Free Online Team apparel Store

Free Online Team Store

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Free Online Team Store

Get a free online team store and start making money today. There is absolutely no catch and as a custom t shirt screen printing business that has been in business for over 20 years in St. Louis, this is simply a new tool we offer our growing clientele. Other than a little time in the beginning to pick out the apparel and logos you want to offer, the only other thing you have to do is collec the profits.

We have been supplying team stores and spirit stores both to physical stores and online stores since we began in 1993. Now we simply have the means do to the same online stores but offer them to our customers completely free.


Let’s say you run a youth baseball organization called St Louis Pirates. You have parents interested in buying Pirates team gear so they can show their support from the stands. You already have team gear for the players, that’s easy enough to build into the league costs when they sign up. Now you see the opportunity to get more parents becoming walking billboards for your organization who are more than willing to buy some t-shirts and sweatshirts to support their children. Tradionally this was done with an order form which are very time consuming or an online store that costs money for web and hosting fees.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers our clients a great modern free online team store where we do all the work. In just a few short steps we have your free online team store up and running and order coming in.

1. We spend a little time with you to figure out what apparel and logos you want to offer. We offer a full line of apparel from most major manufacturers.

2. We discuss the pricing you want to offer. We provide you with a per piece cost on what we charge to provide the printed or sewn apparel.

3. We start putting your free online team store together.

4. We handle all order processing. We can handle shipping if need be or we can organize the orders by individually bagging the orders for pick up.

5. You collect the profits. We see which option works best for you whether the store remainds open year round, season round, or for just a two week period a few times per year. NOTE: Our costs are less on stores that have a definite beginning and end date to where we can print everything at one time as to opposed a few pieces each week.

As we have begun to build our clientele through these free web stores the feedback has been tremendous. Our customers are realizing that an online presence has increased their revenue, eliminated costly inventory, and the best part is it doesn’t involve any of their time. Other than the initial setup where we discuss with you the shirts and apparel you want to offer, we do all the work on a daily basis.

Again these free online team stores don’t cost anything. We make our money on the apparel we print and sell in your stores as the screen printer. Do to the volume of stores we currently run we are charged so minimally that there is no reason to those them onto you. We have running online spirit and team stores down to a science. You benefit from the smoothness with which we expedite the transactions and orders.

If you have an interest in talking to us about being your team wear apparel provider and want to utilize one of our free stores. Feel free to contact us anytime here. Contact us Here

We also provide free online spirit stores as well as free fundraising stores too.

Making money with Spirit Wear

making money with spirit wear

Kirkwood Trading Company – Spirit wear headquarters

Making money with spirit wear – where to begin

Making money with spirit wear is a solid way to raise revenue for a school, sports team, or any kind of organization. It’s a very old fundraising method that has actually gotten easier over the years. Aside from being a cost effective marketing tool it also raises awareness of unique. I’ll use a youth baseball organization in this example. Youth club baseball is a competitive industry and the various organizations do a great job of promoting their organization through their custom jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, bags, sweatshirts, etc. In this day and age these baseball organizations are not limited to a blue sweatshirt with white writing. The options are endless so now the goal is to not only to market the organization through spirit wear, but marketing through unique spirit wear. Now they can get a blue sweatshirt with white contrast stitching and camo piping down the sides to allow them to stand out even more. It’s not just about using apparel to raise funds but using apparel that is unique.

Making money with spirit wear – The market

The easiest thing about making money with spirit wear is you have a captured audience. Every school has their student body and every team has their fans and every foundation has their supporters. Sometimes the market can dictate what you want to offer and bouncing ideas off the potential buyers is a great idea. Often times people just want to have something to wear to show support.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we print a lot of custom spirit wear for area schools and teams and foundations. There are always going to be those staple pieces of apparel that will always sell no matter what. However since we are in the business we are always trying to present our spirit wear customers with new trendy ideas that they can include in an order form or incorporate on their spirit shop website or school store. We have one particular high school client who sells tons of basic sweatshirts of varying school colors with a simple school name printed on the chest. Those aren’t going to go out of style but from a profit standpoint, once a student buys that sweatshirt they may buy one more throughout their school career. So the idea is to offer different pieces each time as well so those kids who have the staples will also be interested in new and different spirit wear.

making money with spirit wear – basics

Making money with spirit wear can be simple. Nobody has to reinvent the wheel. You simply need to know your audience and their taste for the types of logo wear they’ll wear to promote. Basics will always be in style but you also want to offer a few unique pieces of apparel as well. Introduce a ladies cut or a youth style shirt. Today the most popular styles are the moisture wicking performance fabrics. There will always be people who strictly like cotton but today it’s almost a 50/50 split between customer preference.

Simple designs go a long way. A unique eye catching design not only attracts the buyer but also attracts people to look at it in passing. There is a reason why every major professional sports team has multiple outlets to sell their apparel. They know they have a loyal following that crosses state lines and ever countries. Spirit wear for youth sports and schools is no different, you just have a smaller demographic.

making money with spirit wear – exposure

Physical brick and mortar spirit shops will always thrive. Especially in a setting such as a school. With the technology we live in today people can increase their sales by 50% with a simple online presence. I know Kirkwood Trading Company offers our clients free online spirit stores. We put them together, handle order processing, and if need be shipping as well. Schools for instance can increase their sales with an online presence to their alumni. We have introduced online spirit stores to our clients and they have all had a significant increase in sales mainly from alumni and parents of kids who don’t have the time to go to the school during the stores open hours.

If you’d be interested in learning more about increasing profits and getting the most out of your spirit wear feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to show you how we can help. Here are a couple links.

Contact Us

check out our online quote form

And we have a page specifically geared towards spirit wear.

Custom T-shirt Printing | Webster Groves

Custom T-shirts in Webster Groves

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves can be found just one town over in beautiful Kirkwood. Kirkwood Trading Company is a 20 year old screen printing business that provide custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves as well as the entire St. Louis area.

Specializing in logo wear for such things as

– Family Reunion t-shirts
– Restaurant t-shirts
– Team sports apparel
– Athetlic t-shirts
– Business wear both casual and formal
– Awareness walks, foundations and organizations.
– And much more.

Offering a full line of apparel we have been able to develope a diverse clientele through offering several types of custom apparel to meet our customers needs.

Whether it’s custom sweatshirts for a schools PTO or Student Council or dress shirts, jackets, and hats for a local business, uniforms for sports team, or a team participating in the Autism walk needing custom team t-shirts, we have the apparel and the expertise to complete your order in a timely manner.

We carry all of the popular brands and styles and colors and will be happy to sit down with you to figure out the right apparel for your needs.

If you are in the market for custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves, contact us and we’ll be happy to serve your needs.

Family Reunion T-shirts

Family Reunion T-shirts

Custom Printed Family Reunion T-shirts

Custom Family Reunion T-shirts have become a big hit over the past few years. It’s a cost effective way to bring unity amongst the family members and celebrate the day. When the day is over the family reunion t-shirts make a great keepsake to cherish that time and to look forward to next year.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we print a lot of custom family reunion t-shirts for families all over the country. Aside from hearing the great stories about all of the wonderful families, we feel privileged to be a part of that day for your family. Often times new customers have no idea what’s involved in ordering their custom family reunion t-shirts. That isn’t a problem and we can help you through the process.

Family Reunion T-shirts – what you need to know

Our best advice when it comes to ordering your family reunion t-shirts is to be as prepared as possible. We understand that is often times easier said than done but we’ll have questions that you can have answers to. First, in order to provide you with the best quality shirts and service we need to know a little information that makes things go smoother if you have these ahead of time. We need to know how many family reunion t-shirts you will need. A ballpark number is always fine to start. Next we need to know if you already have a design or if you want to choose one of our designs and have that customized for you. Lastly, we need to know where you want the design printed be it the front or the back or both of the shirts.

All of this information will help us better serve you and allow us to give you the most accurate price possible.

Once the specifics are out of the way we can talk time frame and dates as to when you need to have these shirts screen printed and ready. Our typical turn around time is 4-6 business days. Locally that is not a problem but if you are ordering your family reunion t-shirts from outside of Missouri and require shipping, there could be a few more days tacked onto that due to shipping.

Before we ever print we’ll provide you with a digital proof to approve so there is never a mystery when your shirts are completed. Kirkwood Trading Company has been in the screen printing business for over 20 years. We understand the requirements that each unique job brings. We value our customers business and are here to help on any job no matter how big or small.

Contact us with any questions or to place an order for your family reunion t-shirts and we’ll be happy to help.

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Custom T shirt Printing | Eureka Missouri

Custom t shirt printing Eureka Missouri

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company extends our screen printing and custom t-shirt services to Eureka Missouri. Over the past few years we have expanded our presence in Eureka through word of mouth and have quickly started gaining traction do to our fast turn around on orders and quality printing. From small businesses to government to the schools we have been fortunate enough, through this word of mouth to provide the highest quality screen printing to this area.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a full line of apparel for youth, adult, and ladies including corprorate wear, team wear, and spirit wear, as well as custom t-shirts from just about every manufacturer. Our turn around time on order is 4-6 business days and we offer free delivery depending on the size of order. We certainly can’t deliver a 15 shirt order for free. However clients who order above 72 pieces can expect free delivery.

We offer an online design studio where you can design your own apparel and get a quick quote. We can also assist in shirt design and logo creation.

Best of all people of Eureka, we try to make ordering you custom t-shirts, team jerseys, spirit wear, etc, very easy for you. We know you are busy, we try to make communication and the order process very easy.

If you have a need for logo wear, give us a call or send us an email or go online to get a quick quote.

Custom Printed Soccer Jerseys | St. Louis

custom printed soccery jerseys

Outfit your team in jerseys

Custom Printed Soccer Jerseys

Custom printed soccer jerseys aren’t what they used to be. Today many teams, especially youth and indoor are substituting the traditional jersey for a moisture wicking performance poly tee. In fact even the major brands are offering several styles in the moisture wicking tee. The nice thing about these are that they are very cost effective which is great when you are talking about a kick around indoor league or kids who will outgrow the jerseys by next season.

Typically 12-16 custom printed soccer jerseys with a 1 color logo on the front with a name and number on the back will run around $15-$18 per jersey. It just depends on the particulars of shirt style, color, and whether it’s standard lettering. This is pretty much the going rate from Kirkwood Trading Company. We print a ton of jerseys for many different kinds of teams each year from youth soccer to adult indoor fun leagues.

The quality of the jersey is key especially if you are talking indoor. The best fitting and comfortable tees are the polyester tees with the moisture wicking properties which are also light weight. Gone are the days of the thick cotton shirts that just hold the moisture in.

When it comes to custom printed soccer jerseys we can also assist in logo design. We’ll be happy to show you different font options for the names and numbers and even the various options for the texture of the lettering and numbering.

In addition to jerseys we carry soccer socks and shorts as well as bags. We can cater an entire uniform for your needs and even provide the spirit wear. If you are in the market for custom printed soccer jersesy check out our selection. All of our printing, lettering and numbering are done in-house which saves you time and money. A typical turn around will be 4-6 business days on soccer jersey orders.

Custom printed aprons in St. Louis

custom printed aprons

custom aprons

Custom printed aprons are a great addition to a company’s brand. A lot of companies keep it to a hat or shirt and then keep the apron blank. If aprons are part of the brand or uniform it only makes sense to have those customized as well. While aprons are not a huge seller there is some nostalgia in the places that still make them part of their everyday business.

I remember in high school I had a job where an apron was part of the uniform. These things were just terrible. They were one size fits all so to make them really fit often times we had to fold them up to make them look right and it was just a big pain. Fortunately these are not something that got lost with technology because not they make aprons where all of the straps adjust with a simple pull. They are great and make fitting anyone a snap. In addition there are more colors available now than ever before.

There are two main process to provide custom aprons. There is embroidery which is more costly and then there is custom printed aprons through screen printing. The nice thing about screen printing is that it’s a more cost effective method. Especially if the job detail is one where aprons get dirty such as coffee houses or bakeries. You will find a small variety of nuetral colors and basic colors available. Kirkwood Trading Company can help you pick the right apron for your particular need and also assist with design and print colors.

Contact us for a free price quote on any custom printed aprons you need. We carry several brands and many styles so we are sure to have something that fits what you are looking for.

We can be reach by phone or email or through our online quote form on our website.

Custom Graphic T Shirts

custom graphic t shirt printing

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Graphic T shirts are about to get really popular. Sure, their popularity has never waned but with the increased shirt colors, styles, brands, and materials people who never use custom logo wear for promotion are starting to see the benefits. Trends are always cyclical and with today’s trends leaning towards lighter and thinner shirts, more companies than every have jumped on board. More and more companies are increasing their product line to cater to the ever growing popularity that is the custom graphic t shirts.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Printing

Today when you place an order for custom graphic t shirts you may notice a softer feeling more vibrant logo. Companies have reformulated their inks and I know from first hand experience here at Kirkwood Trading Company, when we are printing custom graphic t shirts there is a new softness to the inks. The inks go down easier and feel softer. So the weight of the shirt doesn’t really matter much anymore because the inks are thinner and softer. Of course there are some conditions where this may not be always be the case based on certain designs. For the most part this holds true.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Pricing

Custom Graphic T shirts range in price today more than ever. With all the different manufacturers and styles and colors a large gap has been created. The difference between a basic cotton t shirt and camo t shirt may be several dollars. Same holds true for a cotton t shirt and sublimated polyester tee. For the most part, 90% of the people purchasing custom printed t shirts will be in the lower spectrum of cost. This isn’t a bad thing as the quality and softness of t shirts has remained low because of manufacturer competition.

To check out our full online catalog and see what t shirts may be right for you visit here. Online Catalog

We’ll be happy to provide you with a free price quote on your custom graphic t shirts.

Curvy cut tees

Curvy Cut tees Saint Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company

Introducing Curvy Cut Tees. These are tees for women that start at size 14 and go up to size 28. No longer do women of larger sizes need to worry about squeezing into a tapered standard cut tee. This is truly revolutionary because now when you order custom tees for an event or cause, every one can get a custom t-shirt that fits them comfortably. Curvy cut tees are just the beginning to cater to women of larger sizes. This tee has just been introduced and chances are if history remains the same, more styles and colors will be added next year. Right now they are limited to very basic colors although they come in a range of styles from scoop neck, v-neck, tank, baseball tee, and long sleeve.

The curvy cut tees are made out of 100% combed ring spun cotton so they are soft and great for screen printing. From a screen printers perspective you can order more traditional tees with your order and should you need a curvy cut tee for a few women that is not a problem. You can mix and match standard style tees with curvy cut tees as it makes no difference to us.

Current color availability on the curvy cut tees are black, white, pink, navy, red, and grey. What is nice about this offering is that is spands several styles. Typically when a product is introduced the styles are very limited but in this case there is just about every major style covered. So it’s obvious this offering is in response to demand which is great. Women of all sizes can now enjoy having access to a shirt that truly fits their body type.

If you’d like a quote on custom printed curvy cut tees, just contact us under the contact us page and we’ll be happy to put pricing together for your custom t-shirt screen printing needs.