Proper artwork for custom tees

proper artwork for custom t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company provides custom t-shirt printing in St. Louis

twork, meaning have your logo professionally created so that is can be used on every kind of marketing medium there is.

Proper Artwork for custom tees

Proper artwork for custom tees is where the quality of screen printing starts. We can only work with what our customers provide us in regards to artwork and as experienced as we are in the custom t-shirt screen printing business, we aren’t always miracle workers. Yes, we can typically make around 90% of customer artwork viable but depending on the quality, or lack thereof, artwork fees can be an additional charge that add to the price of the shirts.

Ideally, artwork should be in what’s called a vector format. Vector artwork is artwork that can be scaled, color separated, and completely manipulated with the right graphic software. The joke in our industry is that if our customers can’t open the artwork file, that’s the file we need. Typically the person who is ordering custom shirts is not the graphic artist. They’ll either contract that service out or have in-house person. Sometimes we get the files and are in contact with the graphic artist, other times everything goes through the person ordering the shirts. So when they happens, they won’t have software on their computer to open the proper artwork which is how we know that’s what we need. The orgin file extensions of proper artwork is going to be .ai or .eps for Adoboe Illustrator artwork or .cdr for Corel Draw. These are the most common graphic software titles where vector artwork is created. These are not proper artwork for custom tees.

Often times we are working with a parent, teacher, or small business and they have a logo or design, but they don’t have access to vector artwork. So what we received is a raster image. These are jpegs, bitmpaps, tiff files, and png files. These can’t be color separated and when they are scaled they get pixalated. That’s the stair stepping look on the borders of designs and they lack the clear crisp look a vector file will have.

Best practices if you are looking for custom printed t-shirts is to send us the artwork you have and we’ll let you know if it is proper artwork for custom tees.

Spirit wear baseball tees idea Saint Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company spirit wear

School Spirit Wear ideas. Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

If you are looking for a good seller for your school spirit wear collection be sure to check out the baseball tee. Every few years the baseball tee seems to come back for a few years, then go away for a few years, and it always makes a comeback. So basically you can never go wrong with spirit wear baseball tees. With their popularity comes newer materials such as performance materials, ring spun cotton soft materials, and other blends bringing them into the popularity that is today’s t-shirts. Soft and light.

The other reason spirit wear baseball tees are popular because of the contrast sleeve colors that give the school colors that added bonus. They are a different look from the run of the mill basic solid colored tee. Spirit wear baseball tees come in long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and short sleeve and you can choose between traditional sleeves and the raglan sleeve wich are the diagnol sleeve.

In addition to a variety of sleeve colors now comes more offerings in the shirt body color. For years it was simply white but now companies have offered heather grey and other contrasting colors into the mix. Guaranteed to make a big boost in your spirit wear collection.

With Spirit Wear baseball tees the sky is the limit on the kind of screen prints that look good on them as well. You can always go retro with an athletic script text with a tale or add a distress filter or print a complete design as you would on a solid colored tee. The obvious choice is to print a color that matches the sleeve color for the sleekest look.

With the range of fabrics you can find something that fits your target audience be it a point of sale retail client or a school full of kids and parents. Keep the Spirit Wear baseball tees in mind for your next collection.