Custom Class T-shirts

Custom Class T-shirts
Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom class t-shirts

Custom class t-shirts are a great way to savor the memories of a special group of people. Whether it’s a graduating class, a special group, or simply a sports team that made it to the finals. A custom printed class t-shirt is a fantastic way to commemorate special memories.

Need custom class t-shirts? Kirkwood Trading Company is a Saint Louis based custom t-shirt and logo apparel screen printing company. We offer customers the opportunity to get their design or logo printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, bags, and even coffee mugs. I think we all which we could go back in time at some point in our lives. I know we all had a special class, a special group of friends, or a team that did really well. It’s nice to go down memory lane and with a custom class t-shirt you can do just that. The great thing about class t-shirts is they are usually printed in higher quantities so the price per shirt is pretty low. These are the kinds of shirts you wear for a while and tuck away only to be found years down the road when you are moving or going through keepsakes. Few commemorative items have the shelf life of a screen printed t-shirt. I know I still have one from high school and that was over 20 years ago. Granted it’s a little worn but the distress print is in so it looks trendy. But it’s neat looking back at the shirt and my teammates names listed on the back.

Class t-shirts are just an inexpensive way to keep fond memories. We do an 8th grade sweatshirt for a local private grade school in our area and while it’s not part of the uniform technically, the school has made the 8th grade sweatshirt part of the uniform because it’s such a big deal. The kids wear them every day and it is just a neat way to remember a special group of kids. This is a perfect example of a custom t-shirt, or in this case, a sweatshirt, where the kids will wear it throughout the school year and then it’ll probably get tucked away and forgotten for years to come until that one day they stumble upon it.

If you have an interest in a custom class t-shirt, Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to assist in a price quote as well as design. We can be contacted here.

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