Custom Band T-shirts

custom band t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing in St. Louis

Custom Band T-shirts

custom band t-shirts are a means to promote a band while at the same time earning additional income through the merchandise. We work with several bands from all walks of life from the big global bands to your smaller scale local cover bands. While an international signed band might order 10,000 shirts for an event, a local cover band may only order 100 shirts. In that respect the purpose is exactly the same, both bands are order custom band t-shirts for the same purpose.

Our biggest custom band t-shirt client are the local bands ordering 100-200 shirts at a time. They have a dedicated following and are able to push new designs onto their followers a few times a year. It’s a great way to grab additional income from the pay of the gig itself. Any additional money for the local bands is a bonus simply because they love what they do and most have full time jobs.

But there is nothing like a cult type following. These are your customers and they gobble up their favorite bands merchandise. So it’s always a good venture to invest in offering band merch.

Custom band t-shirts – screen printed success

So I touched on this briefly above, but the best way to get the maximum dollar out of your local following is to switch things up. A lot of times bands will have t-shirts screen printed with their band logo on them, a staple in any event. Another way to take advantage and to keep things fresh is to constantly have different designs to offer your fans from time to time. Keeping it fresh is a great way to get people buying time after time. With more people buying, new fresh designs, your brand is out amongst the people on the shirts of fans backs promoting your band.

Best practices, keep it simple. The smaller the quantity you order the less ink colors should be involved. You want to keep the shirts cost effective for a return on investment so keep them budget friendly. Stick with one or two color designs for the best return. Your cost is lower and you can sell them for a lower price point as well.

Custom tshirts in Oakville Missouri

custom printed tshirts Oakville Missouri

screen printing services for Oakvill Missouri by Kirkwood Trading Company

If you are looking for quality custom tshirts in Oakville Missouri, Looking no further than Kirkwood Trading Company. Specializing in custom t-shirts for over 20 years in St. Louis, we have the best prices and fastest turn around. With state of the art technology we can provide the latest printing methods to ensure your t-shirts look as good as possible. We make ordering with us very convenient and hassle free. Our pricing is setup so it’s point blank and you will find no hidden fees or additional costs.

With a 4-6 day order turn around and in-house graphic artists, no job is too big or too small. We can print anywhere from a 12 piece minimum order to as many as 12,000 t-shirts or more.

Convenientl located in the central location of Kirkwood, we have grown our clientele to include schools, churches, businesses, foundations, organizations, and much more.

In addition to screen printing logo wear at point of sale, we can also provide our customers with free spirit wear or team stores as well as fundraising stores. All of these are new services we have provided over the past couple of years to a great reception amongst our clients. No longer is costly inventory a requisite to sell logo wear.

For questions or a free price quote, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Tips for a successful t-shirt brand

tips for a successful t-shirt brand

Best practices on how to make money with a t-shirt brand

Tips for a successful t-shirt brand

Let’s face it, if creating a successful t-shirt brand was easy, everybody would be doing it. If you think you have an idea for a successful t-shirt brand, ┬áthese tips may just help you out. If nothing else this cliff notes version will help you avoid some common pit falls. Pit falls we’ve seen over 20 years and hundreds of customers who had ideas for a succesful shirt brand and why most flop and while some are still customers today.

1. Know your market. : We get a lot of customers who come in and and place an order for their custom t-shirt brand. We always ask what their target market is 80% of the time they really have no idea or it’s so broad that they are already fighting an uphill battle. Know your target market and cater to them. For instance, if your brand is targeting high school and college aged kids you might want to put your designs on the Comfort Colors brand shirts and tanks. This brand is uber popular amongst that age group. A little pricier than a standard basic t-shirt but nobody wants a standard t-shirt unless you are one of the larger global brands who can sell their custom t-shirts on name alone. A successful t-shirt brand can take time. Knowing your market can put your brand in the fast lane.

2. Don’t be stingy: The 2nd biggest mistake we find when printing customers t-shirts after not knowing their target market is cheaping out on the shirts. Look, we get it. You’re a start up and you want to keep costs down. But if you go with a basic tee, I can tell you don’t know your targer market because while a basic tee is cheap, everybody has a few in their closet already and unless it’s a super awesome design, people will pass. You want to cater to the current trends which right now are softer more tapered cut shirts. Yes, they cost more than a basic preshrunk cotton t-shirt, but your margin will be greater because if it feels like a higher quality shirt material, people are willing to pay more. A lot of our customers who we print their brand shirts for have the same idea.They want to order the first run of shirts on the less expensive basic shirts and after they sell them and make some money they want to come bag and upgrade to a more modern high priced shirt. This could possibly work but we haven’t seen it personally. Typically what happens is they sell their 100 shirts and when a new design comes out, even though it’s on a nicer shirt, you get buyer regret or a consumer been there done that mentality and sales on another order fall short. Know your audience, and cater the shirt from the very start. Skimping on the right shirt for your market can be the difference between a succesfful t-shirt brand and a disaster.

3. Design and color combination: One of the most effective ways to sell a brand is to have a great shirt color ink combination. If you are selling apparel for beach seekers, you don’t want to use dark colored t-shirts, you want to have bright colored options. Weight wise you would want to stick with light weight, in the case of sun seekers perhaps a performance poly. Either way you go you want to look at the trends which are currently softer lighter shirts with tapering. In order to have your brand stand out, a catchy shirt color with a complimenting ink color can make a dull design very desirable. Where as having the wrong combination can mean the difference between a dud and a shirt that flies off the shelves. A mediocre design with a catchy color combination can make an average t-shirt a successful t-shirt brand.

4. Maximize your quantity: We get customers with the latest and greatest t-shirt idea from all walks of life and we’ve seen it all. There are those customers who come in and want to order 5,000 shirts right off the bat and then there are those who want to start small at 12 or 24 shirts. While you don’t have to already be wealthy to launch a t-shirt brand, having some capital certainly helps. I can tell you right now that every customer who has ordered only 12 or 24 shirts to launch their custom t-shirt brand has never been back for a repeat order, never. Probably becuase in these cases their target market is friends and classmates and at the end of the day, getting paid for the product was probably a lot of work. Consequently we have never had anyone who came in and ordered 5,000 t-shirts to launch their t-shirt brand ever place a reorder either and chances are they probably have 4,500 shirts sitting in a basement somewhere. A successful t-shirt brand will not leave you with an inventory that gets dusty.

At Kirkwood Trading Company, we want you to succeed. If you succeed and we remain your custom t-shirt printer, then we succeed with you. So we tell people start out small. You don’t need to start out with a 5,000 t-shirt order. As much as we like printing 5,000 shirt orders, when it comes to the case of a t-shirt idea, we know that more often than not you end up with a basement full of shirts. We will help you analyze your market and maybe we tell you start with 100 shirts or 1,000 shirts. You can always order more but if it fails, you are stuck with a lot of costly inventory. If you want to start with 24 shirts, we’ll discuss with you why it’s not a great idea and see how close you can come to a targer order for such a brand. It may be more money up front but if you can swing a 100 shirt order at lower price per shirt, you’ll have better saturation with 100 shirts than you will with 24 shirts.

With custom printed t-shirts, like every product, the more you buy the lower the price per piece is. It’s key to find that magical number for your cost verses retail. What will your gross be as well as your net based on a given price point on a given quantity.

Look at these tips for a succesful t-shirt brand as all being equally important. Look at them as a recipe for sucess and if each step is given it’s do dilligence, that could be the matter between a successful t-shirt brand and a flop. Think of these 4 points as a recipe for a cookie. You forget to add the chocolate chips and you don’t have a successful chocolate chip cookie.

If you are in the market for a custom t-shirt brand contact us at Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you. We can share current trends, help or critique designs, and give you best practices based on our 20 years of screen printing experience in the Saint Louis area.

How to order custom tshirts

how to order custom tshirts

Kirkwood Trading Company custom tshirts in Saint Louis.

How to order custom tshirts – save time and money

We get a lot of first time customers who are looking to have custom tshirts printed up and ask how to order custom tshirts. As a way to save you time and money we are creating this guide that you can use when you get started.

The first thing a screen printed is going to want to know in order to give you the most accurate price is the following:

1. How many t-shirts do you need?
2. What kind of shirts do you need – (cotton, poly, ladies, youth)
3. Where is the printing going – (Front, front and back)
4. How any colors is the design?

This will be the basic to information needed to order custom tshirts. The quantity, print locations, and number of print colors all factor in to the final price. Having this information ahead of time will save you time and money. We don’t need to have exact quantities as a ballpark is fine. If you call a screen print shop without knowing what your design will be or your quantity will be, it’s the same thing as showing up to a car dealership and telling the salesman you want a red car. Do you want a sedan, and SUV, what options do you want, do you want a late model? So having more information is better than not enough.

At Kirkwood Trading Company we have several ways that allow our customers to get an accurate price quote in the least amount of time possible.

1. We are always a phone call away.
2. You can also email us with your request
3. We have an online design studio where you can design your own shirts and get the look you want before placing an order or getting a price.
4. Online Quote form – fill in the questions and we’ll take it from there. Very simple.

Another thing that will assist you in how to order custom tshirts is our online catalog. You can click through it and find the exact garment you like. There will be several styles, brands, and colors that you can see and help you to pick out the perfect shirt for your order.

Lastly, when you need to know how to order custom tshirts, here is a little list of the most popular ordere shirts. Great quality, great price point, and with our screen printing you’ll get one heck of a great custom tshirt order.

1. Gildan 5000 – 5.3oz 100% preshrunk cotton
2. Gildan 2000 – 6oz 100% preshrunk cotton
3. Gildan 8000 – 5.4oz 50/50 poly cotton Dryblend
4. A4 3142 – lightweight 100% poly moisture wicking tees
5. Check our Bella and Next Level brands for some more tapered fashing cut tees.

Design tshirt online fast

Design tshirt online fast

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing

Design Tshirt online fast

People like the option to be able creat or design tshirt online. In order to get the best bang for your buck we offer a quoting system. Most companies out there have a stock price for an order and being in the screen printing industry for over 20 years, that’s just not really possible. Without boring you with the nuances of the back end of printing. Compare it to going to a car dealership and wanting to buy a car. Each car has a different price based on brand and options. Custom tshirts are no different. What happens is companies have to provide a less than superior product when it comes to a higher end shirt or design compared to a more simple design that has the same price point.

For instance, a black t-shirt cannot successfully have any ink color printed directly on it except white or grey ink successfully. In order to screen print say pink ink on black shirts, an under base is required. The only problem is online designers don’t take into accound that additional step when it comes to automatic pricing. This means the customer is getting a pink print on a black shirt directly and the print is not a high quality print.

At Kirkwood Trading Company, we do not provide auto quotes. We quote each job as they come over through the online designer. Design tshirt online format allows us to give the best price possible as well as a far superior print. When you want to make your own shirt online, we look at each custom tee shirts on their own and quote accordingly.

Design tshirt online is a great fun tool but you’d be best served sticking with a company that will provide an accurate quote. Contact us for the best price on design tshirt online option. You’ll be glad you did.

Custom made Jerseys

custom made jerseys

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Made Jerseys

Custom made jerseys is something we can produce with the highest quality. We carry a full line of colors and styles for every sport. Utilzing most athletic apparel brands we can produce your custom made jerseys in no time. Our screen printing services are performed in house to ensure quality and to control turn around time. We can your custom made jerseys around in 10 business or days or less. Our 20 years of experience had allowed us to streamline our internal processes of how we produce jerseys quickly and effectively saving our clients time and money.

Our personalized jerseys are a combination of screen printing and vinyl for the lettering and numbering. We can screen print numbers if you wish but those command a higher price. We cut and weed our vinyl to match any font you wish to give you a truly one of a kind looking jersey. Many custom team apparel companies outsource the printing or numbering services. This means your price is higher than it needs to be and the production time is longer. In this case cheap and quality are not the same.

Kirkwood Trading Company is an experienced custom jersey maker and our 20 year history and repeat clientele are a testiment to our product and service. We stay ahead of the trends to give our clients a truly unique looking jersey when it’s sought. Many of our clients like the traditional looking custom made jerseys while other clients are looking for the newest trends to really stand out. Either way is fine with us as we offer both styles from a variety of manufacturers.

We specialize in soccer jerseys, hockey jerseys, basbetball jerseys, baseball jerseys, cheer uniforms, lacrosse jerseys, softball jerseys, football jerseys, track jerseys, and some others. These are the most popular requested jerseys.

If you’d like a free price quote on your custom made jerseys or team apparel give us a call. You can contact us directly through this link.

In addition to jerseys we also specialize in custom team apparel. We can set up free online stores where you can sell your logo wear to your fans or parents. We build the store, put products only you request on there with your designs. Kirkwood Trading Company handles the order processing and shipping if required. You simply collect the profits.

Custom T-shirt Printing | Webster Groves

Custom T-shirts in Webster Groves

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves can be found just one town over in beautiful Kirkwood. Kirkwood Trading Company is a 20 year old screen printing business that provide custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves as well as the entire St. Louis area.

Specializing in logo wear for such things as

– Family Reunion t-shirts
– Restaurant t-shirts
– Team sports apparel
– Athetlic t-shirts
– Business wear both casual and formal
– Awareness walks, foundations and organizations.
– And much more.

Offering a full line of apparel we have been able to develope a diverse clientele through offering several types of custom apparel to meet our customers needs.

Whether it’s custom sweatshirts for a schools PTO or Student Council or dress shirts, jackets, and hats for a local business, uniforms for sports team, or a team participating in the Autism walk needing custom team t-shirts, we have the apparel and the expertise to complete your order in a timely manner.

We carry all of the popular brands and styles and colors and will be happy to sit down with you to figure out the right apparel for your needs.

If you are in the market for custom t-shirt printing in Webster Groves, contact us and we’ll be happy to serve your needs.

Custom T shirt Printing | Eureka Missouri

Custom t shirt printing Eureka Missouri

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company extends our screen printing and custom t-shirt services to Eureka Missouri. Over the past few years we have expanded our presence in Eureka through word of mouth and have quickly started gaining traction do to our fast turn around on orders and quality printing. From small businesses to government to the schools we have been fortunate enough, through this word of mouth to provide the highest quality screen printing to this area.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a full line of apparel for youth, adult, and ladies including corprorate wear, team wear, and spirit wear, as well as custom t-shirts from just about every manufacturer. Our turn around time on order is 4-6 business days and we offer free delivery depending on the size of order. We certainly can’t deliver a 15 shirt order for free. However clients who order above 72 pieces can expect free delivery.

We offer an online design studio where you can design your own apparel and get a quick quote. We can also assist in shirt design and logo creation.

Best of all people of Eureka, we try to make ordering you custom t-shirts, team jerseys, spirit wear, etc, very easy for you. We know you are busy, we try to make communication and the order process very easy.

If you have a need for logo wear, give us a call or send us an email or go online to get a quick quote.

Custom Printed Soccer Jerseys | St. Louis

custom printed soccery jerseys

Outfit your team in jerseys

Custom Printed Soccer Jerseys

Custom printed soccer jerseys aren’t what they used to be. Today many teams, especially youth and indoor are substituting the traditional jersey for a moisture wicking performance poly tee. In fact even the major brands are offering several styles in the moisture wicking tee. The nice thing about these are that they are very cost effective which is great when you are talking about a kick around indoor league or kids who will outgrow the jerseys by next season.

Typically 12-16 custom printed soccer jerseys with a 1 color logo on the front with a name and number on the back will run around $15-$18 per jersey. It just depends on the particulars of shirt style, color, and whether it’s standard lettering. This is pretty much the going rate from Kirkwood Trading Company. We print a ton of jerseys for many different kinds of teams each year from youth soccer to adult indoor fun leagues.

The quality of the jersey is key especially if you are talking indoor. The best fitting and comfortable tees are the polyester tees with the moisture wicking properties which are also light weight. Gone are the days of the thick cotton shirts that just hold the moisture in.

When it comes to custom printed soccer jerseys we can also assist in logo design. We’ll be happy to show you different font options for the names and numbers and even the various options for the texture of the lettering and numbering.

In addition to jerseys we carry soccer socks and shorts as well as bags. We can cater an entire uniform for your needs and even provide the spirit wear. If you are in the market for custom printed soccer jersesy check out our selection. All of our printing, lettering and numbering are done in-house which saves you time and money. A typical turn around will be 4-6 business days on soccer jersey orders.

Custom Graphic T Shirts

custom graphic t shirt printing

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Graphic T shirts are about to get really popular. Sure, their popularity has never waned but with the increased shirt colors, styles, brands, and materials people who never use custom logo wear for promotion are starting to see the benefits. Trends are always cyclical and with today’s trends leaning towards lighter and thinner shirts, more companies than every have jumped on board. More and more companies are increasing their product line to cater to the ever growing popularity that is the custom graphic t shirts.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Printing

Today when you place an order for custom graphic t shirts you may notice a softer feeling more vibrant logo. Companies have reformulated their inks and I know from first hand experience here at Kirkwood Trading Company, when we are printing custom graphic t shirts there is a new softness to the inks. The inks go down easier and feel softer. So the weight of the shirt doesn’t really matter much anymore because the inks are thinner and softer. Of course there are some conditions where this may not be always be the case based on certain designs. For the most part this holds true.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Pricing

Custom Graphic T shirts range in price today more than ever. With all the different manufacturers and styles and colors a large gap has been created. The difference between a basic cotton t shirt and camo t shirt may be several dollars. Same holds true for a cotton t shirt and sublimated polyester tee. For the most part, 90% of the people purchasing custom printed t shirts will be in the lower spectrum of cost. This isn’t a bad thing as the quality and softness of t shirts has remained low because of manufacturer competition.

To check out our full online catalog and see what t shirts may be right for you visit here. Online Catalog

We’ll be happy to provide you with a free price quote on your custom graphic t shirts.