Cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis

cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis
Kirkwood Trading Company has been printing custom tees for 20 years

Cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis is probably the greatest buzz line to attract traffic. Like anyone who produces a quality product, there is a tug of war between the real value of the term cheap. Cheap really has the connotation of poorly made and business owners hate to even hear the word cheap. However the consumer population relates the word cheap with inexpensive. Producing a quality product at a fair price would be considered cost effective but in the minds of the buyers they’d use the word cheap. Either way, Kirkwood Trading Company produces the most cost effective cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis. That sounds like a great explanation.

First things first, if you are looking to have custom t-shirts made by any web based company, the big ones who advertise and take up the first three advertising places on google, you are paying way too much for your custom t-shirts. The reason being is this larger companies for the most part of just brokers, they aren’t actual printers. So you are paying a company who is basically just an order taker who then ships your order off to a centralized printer who then prints the shirts and then ships to you. The company you ordered from gets a piece of the pie as does the printer. While they claim there are no shipping costs there really are, they are just built into the price of the t-shirts. I cannot ship an order of printed t-shirts down the street for free, neither can the online companies. There are a lot of hands involved which raises the price of the shirts and in the end, the company with which you ordered your t-shirts, never actually see your t-shirts. So the quality can be suspect because they utilize several printers around the globe. lastly, unless you want to pay even more through the nose, don’t expect to receive your custom printed t-shirts anytime soon.

Cheapest Custom T-shirts in Saint Louis – Kirkwood Trading Company

You don’t have to purchase you custom t-shirts locally, however when you do the percentage of you getting the best price possible is very high. A shop you can visit and see they print t-shirts in-house and are not local brokers, means that you will be getting a fair price on your t-shirts and not paying more than you need to. The Cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis are typically going to come from a company who has been in business for several years who has worked out all the kinks over time, hires professional printers who take pride in their work, and a company that builds relationships that builds repeat business. A local company will also get your custom t-shirt order printed quickly and effectively.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been screen printing custom t-shirts in Saint Louis for over 20 years. When we say we are the cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis. We may not actually be the cheapest but we would be lower than most and more importantly, you’ll get quality tees with a super fast turn around time. We like to get orders in and out and save our customers time in the long run. If you calculate your time and how little time we require from you on your t-shirt order, then perhaps we are the cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis, who knows. The bottom line is if you are looking for a fair price from a reputable company, Kirkwood Trading Company has you covered.