Custom Charity Walk Event Tshirts

Charity walk event tshirts

Custom Tshirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

Custom Charity walk event tshirts

The fundraising season is upon us with various charity walk and run events taking place. Few things are as cost effective when it comes to marketing than a custom t-shirt. The exposure each shirt gets compared to it’s investment makes logo shirts among the best money spent for getting a name or event in front of people.

Let’s do some simple math. A $10,000 billboard seen by 50,000 people basically costs around $.20/cents per impression or per person who sees it. An $8 custom t-shirt that is seen by 300 people costs around $.02/cents per impression or per person who sees the shirt. You cannot compare 50,000 people seeing something and 300 people seeing something and assume more people will purchase or get involved with the product because 50,000. The important thing is the cost per impression. Multiply that 300 people seeing a t-shirt and multiple that by 500, 1000, or 2,000 t-shirts. On 500 t-shirts, those would be seen by 150,000 people and when it costs $.02/cents per shirt for that impression, few things are better than t-shirts when it comes to marketing.

The custom charity walk event tshirts are always a big hit. That’s why they always order them because they know the impact that having each participant walk away with a logo shirt for that fundraising effort is only increasing awareness which equals dollars spent on that particular cause. Take Autism for example. It is now a household term do in part to more diagnosis meaning it’s hitting more homes first hand. But with that comes the awareness and the incredible number of people who sign up for these walks and then get the t-shirt for participating. It’s a huge cycle that just makes the end goal of finding a cure that much more reachable.

What’s more is the team aspect and the fundraising teams ordering their individual custom charity walk event tshirts. They are raising awareness and showing unity amongst those in their inner circle that care. The t-shirt shows the unity and makes for a great marketing piece and a keepsake at the same time.

Custom charity walk event tshirts – people love them

When it comes to t-shirts, people love them whether it’s a t-shirt from their last vacation or their latest walk event. Custom charity walk event tshirts are about two things. First, people tend to donate or donate more when they recieve a tangible item in return for their donation. So tshirts make a great cost effective gift. Second, the exposure is second to none. Compare cost and exposure to other ad mediums and you’ll find custom charity walk event tshirts are a great commodity year after year.

For further information or to request a quote for your custom charity walk event tshirts, you can contact us here.
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Custom Prom Tank Tops

Custom prom tank tops

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Prom Tank Tops

So this is the 2nd year in a row we are seeing a trend for orders for custom prom tank tops and t-shirts. The traditional order has a design, school name, a reference to prom, and then on the back they are customized with the year, and then your dates name on the back.

The popular custom prom tank tops are comfort colors. Still a popular brand among high school and college students. While a higher price point compared to most brands, students are willing to pay for the trend and with so much customization they already expect to pay a higher price.

Kirkwood Trading Company provides a one week turn around on such orders as long as we receive everything from the client that is requested. Shirt style, color, and sizes. A list of names and the design is in a vector format ready to go. From there we can order your t-shirts or tanks on a Monday and have them ready to go that Friday.

Custom Kickball Team Tshirts

custom kickball team tshirts

Kickball T-shirts

Custom Kickball Team Tshirts

St. Louis is a growing hot bed for adult kickball leagues. What better sport is there to relive our playground youth in a fun environment where age doesn’t determine the enjoyment. With more and more teams getting organized the need for custom kickball team tshirts arises.

Hey, we get it and we don’t blush easily. So when someone comes in with and wants their team name Shift Kickers or Dragonass on a shirt, we love the humor.

So if you are looking for custom kickball tshirts Kirkwood Trading Company has you covered. We have a full catalog of the most popular shirts from cotton, blends, performance tees, and even the really soft trendy tees from the most popular manufacturers. We’ll take your design and print it on some tshirts and you can be the big hit of the league.

Need help with for a graphic for that awesome team name you came up with? No problem. Our graphic artists can put anything together.

Short on time, no problem. Our typical turn around time is 3-5 business days in most cases. We can print, number and letter your custom tshirts in just a few days and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to be unified out there on the field of battle.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to put a price together and earn your custom t-shirt printing business.

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Designing Cost Effective custom t-shirts

Designing Cost effective custom t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company Saint Louis screen printing

Designing Cost Effective Custom T-shirts

So you want to design your own custom t-shirts and you want to keep them cost effective. If you follow these key points about how we price custom t-shirts it will help you in designing cost effective t-shirts.

4 Things play a part in the ultimate price you pay for your custom t-shirts.

1. Type of shirts (Cotton, Poly, blend, etc)
100% preshrunk cotton t-shirts will be the least expensive shirts. White t-shirts are also less expensive than colored tshirts and grays fall in the middle. Performance Poly like your dri-fit materials and poly cotton and triblend shirts are more expensive. Camo and tie-dye tshirts are your most expensive.

2. Printing (Print location and colors) Is the design a 1 color design or an 8 color deisgn or any number in between. The less print colors the less costly the shirt. Print location, one location is less expensive than multiple locations. So a shirt with a print on the only the front is less expensive than a shirt with a print on the front & back or front, black, and sleeves.

3. Quantity: How many shirts will you need to order. The more shirts the less costly each shirt becomes. Where a 12 shirt order with a particular design might be in the $9-$10 range per shirt, that same design on 50 shirts would closer to the $8 per shirt range.

4. Print Colors: The rule to keep in mind to get the most cost effective shirts is dark ink colors on lighter shirts is less expensive than light ink colors on darker shirts. Light ink on dark shirts often demands an under base or multiple hits on the ink to gain the correct opacity.

In the graphic above you have the same design printed in 4 different ways. A single color print on a white shirt being the least expensive and a 7 color design on a black shirt being the most costly and then 2 examples of a print that will fall in the middle. One thing to keep in mind is a high nummber of print colors should equal a high quantity of shirts. You don’t want to get an 8 color design print on 24 shirts. It’s completely cost prohibitive.

Each print color commands a $15 screen charge. So a one color print will have a $15 screen charge. An 8 color print will have $120 in screen charges. Ideally when you divide the screen charges by the number of shirts you want to order you are looking to keep the cost per shirt when divided by the screen charges as low as possible.

Example: 100 white t-shirts with a 1 color front print is going to run around $6/shirt with a $15 screen charge. If you divide that $15 by 100 shirts you get $.15 cents. So of the $6 shirt cost, $.15 cents of that $6 is going toward the scren charges. Now take $120 worth of screen charges and divide that by 50 t-shirts. 50 shirts with an 8 color design would run say $10.00. If you divid $120 by the 50 shirts you get $2.40. So that would be considered a high number. The lower you can keep the screen costs effecting your per shirt cost then that is how what designing cost effective custom t-shirts is all about.

Remember, small quantities should have low print colors and high print colors should be reserved for larger quantities of shirts.

Free Online T-shirt store

Free Online T-shirt Store

Kirkwood Trading Company

Free Online T-shirt Store

So you are looking for a website where you can sell a t-shirt for fundraising or team wear to your members or sell your t-shirt brand to the masses, you’ve come to the right place for your free online t-shirt store.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been screen printing tshirts and logo wear for over 20 years. Over the past 5 years we have provided an additional service of providing clients in need with an online store where they can sell their spirit wear or their own logo wear items to the masses. Starting in 2017 this free online tshirt store will not cost any of our customers a dime to use. That’s right, we are offering a completely 100% free online t-shirt store where you can sell your shirts or logo wear.

Free Online T-shirt Store – How it works

Here is how your free online t-shirt store works. We print the shirts, we ship the shirts or you pick up in bulk, and you collect the revenue, it’s that simple. We carry a full line of apparel from all the major brands. We print in-house and have shipping accounts with both UPS and USPS.

We build the store with your products on a dedicated store. We discuss your intended volume of sales and provide you with a price per piece based on that. You profit the difference. We handle ALL order processing and if need be shipping.

These free online t-shirt stores are perfect for:

Fundraising: Have a cause you want to raise money for. Selling a t-shirt is a great way to get people to donate. Statistically people tend to donate when they receive a tangible item in exchange for their donation. A t-shirt is a great low cost high profit way to raise funds for any need.

Spirit Wear or Team Wear: We work with many club teams who want to offer their logo wear to the parents and families and general supporters of their teams as well as spirit wear for the student body. These stores are typically made up of several different items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, blankets, etc. A great way to gain exposure and reach more people with the trend of people making more and more purchases online.

Apparel Branding: We get a lot of people contact us who have the next big t-shirt idea. Often times they have the cost of a website, a webstore and then the cost of shirts. We can build a dedicated store for your own brand. There is no costly inventory or upfront costs to on an idea that may or may not work. Keep costs low.

Here is a fully functioning (Shopping cart disabled) sample store that is one of a few teamplates we can use. You’ll see it’s perfect for a shop as it’s a one page store with a logo and very simple routing.
Kirkwood Crush Spirit Store

Contact us if you are interested in learning more and how Kirkwood Trading Company can help with your online presence to sell t-shirts.

2017 Popular styles for your custom tshirts

2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts

Kirkwood Trading Company

Popular styles for your custom tshirts – what’s omitted

2017 Popular styles for your custom tshirts is based on buying trends from our customers. What you won’t find on this list are the absolute most popular styles that have been around since the dawn of time and remain the highest volume of styles. Those are:

Gildan 5000 – lightweight 100% preshrunk cotton
GIldan 2000 – heavy weight 100% preshrunk cotton
Gildan 8000 – 50/50 Dryblend
And various comparable styles from brands of Jerzees, Hanes, and fruit of the loom.

These above styles will make up roughly 90% of what every screen printing shop prints in a given year. The purpose of this post is to give people ideas who are looking for something different.

Popular styles for your custom tshirts – Something new and different

For people looking at something different from the status quo custom tshirts, we bring you the following:

Comfort Colors Garment Dyed Tees and Tanks:

These offer unique colors not offered by any other manufacturer. They are the go to shirt for high school and college aged kids. A higher price point than your traditional popular tees, the colors and feel are worth it. Their shades of greens, blues, red, and everything in between are a few shades different than any other manufacturer. Printing your message on these is sure to gain attention.

Next Level Brand:
They offer a ton of different hip styles that are more tapered than your traditional tees. They have various blends and textures making them very soft and comfortable to wear out on the town or even to bed. Their Triblend comes in many different styles including tanks and vnecks and both men and women’s styles. A slightly higher price point compared to the traditional custom tshirts but well worth the extra money. If you are in the market of giving away tees or selling a design or tshirt for profit, look at these because people like the feel and are more prone to buy when they like the soft feel of a shirt.

We were actually introduced to this brand by college coaches we were calling on. At the time they weren’t carried by any of the major distributors. Low and behold a year later and all major distributors with the exception of one is carrying the full line of A4. They have tons of styles for both adult and youth as well as women’s and mens. They also cater to more popular trends with camo accents and piping. A great 2017 popul styles for your custom tshirts. These are strictly a performance brand so everything will be of materials that assist in moisture management from their hoodies to their shorts and everything shirt inbetween. Their quality and styles compete with the big boys but at a percentage of the big boy cost.

Gildan Softstyle:
If it’s Gildan then you know it’s quality. This softstyle is a few years old at this point and it uses ringspun cotton to give it the unique softness. It’s also tapered with a thinner body and shorter sleeves. It comes in various styles for adults in both mens and womens. A generous price point that can boost your tshirt sales or impress your own wearers.

2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts is just what trends we see happening at Kirkwood Trading Company. Especially with our customers who are more quality and return conscious than price conscious. We understand that organizations often will give their shirts away for an awareness cause or something like that. Stick to the traditionals on that. These styles are for people who are selling a brand, including a shirt in their event signup cost, team sports, and just in general who want know the end wearer will be happy with the feel.

While these 2017 popular styles for your custom tshirts are current, there are other styles growing in popularity that aren’t listed simply because there are styles and competing brands. We just like these the personally and it’s what we show our clients and their feedback has been excellent.

Can a custom tshirt change a life?

Can a custom tshirt change a life?

Can a custom tshirt change a life? By Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing

Can a custom tshirt chane a life?

For over 20 years Kirkwood Trading Company has provided custom t-shirts. Can a custom tshirt change a life? You better believe it can. Over these past two decades we have seen first hand, the power a custom tshirt brings to the right cause. We have printed custom tshirts for customers who wanted to celebrate births, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, graduations, family reunions, anniversities, and yes, even death. In addition you have our team sports, business apparel, and bachelorette and greek life shirts. These all are just a days work in the life of a screen printer and a pretty average week.

What we are talking about is the question. Can a custom tshirt change a life? Every once in a while we are fortunate enough to get a call from someone who is hoping to make a difference in someone else’s life. These are rare opportunities and by far the most rewarding because work we do goes into changing someone’s life with a custom tshirt.

These types of orders cover the spectrum of making a difference from sending shirts to US troops in a foreign country to help with morale to enabling someone to get a life saving procedure.

Here is a short list of recent projects we have the opportunity to be a part of.

– We printed tshirts for a fundraiser for a school that allowed them to get new playground equipment. We are told the kids are much happier at recess now that they have something to do rather than running in circles.

– We printed shirts for an injured police officer that raised enough funds to put a big dent in his medical bills

– We printed shirts for a fallen officer to help offset expenses for school for the children he left behind.

– We printed shirts for an an organization that provided inner city children a playground.

– We printe t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for a baseball organization who then sold them to get new uniforms.

– We printed numerous shirts for Poker runs which have done everything from assist in burial costs to treatments for cancer.

Can a custom tshirt change a life? These are just some of the examples in the past few years where they in fact can change a life. People like tshirts, people look at t-shirts other people are wearing, and when all is said and done, custom printed t-shirts make a great low cost high profit fundraiser.

To inquire about working with Kirkwood Trading Company on your next fundraiser. Simply give us a call or contact us through this link. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals and how we can help.

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Custom Printed Tank Tops

custom printed tank tops

Kirkwood Trading Companyn screen printing

Custom Printed Tank Tops – Something for everyone

Tank tops are an unusual creature. They come into style, they go out of style, they come back in. Of course everything in fashion is like that but what’s funny about custom printed tank tops is that it’s never the same age group bringing them back in. Today College and high school kids love the tank tops. Before it was early twenty something men who ate, slept, and drank volleyball that set the trend. Whoever the trendsetters, the have made the manufacturers take note and now more than ever people have more options in tank top styles and tank top colors and fabrics.

During the warmer months here in Saint Louis we will print 8-10 orders of tank tops on any given week. The biggest buyers are the bachelorettes traveling to Memphis or Nashville for the bachelorette party. Women are so creative when it comes to catchy funny tank top sayings. These orders typically number in the 12 -20 tanks per order. We’ll also do a few hundred custom printed tank tops for local area bars with that offer a female persuasion as their shtick to get guys in the doors. Then there is the Girls Gone Wild tank tops. These are a fashion statement in and of themselves. A few thousand at a time and you’ll see Kirkwood Trading Company supplies custom printed tank tops for any ocassion.

So custom printed tank tops aren’t just for the after school basketball pick up game. They are big fashion these days and manufactuers have gotten smart and made tanks to fit several different body styles from the mom on the run to the mom who likes to stay in shape to the mom’s who just like to lounge around with something comfortable on. Guys, don’t worry, you have been left out either. There are fashion tanks with more taper and a softer feel. There are performance tanks when you want to take your game to the next level while having some breathability, and they even have nice soft garment dyed tanks for all you college guys that come in a plethora of colors.

We’ll be happy to help you design them or you can use our online t-shirt designer and pick out your favorite tank and start designing.

If you are interested in a price quote feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to provide you with pricing and any options you request.

performance tshirt brand comparison

performance tshirt brand comparison

Kirkwood Trading Company

Performance tshirt brand comparison – what you don’t know

This is an artile about a performance tshirt brand comparison. So I’ll just start out by breaking your heart. There isn’t a difference in most cases. We posted a similar article about brand loyalty versus product loyalty you can read here. Click here

I play a lot of golf and I am a slave to Nike golf shirts. Not because I think they are the best shirts but because they offer colors and patterns I like and newer styles and cutting edge technology. I do also own and wear a few everyday brand shirts as well and I also tend to wear FootJoy golf shirts, Under Armor golf shirts, and others. The reason I wear so many brands is because a particular brand offers a color or style I like, not because I think I’m getting the best technology. Performance poly is performance poly.

The same thing can be said when with a performance tshirt brand comparison. There is no difference between the leading global apparel companies and the smaller independent apparel companies when it comes to quality. One thing my customers always ask me is about a shirt durability. So while I’ll tell you there is no difference between the largest global companies performance t-shirt and the smaller independent companies, there are some companies I steer clear of for my clients benefit.

But let’s talk durability. Yes there are companies I’ll asbolutely stay away from and let me customers know why. It’s simply a quality issue because some companies shirts are prone to snags and runs. But honestly thing polyester performance tshirts are always prone to that to an extent.

Technology wise there is absolutely no difference and even quality wise, for the most part, we sell 3 smaller companies in addition to the 3 biggest global companies performance shirts. Other than color options, durability is exactly the same. The only real difference is the price you pay which tends to be significantly less with a smaller brand. Let’s face it, saving money is good. At the end of the day if you are looking for Royal Blue custom performance tshirts, everything being equal, you’d opt to not pay more than you need to.

I can promise you that if I took Royal Blue performance poly tshirts from 6 difference brands and removed the brand identifying marks, you’d be hard pressed to pick out the difference between the shirt that costs $18/each or the shirt that costs $6/each. The cut would be the same or have a subtle difference. The color of Royal might have the slightest difference in shade, and the feel would for the most part be identical. So looking at a performance tshirt brand comparison, you really can’t go wrong any way you slice it. It depends on your budget, your taste, and what makes you feel like you got the value you deserved. We have customers all the time calling for a certain brand and we simply tell them to stay away. That shirt won’t last 2 washings before it gets runs, take a look at this brand instead. Same price point, same feel, same benefits from the poly.

If you would like to know more about performance tshirt brand comparison when you are looking for custom printed t-shirts. Give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction and give you pricing options that fit both your needs, your budget, and your value and quality expectations.

Design T shirts Cheap

design t shirts cheap

Kirkwood Trading Compay. Custom t-shirt screen printing in St. Louis

Design t shirts cheap online today and have your shirts in a few days, not weeks.

Design T shirts Cheap – what you don’t know

There is no such thing as free shipping. The last time I checked UPS and the Postal Service were not willing to ship the shirts I printed to a client for free. Personally when any business says shipping is free I look at that as a back handed way of them making it appear I’m getting a deal when I’m really not getting any such thing. If they want to simply pricing and give me one number, I just assume they say shipping is included. At least that way I know they aren’t trying to sell me on something that just isn’t true.

When it comes to the big screen printing shops online, not only are they trying to sell you on free shipping which we know is not true, but they have additional shipping costs that they wrap into the final price of the custom printed tees.

You can design t-shirts cheap but what you really don’t know is this. If you go online and design your shirts and order them from Company A. Company A doesn’t actually print your shirts. They drop ship the shirts to company B who actually prints the shirts and Company B is the company that then ships them to you. There is nothing unusual about that with the exception that the company you are buying your custom t-shirts from never actually sees the shirts you ordered. What’s more is that Company A ships custom printed boxes with their logo on it to Company B to box your shirt order in before sending. So there is an added cost to have custom boxes printed up and there is additional shipping to have Company A logo boxes shipped to Company B. What’s this mean? First, it means you are paying for all that additional shipping and the cost to print a box with Company A’s logo on it. So you are paying more than you need to for custom t-shirts. It also means that if you order is randomly sent out to any given printer Company A uses to print the shirts, quality control has to suffer a bit. At the end of the day you are receiving an order that costs more which may be a high quality print job. But you also risk something going wrong when so many different hands are involved in a particular order.

And make no mistake, all of those hands that are involved in the custom boxes, printing, shipping, are all getting a piece of that pie which is your order.

You can design t shirts cheap by using a local company. If they have been in business for any significant length of time you can be assured their quality is the highest possible. Their customer service is probably pretty good, and their prices and turn around time is competitive. A printing company who has been in business for a significant length of time is going to have all their printing done in-house under one roof. So the quality and consistency is going to be the same order after order. At the end of the day you are paying less for a high quality custom t-shirt. Even if you have to have shirts shipped to you from one of these companies. THere are still fewer hands involved in your order which even with shipping, keeps your price significantly lower than the larger online companies.

Design T shirts cheap – Don’t sacrifice price for quality

So you can design t shirts cheap and not sacrifice price for quality. Companies who are business for many years aren’t in business that long because of luck. They are in business because they provide a superior product at a fair price and chances are their customer service is impeccable. The word cheap is often times confused with poor quality. These days people want something cheap, meaning they don’t want to pay more than something is worth or valued. When it comes to custom t-shirts you can design t shirts cheap and cheap meaning the latter. The quality can be superior with out the superior price.

If you’d like to contact us for a price quote we are always happy to quote your job. You can get that quote by calling us, emailing us, or using our online quote form here. Online Quote Form

If you like to have fun with your custom t-shirts and have created control. You can use our online design studio and get a price quote that way as well. You can do that here. Design Online