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Custom 5K race t-shirts

T Shirt Marketing – low cost high profit

T shirt marketing is something you see everywhere. One only has to walk down a street in any city to see several custom t-shirts promoting a cause, event, or a business. T shirt marketing is among the most effective ways to advertise if done correctly. We get several calls every day from potential clients who have grand marketing ideas but to no fault of their own they know little about the screen printing process and how custom t-shirts are made. In order for t shirt marketing to be successful it has to be cost effective.

To keep custom t-shirts cost effective there are a few factors that come in to play. The biggest determining factor is the quantity, how many custom tees do you need. The more shirts you need the more cost effective they will be. Not only that but with a larger quantity you have more room for creative designs. Don’t get me wrong we have both designed and printed awesome single color t-shirts for clients and we’ve had clients provide us with their own artwork in a single color format that were incredible. However to keep shirts cost effective the quantity of shirts plays a direct role in the number of colors the design can be to prevent them from being cost prohibitive.

T shirt marketing – profitable example

Since we are talking about marketing and profits I’m going to use a 5K run as an example. A client came to use because they hold a huge annual 5K run to raise money for Cancer. They need around 3,000 shirts for the event that go to those who register early. When we first sat down a couple years ago they had an incredible logo that consisted of 6 colors in the design on the front and 4 colors in the design for the back of the shirt. Since they were ordering 3,000 t-shirts they could pretty much have however many colors in the design they wanted and remain profitable. However we looked at the design and noticed that most of the 6 colors were simply there for a wow factor and the number of colors was not paramount to the quality of the design. So we played around with it and gave them pricing on their 6 color front 4 color back design but also showed them their design in a 2 color front 1 color back option and a few options in between. Fortunately the client and the design worked on a 2 color front and 1 color back design. Keeping the back design as a 1 color print was easy, it was simply sponsors logos. The front was easy enough to eliminate 4 of the print colors using shading and halftones to still give the design more depth than the 2 color graphic it ended up being. But what it did was save the client roughly $2 dollars per shirt which equated to $6,000 in savings. They could still sell the shirts to the participants at the same price but now instead of making $8 per shirt they were making $10.00 per shirt. Sometimes when it comes to marketing less can be more not just on increasing the profit but in the design itself. Often times too many print colors muddles up a great design. Keeping it simple means the message is simple and comes across more easily.

screen printing shirts

screen printing shirts

KIrkwood Trading Company custom t shirts and logo wear

Screen Printing Shirts value

When it comes to screen printing shirts with your logo or design you are buying the industry standard in logo wear. There are several different methods to imprint apparel in addition to screen printing. Some of these are dye sublimation and transfers. Each of these have their own place and are great for particular needs. However the tried and true method for quality graphics and apparel is screen printing. It’s a method that originated over 2,000 years and progressed to a more modern semblance using silk which is where the silk screen printing term originated. Today the mesh of the screens that hold the image is not made of silk but the name still sticks.

As screen printing is the industry standard that means you are getting the best value for your logo wear. Every major brand manufacturer uses the screen printing method on their own promotional logo apparel. The method is one of longevity and durability and with the advances in technology t-shirt companies can now print amazing detail in a customer artwork. If you are going to invest in your brand with logo apparel then to have your logo printed using any other method than screen printing is doing a disservice to your brand and your wallet.

Screen printing shirts – options

When it comes to screen printing shirts you have several options based on the history of apparel. With technology and trends you now have more options than ever when it comes to investing in your logo wear. There is always the cotton aparel, the blend apparel, but now performance poly fabrics are popular as they are light weight and provide cooling and dry wicking properties for athletes and because they are comfortable they are great for every day wear. More and more companies have come out with a triblend shirt with combines cotton, polyester, and rayon to make a light weight super soft feeling shirt. All of these substrates are great for screen printing shirts and it’s not just shirts. You can order a full line of apparel from shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, jerseys, bags, and much more.

To get a free price quote on your next screen printing order contact us at Kirkwood Trading Company and we will be happy to put a price quote together for you.

Under Base Printing Process

under base printing process

Kirkwood Trading Company Screen Printing

Under Base Printing Process – Screen Printing – Custom T Shirts

The under base printing process is neccessary whenever a custom t shirt is being printed using light colored inks and dark colored shirts. If you have ordered custom tees before and your image looks dull and feels rough to the touch, chances are whoever did the printing did not use an under base when the design called for it.

Think of the under base as a buffer between the dark shirt and the lighter colored inks. It acts to prevent the darker garment color from bleeding into the light ink colors and allows the light ink colors to print smooth and stay true to color. If you take black paint and mix it with red paint you get a really dark red or brown color. If you don’t use an under base when printing say red ink on a black shirt the same thing happens, sort of, just not the extreme of the result when you mix paint. But that nice vibrant red if printed straight on a black t-shirt will turn a few shades darker and the texture will be rougher than it should be.

Under base printing process – affecting cost

Now that you know why an under base is needed here is why you pay more. To print the white under base it requires two separate hits of white and in between is what is call a flash cure. Then the first color is added, using the picture above, that would be green. Then the shirt needs to be flash cured again, then the 2nd color is added, another flash cure and in a 3 color design, the last color is printed and then the shirt is placed through the the dryer to fully cure as every shirt is. So it’s a labor intensive process that is neccessary to provide the best screen print but it also adds a little bit to the price.

Can you avoid an under base? One way to keep the cost down is if you design already has white in the graphic. Having a graphic that has white as part of the design means an under base is still used but it makes a 3 color design a 3 color design rather than a 4 color design when white is not part of the graphics color. The other instance would be to go with a lighter shirt. Companies will do that all the time if there is a light shirt color that is part of their company color.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we discuss your graphic and options with you so there is never a mystery. We explain everyting in detail so that you understand what we do and where the costs are going. Our goal is to simplify the ordering process that making sure we explain any artwork nuances goes along those lines.

tumbler monogramming for Yeti

Tumbler Monogramming

Kirkwood Trading Company Saint Louis Missouri.

order custom tumbler monogramming today. Tumblers like Yeti, Arctic, and Ozark are all the rage right now. Personally, I didn’t understand what all the excitement was about until my wife purchased me one for my Birthday in November. Had she not have done that I never have purchased one because it just seemed like the latest craze in drinkware. Being in the screen printing and logowear business for 20 years we see a lot of trends quickly come and quickly go. So it’s a gift so I’ll give it a try. I fill it with ice and my favorite cocktail of choice and proceed to sit in front of my fire place to watch a hockey game on TV. If you reading this looking for monograms then you already know what I was missing out on. Not only does it keep my drink cold with almost no ice melt mere feet from the fire in the fireplace, the tumbler doesn’t sweat either. My cocktail is no longer watered down after a few minutes and I can indulge in a truly great tasting cocktail from beginning to end. I’ve also become aware that I’m saving on ice production in my freezer as well.

I tell you this because I understand the craze! I understand what people have been talking about and because people are so passioniate about their insulated tumblers, we decided to offer custom design and monogramming for them. Yes, completely custom. Tumbler monogramming is in itself becoming a crazy so we wanted to give people the best place to get a custom monogram or design for their tumblers.

We can completely customize with tumbler monogramming, graphics, pretty much any one color design you like for $3 each plus shipping if you are out of state.

The graphic will come with instructions on how to apply it as well as with care instructions on washing.

Contact us at Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to give you color options.

T shirt printing Saint Louis

t shirt printing in Saint Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t shirt screen printing

t shirt printing Saint Louis has exploded over the past few years. The unique thing about the explosion is that each company who comes along kind of has their niche service aimed towards a specific clientele. This is unique because now customers can get exactly what they want from a particular company that serves that need.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we have even changed our main focus from what we was 20 years ago when we started screen printing t shirts. We use to take every job no matter what. We were busy for sure but we had a hard time balancing all of the different kinds of jobs and giving our customers the best possible customer service. Around 8 years ago we changed all that because we were juggling so many job requests that we weren’t giving our customers the best attention possible. Two things we changed that drastically helped us become a premier company that specialized in t shirt printing Saint Louis was we stopped taking single shirt orders and increased our minimum order to 12 shirts. We also eliminated customers bringin in their own shirts to have us print on them. In doing that we were able to focus our business model on providing the highest quality screen printing on orders of 12 t-shirts or 12,000 t-shirts. New companies caught on and now you have companies that specialize in printing single t shirt orders and you have companies that specialize in printing on customer provided t shirts. With the increase in newer companies, the good ones are finding one of these niche’s when it comes to t shirt printing Saint Louis.

For Kirkwood Trading Company, the past 8 years have by far been our best. We have increased our customer base and increased the feedback on our quality and customer service and fast turn around time as a result. We can focus all of our strengths on each and every customers giving them the best value for their dollar. We treat the 12 shirt order for a child’s baseball team the same as we treat the 5,000 t shirt order for a local awareness walk. Our turn around time is now consistent and while our quality and customer service have always been excellent, we now have more time to reach out to people who could benefit from our service saving them time and money.

It’s a win win for everyone.

Raise money with custom t-shirts

raise money with custom t-shirts

T sjhirt fundraising

Raise money with custom t-shirts is a great way to reach the revenue goals of your particular fundraising. The boring part: Studies show people are more likely to donate when they receive a tangible item in return. Now that we have the scientific reason out of the way we can begin talk about the fun parts.

Everybody loves t-shirts and you have to look no further than out your window no matter where you are. With the boost of websites that promote fundraising so to will the custom t-shirt follow suit. However, unlike the website that strictly offer a place to donate, per volume sites where a tangible item is gifted back to the donor have an increased volume in funds.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers people the ability to raise money with custom t-shirts through an entirely 100% free dedicated online store. We can use your design or ares. Typically there are 3 options when it comes to design.

1. You have a design you want to use on your fundraising shirts
2. We can work with you and create a design for your fundraising campaign
3. You can design your own shirt on our online t-shirt design studio

Either way if fine with us. Our goal is the same as yours, to help you raise as much money as possible for your fundraising campaign. To raise money with custom t-shirts is a unique way to give a really cool gift back to the donor that is personally attached to their donation effort.

We have run very successful campaigns for such things as:
– Injured officers in the line of duty to help out with medical costs
– Sports teams that have an out of town tournament and they want to offset the cost through a team t-shirt
– Schools needing gym equipment has always been a popular won
– Medical costs to offset sudden deaths or medical bills for someone battleing cancer

Whatever your focus or your goal, a custom t-shirt is a low cost item that makes a great gift. As stated above it’s personally attached to the purpose and people enjoy getting something in return no matter how big or how small. Successful campaigns we have run have been with a simple client approve design that had a cost of between $5-$7 but a fundraising price of $20.00. The they are getting roughly $4 dollars back for every dollar invested. The fact that people are getting some tangible back rather than simply donating money has proven to make more people prone to giving.

100 shirts with a fundraising differencial of $15 means a profit of $1,500. Think about that for a minute. We have all seen the online fundraising sites and causes where people give $1, or $5, or $50 but the donors list is small. There is no incentive to give a specific amount, people give what they can God bless them. But if you are trying to make money and have something specific like a cool t-shirt that is given in return for say a minimum donation of $20.00. Now you have people who are happy to donate but in their psyche is feels more like a purchase. You Get it. That is the power of using a custom t-shirt for a fundraising project. We have done projects where a few hundred shirts were sold and we’ve done fundraising projects where a few thousand shirts were sold. It’s all about the cause and what the donor gets back.

Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to discuss options with you on your next fundraising campaign. We’ll show you how to raise money with a custom t-shirt and just how easy it is to get a fantastic return.