. We use the highest quality inks pared with some of the most experienced printers in the industry. Time in money and the faster we can get orders out the door the more revenue we generate. For the customer that means we meet or exceed their deadlines while giving them the highest quality product available for the best price. We even go a step further with saving our clients money and depending on their history with us or the job at hand, a lot of times we put artwork time in on their design at no charge. Another way we save our clients time and money is often times we can deliver your order to you free of charge as well.

Whether you need 12 t-shirts or 12,000 t-shirts, with Kirkwood Trading Company bulk order custom t-shirts for less is not an advertisement, it’s what we do everyday.

Choosing the right custom t-shirt color

Choosing the right custom t-shirt color

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirt screen printing in Saint Louis

choosing the right custom t-shirt color with a complimenting ink color makes all the difference in the world as far as exposure. Let’s face it, the only reason we make custom printed t-shirts is because you want people to see your message, it’s a walking advertisement, a walking billboard if you will.

The right shirt color and ink color combination is paramount to exposure. We did a recent study with our own logo and mixed and matched color combinations of shirts and ink and discovered the combinations that really popped garnered us the most exposure. We really didn’t have any idea how well a bright neon green with a white outline looked on a charcoal grey shirt. It’s an amazing contrast and really catches people’s eye. Choosing the right custom t-shirt color pays big dividends and the best part if the cost is not more than a shirt you may be wanting to purchasing, it’s just better use of color to gain the advantage.

Shirts like Orange and Blues compliment each other so instead of having a white on a blue shirt consider using an orange ink. On the ever popular black t-shirt, print color means the skies the limit. But add some color, white prints on black shirts are the most cost effective but adding a secondary color is the difference between the same old black shirt with white ink or having a color that pops!

Choosing the right custom t-shirt color in the end is a more cost effective method because the return on getting eyes on the shirts is so much greater. In the picture example you’ll see the difference choosing the right custom t-shirt color and complimentary ink color makes. Grey inks on purple look great, blues on orange look great, greens on grey look great, reds and greens on blues look great. Great is simple and simple designs garner exposure. The next time you are in the market for custom printed t-shirts contact Kirkwood Trading Company and let our expertise go to work for you. We’ll discuss options so that the custom t-shirts we screen print for you are eye popping and get seen. That’s the point. Choosing the right custom t-shirt color can be a make or break on your investment. Contact us and invest wisely with your brand.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a Saint Louis based screen printing business specializing in custom t-shirt printing. Contact Us


Custom Printed Performance Poly Dri-fit T-shirts

Performance Poly Dri-fit t-shirts

Custom Performance Poly Dri Fit shirts in Saint Louis Missouri

Love them or hate them the fact of the matter is that performance poly t-shirts work! Whether it’s dryblend, dri-fit, fit-dry, tech shirts, regardless, they work by wicking the moisture away from the body keeping you cool. In this line of business we get massive amounts of feedback from our customers because to the average person poly t-shirts and apparel are still relatively new. My personal history with performance poly goes over 10 years only because I play a lot of golf and golf companies were among the first to bring moisture wicking shirts to the masses. Custom Printed Performance Poly Dri-fit t-shirts aren’t just a trend, they are here to stay.

We get a lot of skeptics who are first time buyers when they come in our shop and want a custom screen printed order of poly t-shirts. Normally they call for them because people in their company are asking for them or people on their ball team are requesting them. More often than not the person floating the bill isn’t familiar with them. So we print a custom run of their logo on performance tees and get plenty of feedback on their next order. They either order them again or go back to the traditional cotton t-shirts. There is no right or wrong here but if you go outside and perspire for any length of time it’s a scientific fact that cotton shirts become damp and heavy while a performance poly stays dry. It’s not whether or not the shirts do their job that causes people to like them or not, it’s simply a texture thing and most certainly there are some brands that feel better against the skin that do others.

From a screen printers perspective we have the knowledge to educate our customers on the best shirts when it comes to their custom screen printed t-shirts. We can advise them on cost associated with different brands, which brands hold up better than others and which brands feel better against the skin. Today with the competition among apparel brands there are going to be many options regarding price, colors, and styles in the performance poly t-shirt arena. Some of the best shirts happen to be the most budget friendly as well.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company in Saint Louis Missouri and we’ll help you with your next custom screen printed performance poly t-shirt order. All of our printing is performed in-house to ensure quality and fast turn around times.