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Custom Cheerleading hoodies
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Custom Cheerleading Hoodies

We get calls all of the time for custom cheerleading hoodies. So much so that we wanted to post about it. We love the solidarity of it all. Kids wanting to rep their school and their activity and they have a blast doing it. Sometimes the crazier the better with metallic colored this and metallic colored that. It’s definitely a unique bread of designs on your typical custom cheerleading hoodies. We have printed all kinds of various designs from retro designs to sparkly designs to just standard traditional designs.

Types of custom cheerleading hooodies

When it comes to style and material the basic hoodie has always been the front runner. Although performance hoodies are a nice second followed by various styles and brands. There are so many athletic brands it can be hard to choose. Some hoodies have custom colors and piping on the sleeves, others are two tone. Some are thin and some are thick. The traditional hoodie always leads the way though in popularity. The only thing that has changed in recent years is the sizing. The trend now is for a hoodie that is a little larger than ones normal size.

Vinyl or a combo of vinyl and printing is popular. It all depends on budget because vinyl and printing is more expensive that just printing. There are nice metallic inks on the market to compete with vinyl applications. We carry all of them so when it comes to a unique design we have you covered there.

If you are a squad looking for custom hoodies or tees we’ll be happy to work with so you’re apparel looks just how you envision it. While not every idea is possible we’re really good at coming close to whatever crazy ideas someone may have.

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