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Custom Tees for Chesterfield Missouri.

Operating in Kirkwood Missouri for over 20 years we serve the entire Saint Louis area including custom t-shirt printing for Chesterfield. Whether you have a school, team sports, or any activity or company where branding or marketing through logo apparel is needed.

We offer a super fast turn around of 4-6 business days and depending on order quantity, free delivery is possible. Offering a full line of apparel from fashion apparel to sports apparel we have all the major brands people know and trust.

If you have a need for custom t-shirts or logo apparel


We’ll be happy to discuss options and pricing.

Custom Printed Spirit Wear

Kirkwood Trading Company custom spirit wear

Order custom spirit wear Kirkwod Trading Company. Online spirit store

Custom Printed Spirit Wear from Kirkwood Trading Company means you will get the highest quality screen printing at the best price with a super fast turn around. Kirkwood Trading Company can supply your custom printed spirit wear in several different ways guaranteed to fit your needs.

1. We can provide custom printed spirit wear and be the supplier for the school or teams physical spirit store. With our full line of apparel we can provide you with several items in various categories from hats, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and bags. Since the purpose of spirit wear and raise awareness about your brand, we turn re-orders around very fast for spirit wear and school clients. Empty shelves aren’t making you money and we understand that. Typically our current spirit clientele place and order for a particular item or two and they have them in their hands in 2-5 days. So we can be a great source for your brick and mortar physical spirit store.

2. We can also provide your custom printed spirit wear through a Free Online Web Store. Yes we said free and we can do everything from building the site and adding the products to processing the orders and shipping the orders. With so many people buying on the internet this is a good way to get started with offering spirit wear as well as offering in addition to a physical spirit store on site at a school. This takes the burden off of you and simply lets you collect the profits while we do everything else. One of the biggest headaches to online stores is that people don’t want to handle the shipping or don’t have the personnel to deal with shipping. With an online store from Kirkwood Trading Company… you don’t have to worry about that because we handle all the shipping.

3. Team Wear is another custom printed spirit wear we offer directly to teams who want to promote their team brand and give parents as well as the kids and coaches apparel to wear weather it’s athletic uniforms and jerseys and coaching shirts as well as tees and sweatshirts when they aren’t on the field. Parents love supporting their kids activities and extending team wear to the parents and families of the kids is a huge money maker and support of such teams.

Products we offer for custom printed spirit wear include several brands and styles of hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, bags, jackets, and more.

If you have a need for custom printed spirit wear contact Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to discuss with you options and pricing and product availability.

Custom Printed Hoodies in ST Louis

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Order Custom Hoodies Now

Custom Printed Hoodies in St Louis by Kirkwood Trading Company means you’ll get expert quality screen printing in a few short days. With our history of screen printing in St Louis we have operated the past 20 years and perfected excellent pricing mixed with quality in the fastest turn around time in the area.

Now in 2016, newer colors, styles, and brands are coming out with hooded sweatshirts. Let us be your source for custom printed hoodies in St Louis. We can show you different samples and help you choose the right hoodie for your specific needs. Textures and patterns are bursting with popularity in 2016. While the solid hoodie that has been around since hoodies were invented will always be in style, some trends have moved towards lighter weight hoodies with more vibrant colors and patterns. Performance materials like polyester have made their way from the performance t-shirt arena into the hoodie arena and the results have been all positive.

If you are in charge of ordering hoodies for a team sport, business, spirit wear store, or school store, check out the options available for this year. The results are stunning and every manufacturer stepped up their offerings in a big way. Blended fabrics and accent vents or piping have really come a long way and now are “the” look that is gaining traction among all age groups.

The mere fact that hoodies have taken over popularity of crew neck sweatshirts some 15 years ago is a direct result as to why there are now more offerings than ever in the custom printed hoodies in St Louis. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest screen printers in the Saint Louis area. Our longevity has many factors but one of which has been our ability to push the trends in front of customers and letting them make an educating buying decision. We can certainly help with recommendations on certain garments and certain screen printing designs. But ultimately you the client know your target market be it just hoodies for your employees or the student body shopping your school spirit store. The goal is the same which is to get people to wear and market the garment.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company in ST Louis for any screen printing needs you may have and we’ll be happy to work with you on your next logo apparel purchase.

Custom Printed Bella Canvas T Shirts Saint Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing

Custom printed Bella Canvas shirts in Saint Louis

Custom printed bella canvas t shirts Saint Louis. The Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom printed Bella Canvas T Shirts Saint Louis. Screen printing for over 20 years we have printed hundreds of thousands of t-shirts and one brand that is unique and which has stood the test of time in the fashion market is Bella Canvas. They longevity will be among the everyday brands of Gildan, Hanes and Fruit of the loom, and Jerzees brands. Yes, Bella costs a little more but when you wear their fabrics you’ll understand where the additional money went. They have a great line of ring spun cotton shirts, triblend shirts, 50/50 shirts and poly shirts. In addition they offer styles for men, women, and youth to include fitted tees, tanks, and even delve into the women’s pant arena.

If you are in the market for a great quality custom t-shirt be sure to take a look at what Bella has to offer. You can see their line via our online catalog at Online Catalog/a>

Bella has a place in the t-shirt market like every else in the promotional arena. If you want to promote an event or something with a promotion of giving away free t-shirts and you wan to do it as inexpensively as possible, Bella is not going to be your brand. Stick to the light weight everyday brands for that. However if you are wanting to promote that same event or cause or awareness with a free t-shirt and actually want the people receiving that free t-shirt to wear it around so the promotion works, Bella is going to be right up your ally. People who wear t-shirts these days are typically pretty hip on the trend of light weight soft shirts. These people aren’t going to wear a 6oz preshrunk cotton t-shirt if you give it to them. The trend today is lighter and softer and if you get these shirts in people’s hands, they’ll wear them. Bella Canvas is a brand that is continuing to set trends in the screen printing market with their fashion apparel. The next time you are in the market for a custom t-shirts, contact us at Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll work with you on your custom bella canvas t shirts right here in Saint Louis.