2017 Popular styles for your custom tshirts

2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts
Kirkwood Trading Company

Popular styles for your custom tshirts – what’s omitted

2017 Popular styles for your custom tshirts is based on buying trends from our customers. What you won’t find on this list are the absolute most popular styles that have been around since the dawn of time and remain the highest volume of styles. Those are:

Gildan 5000 – lightweight 100% preshrunk cotton
GIldan 2000 – heavy weight 100% preshrunk cotton
Gildan 8000 – 50/50 Dryblend
And various comparable styles from brands of Jerzees, Hanes, and fruit of the loom.

These above styles will make up roughly 90% of what every screen printing shop prints in a given year. The purpose of this post is to give people ideas who are looking for something different.

Popular styles for your custom tshirts – Something new and different

For people looking at something different from the status quo custom tshirts, we bring you the following:

Comfort Colors Garment Dyed Tees and Tanks:

These offer unique colors not offered by any other manufacturer. They are the go to shirt for high school and college aged kids. A higher price point than your traditional popular tees, the colors and feel are worth it. Their shades of greens, blues, red, and everything in between are a few shades different than any other manufacturer. Printing your message on these is sure to gain attention.

Next Level Brand:
They offer a ton of different hip styles that are more tapered than your traditional tees. They have various blends and textures making them very soft and comfortable to wear out on the town or even to bed. Their Triblend comes in many different styles including tanks and vnecks and both men and women’s styles. A slightly higher price point compared to the traditional custom tshirts but well worth the extra money. If you are in the market of giving away tees or selling a design or tshirt for profit, look at these because people like the feel and are more prone to buy when they like the soft feel of a shirt.

We were actually introduced to this brand by college coaches we were calling on. At the time they weren’t carried by any of the major distributors. Low and behold a year later and all major distributors with the exception of one is carrying the full line of A4. They have tons of styles for both adult and youth as well as women’s and mens. They also cater to more popular trends with camo accents and piping. A great 2017 popul styles for your custom tshirts. These are strictly a performance brand so everything will be of materials that assist in moisture management from their hoodies to their shorts and everything shirt inbetween. Their quality and styles compete with the big boys but at a percentage of the big boy cost.

Gildan Softstyle:
If it’s Gildan then you know it’s quality. This softstyle is a few years old at this point and it uses ringspun cotton to give it the unique softness. It’s also tapered with a thinner body and shorter sleeves. It comes in various styles for adults in both mens and womens. A generous price point that can boost your tshirt sales or impress your own wearers.

2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts is just what trends we see happening at Kirkwood Trading Company. Especially with our customers who are more quality and return conscious than price conscious. We understand that organizations often will give their shirts away for an awareness cause or something like that. Stick to the traditionals on that. These styles are for people who are selling a brand, including a shirt in their event signup cost, team sports, and just in general who want know the end wearer will be happy with the feel.

While these 2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts are current, there are other styles growing in popularity that aren’t listed simply because there are styles and competing brands. We just like these the personally and it’s what we show our clients and their feedback has been excellent.