Custom Printed Tank Tops

custom printed tank tops

Kirkwood Trading Companyn screen printing

Custom Printed Tank Tops – Something for everyone

Tank tops are an unusual creature. They come into style, they go out of style, they come back in. Of course everything in fashion is like that but what’s funny about custom printed tank tops is that it’s never the same age group bringing them back in. Today College and high school kids love the tank tops. Before it was early twenty something men who ate, slept, and drank volleyball that set the trend. Whoever the trendsetters, the have made the manufacturers take note and now more than ever people have more options in tank top styles and tank top colors and fabrics.

During the warmer months here in Saint Louis we will print 8-10 orders of tank tops on any given week. The biggest buyers are the bachelorettes traveling to Memphis or Nashville for the bachelorette party. Women are so creative when it comes to catchy funny tank top sayings. These orders typically number in the 12 -20 tanks per order. We’ll also do a few hundred custom printed tank tops for local area bars with that offer a female persuasion as their shtick to get guys in the doors. Then there is the Girls Gone Wild tank tops. These are a fashion statement in and of themselves. A few thousand at a time and you’ll see Kirkwood Trading Company supplies custom printed tank tops for any ocassion.

So custom printed tank tops aren’t just for the after school basketball pick up game. They are big fashion these days and manufactuers have gotten smart and made tanks to fit several different body styles from the mom on the run to the mom who likes to stay in shape to the mom’s who just like to lounge around with something comfortable on. Guys, don’t worry, you have been left out either. There are fashion tanks with more taper and a softer feel. There are performance tanks when you want to take your game to the next level while having some breathability, and they even have nice soft garment dyed tanks for all you college guys that come in a plethora of colors.

We’ll be happy to help you design them or you can use our online t-shirt designer and pick out your favorite tank and start designing.

If you are interested in a price quote feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to provide you with pricing and any options you request.

How to order custom tshirts

how to order custom tshirts

Kirkwood Trading Company custom tshirts in Saint Louis.

How to order custom tshirts – save time and money

We get a lot of first time customers who are looking to have custom tshirts printed up and ask how to order custom tshirts. As a way to save you time and money we are creating this guide that you can use when you get started.

The first thing a screen printed is going to want to know in order to give you the most accurate price is the following:

1. How many t-shirts do you need?
2. What kind of shirts do you need – (cotton, poly, ladies, youth)
3. Where is the printing going – (Front, front and back)
4. How any colors is the design?

This will be the basic to information needed to order custom tshirts. The quantity, print locations, and number of print colors all factor in to the final price. Having this information ahead of time will save you time and money. We don’t need to have exact quantities as a ballpark is fine. If you call a screen print shop without knowing what your design will be or your quantity will be, it’s the same thing as showing up to a car dealership and telling the salesman you want a red car. Do you want a sedan, and SUV, what options do you want, do you want a late model? So having more information is better than not enough.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we have several ways that allow our customers to get an accurate price quote in the least amount of time possible.

1. We are always a phone call away.
2. You can also email us with your request
3. We have an online design studio where you can design your own shirts and get the look you want before placing an order or getting a price.
4. Online Quote form – fill in the questions and we’ll take it from there. Very simple.

Another thing that will assist you in how to order custom tshirts is our online catalog. You can click through it and find the exact garment you like. There will be several styles, brands, and colors that you can see and help you to pick out the perfect shirt for your order.

Lastly, when you need to know how to order custom tshirts, here is a little list of the most popular ordere shirts. Great quality, great price point, and with our screen printing you’ll get one heck of a great custom tshirt order.

1. Gildan 5000 – 5.3oz 100% preshrunk cotton
2. Gildan 2000 – 6oz 100% preshrunk cotton
3. Gildan 8000 – 5.4oz 50/50 poly cotton Dryblend
4. A4 3142 – lightweight 100% poly moisture wicking tees
5. Check our Bella and Next Level brands for some more tapered fashing cut tees.

performance tshirt brand comparison

performance tshirt brand comparison

Kirkwood Trading Company

Performance tshirt brand comparison – what you don’t know

This is an artile about a performance tshirt brand comparison. So I’ll just start out by breaking your heart. There isn’t a difference in most cases. We posted a similar article about brand loyalty versus product loyalty you can read here. Click here

I play a lot of golf and I am a slave to Nike golf shirts. Not because I think they are the best shirts but because they offer colors and patterns I like and newer styles and cutting edge technology. I do also own and wear a few everyday brand shirts as well and I also tend to wear FootJoy golf shirts, Under Armor golf shirts, and others. The reason I wear so many brands is because a particular brand offers a color or style I like, not because I think I’m getting the best technology. Performance poly is performance poly.

The same thing can be said when with a performance tshirt brand comparison. There is no difference between the leading global apparel companies and the smaller independent apparel companies when it comes to quality. One thing my customers always ask me is about a shirt durability. So while I’ll tell you there is no difference between the largest global companies performance t-shirt and the smaller independent companies, there are some companies I steer clear of for my clients benefit.

But let’s talk durability. Yes there are companies I’ll asbolutely stay away from and let me customers know why. It’s simply a quality issue because some companies shirts are prone to snags and runs. But honestly thing polyester performance tshirts are always prone to that to an extent.

Technology wise there is absolutely no difference and even quality wise, for the most part, we sell 3 smaller companies in addition to the 3 biggest global companies performance shirts. Other than color options, durability is exactly the same. The only real difference is the price you pay which tends to be significantly less with a smaller brand. Let’s face it, saving money is good. At the end of the day if you are looking for Royal Blue custom performance tshirts, everything being equal, you’d opt to not pay more than you need to.

I can promise you that if I took Royal Blue performance poly tshirts from 6 difference brands and removed the brand identifying marks, you’d be hard pressed to pick out the difference between the shirt that costs $18/each or the shirt that costs $6/each. The cut would be the same or have a subtle difference. The color of Royal might have the slightest difference in shade, and the feel would for the most part be identical. So looking at a performance tshirt brand comparison, you really can’t go wrong any way you slice it. It depends on your budget, your taste, and what makes you feel like you got the value you deserved. We have customers all the time calling for a certain brand and we simply tell them to stay away. That shirt won’t last 2 washings before it gets runs, take a look at this brand instead. Same price point, same feel, same benefits from the poly.

If you would like to know more about performance tshirt brand comparison when you are looking for custom printed t-shirts. Give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction and give you pricing options that fit both your needs, your budget, and your value and quality expectations.

Design tshirt online fast

Design tshirt online fast

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing

Design Tshirt online fast

People like the option to be able creat or design tshirt online. In order to get the best bang for your buck we offer a quoting system. Most companies out there have a stock price for an order and being in the screen printing industry for over 20 years, that’s just not really possible. Without boring you with the nuances of the back end of printing. Compare it to going to a car dealership and wanting to buy a car. Each car has a different price based on brand and options. Custom tshirts are no different. What happens is companies have to provide a less than superior product when it comes to a higher end shirt or design compared to a more simple design that has the same price point.

For instance, a black t-shirt cannot successfully have any ink color printed directly on it except white or grey ink successfully. In order to screen print say pink ink on black shirts, an under base is required. The only problem is online designers don’t take into accound that additional step when it comes to automatic pricing. This means the customer is getting a pink print on a black shirt directly and the print is not a high quality print.

At Kirkwood Trading Company, we do not provide auto quotes. We quote each job as they come over through the online designer. Design tshirt online format allows us to give the best price possible as well as a far superior print. When you want to make your own shirt online, we look at each custom tee shirts on their own and quote accordingly.

Design tshirt online is a great fun tool but you’d be best served sticking with a company that will provide an accurate quote. Contact us for the best price on design tshirt online option. You’ll be glad you did.

Custom made Jerseys

custom made jerseys

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Made Jerseys

Custom made jerseys is something we can produce with the highest quality. We carry a full line of colors and styles for every sport. Utilzing most athletic apparel brands we can produce your custom made jerseys in no time. Our screen printing services are performed in house to ensure quality and to control turn around time. We can your custom made jerseys around in 10 business or days or less. Our 20 years of experience had allowed us to streamline our internal processes of how we produce jerseys quickly and effectively saving our clients time and money.

Our personalized jerseys are a combination of screen printing and vinyl for the lettering and numbering. We can screen print numbers if you wish but those command a higher price. We cut and weed our vinyl to match any font you wish to give you a truly one of a kind looking jersey. Many custom team apparel companies outsource the printing or numbering services. This means your price is higher than it needs to be and the production time is longer. In this case cheap and quality are not the same.

Kirkwood Trading Company is an experienced custom jersey maker and our 20 year history and repeat clientele are a testiment to our product and service. We stay ahead of the trends to give our clients a truly unique looking jersey when it’s sought. Many of our clients like the traditional looking custom made jerseys while other clients are looking for the newest trends to really stand out. Either way is fine with us as we offer both styles from a variety of manufacturers.

We specialize in soccer jerseys, hockey jerseys, basbetball jerseys, baseball jerseys, cheer uniforms, lacrosse jerseys, softball jerseys, football jerseys, track jerseys, and some others. These are the most popular requested jerseys.

If you’d like a free price quote on your custom made jerseys or team apparel give us a call. You can contact us directly through this link.

In addition to jerseys we also specialize in custom team apparel. We can set up free online stores where you can sell your logo wear to your fans or parents. We build the store, put products only you request on there with your designs. Kirkwood Trading Company handles the order processing and shipping if required. You simply collect the profits.

Design T shirts Cheap

design t shirts cheap

Kirkwood Trading Compay. Custom t-shirt screen printing in St. Louis

Design t shirts cheap online today and have your shirts in a few days, not weeks.

Design T shirts Cheap – what you don’t know

There is no such thing as free shipping. The last time I checked UPS and the Postal Service were not willing to ship the shirts I printed to a client for free. Personally when any business says shipping is free I look at that as a back handed way of them making it appear I’m getting a deal when I’m really not getting any such thing. If they want to simply pricing and give me one number, I just assume they say shipping is included. At least that way I know they aren’t trying to sell me on something that just isn’t true.

When it comes to the big screen printing shops online, not only are they trying to sell you on free shipping which we know is not true, but they have additional shipping costs that they wrap into the final price of the custom printed tees.

You can design t-shirts cheap but what you really don’t know is this. If you go online and design your shirts and order them from Company A. Company A doesn’t actually print your shirts. They drop ship the shirts to company B who actually prints the shirts and Company B is the company that then ships them to you. There is nothing unusual about that with the exception that the company you are buying your custom t-shirts from never actually sees the shirts you ordered. What’s more is that Company A ships custom printed boxes with their logo on it to Company B to box your shirt order in before sending. So there is an added cost to have custom boxes printed up and there is additional shipping to have Company A logo boxes shipped to Company B. What’s this mean? First, it means you are paying for all that additional shipping and the cost to print a box with Company A’s logo on it. So you are paying more than you need to for custom t-shirts. It also means that if you order is randomly sent out to any given printer Company A uses to print the shirts, quality control has to suffer a bit. At the end of the day you are receiving an order that costs more which may be a high quality print job. But you also risk something going wrong when so many different hands are involved in a particular order.

And make no mistake, all of those hands that are involved in the custom boxes, printing, shipping, are all getting a piece of that pie which is your order.

You can design t shirts cheap by using a local company. If they have been in business for any significant length of time you can be assured their quality is the highest possible. Their customer service is probably pretty good, and their prices and turn around time is competitive. A printing company who has been in business for a significant length of time is going to have all their printing done in-house under one roof. So the quality and consistency is going to be the same order after order. At the end of the day you are paying less for a high quality custom t-shirt. Even if you have to have shirts shipped to you from one of these companies. THere are still fewer hands involved in your order which even with shipping, keeps your price significantly lower than the larger online companies.

Design T shirts cheap – Don’t sacrifice price for quality

So you can design t shirts cheap and not sacrifice price for quality. Companies who are business for many years aren’t in business that long because of luck. They are in business because they provide a superior product at a fair price and chances are their customer service is impeccable. The word cheap is often times confused with poor quality. These days people want something cheap, meaning they don’t want to pay more than something is worth or valued. When it comes to custom t-shirts you can design t shirts cheap and cheap meaning the latter. The quality can be superior with out the superior price.

If you’d like to contact us for a price quote we are always happy to quote your job. You can get that quote by calling us, emailing us, or using our online quote form here. Online Quote Form

If you like to have fun with your custom t-shirts and have created control. You can use our online design studio and get a price quote that way as well. You can do that here. Design Online

choosing the right custom tshirt

choosing the right custom tshirt

Kirkwood Trading Company

Choosing the right custom tshirt can be a daunting task if you have never ordered them before. There are many factors that come in to play and while it may sound complicated at first, it’s very simple.

To determine the right custom tshirt for your specific needs a few questions need to be answered.

1. Is there a budget? There is always a budget but how realistic the budget is determines the actual shirt you order.
2. What activity is the shirt going to be worn doing?
3. What type of printing are you wanting?

Choosing the right custom tshirt – materials

Basically there are 3 types of tshirts that we customized.

1. Cotton – These days they are preshrunk so you no longer have to worryy about loosing a full shirt size after the first washing. A lightweight 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt will be the most budget friendly. Cotton tshirts basically come in two different weight, lightweight and heavyweight. With the latter costing a bit more. There is also pima cotton and rinspun cotton which are just different ways the fabric gets spun and determines it’s softness. The softer the shirt typically the more expensive.

The cotton shirt makes a great fit no matter the occassion and I’d only steer clear of 100% cotton if you will be wearing the shirt during some type of sport or activity where sweating is involved.

2. Blends – These are going to be a softer than 100% cotton and be made of up either cotton & polyester as a dual blend or cotton, poly, and either spandex or rayon as a triblend. Typically these are more trendy light wight very soft feeling shirt. They are higher priced than the basic cotton shirts. Great uses for these shirts are branding. People like soft shirts so if you are using your custom t-shirts to promote something, these shirts are always a hit.

3. Performance Poly – 100% polyester has moisture wicking capabilities which make them a great shirt for any kind of athletic activity or activity where persperation will happen. These are light weight and thin and allow sweat to wick away from the body. These are moderately priced and brands offer a performance or tech tshirt now. So pricing is competitive amongst brands and these are a great cost effective shirt option.

Choosing the right custom tshirt is easier than it might seem. At Kirkwood Trading Company we strive to provide our customers with the best options and shirts for their specific needs keeping in mind any specific budget they may have.

Give us a call the next time you need to order custom printed t-shirts and we’ll be happy to work with you and discuss options and provide you with pricing. We will help you in choosing the right custom tshirt.