Custom Corporate Apparel Made Easy

Today more than ever custom corporate apparel is popular. With the branding opportunities through their employees, companies are utulizing them more than ever to get their brand out there. The best part about custom corporate apparel is that it’s a big bang for the buck. Companies can spend thousands on advertising mediums such as billboards, social media, mailers, commercials, etc. When the cost per impression is broken down nothing compares to a walking billboard that is the employees. A $25 polo shirt an employee wears on a weekend being seen by hundreds of people is a great return for a $25 investment.

You have your corporate identity, you want to get some custom corporate apparel going, now what? First things first and your first decision will be your best. Find a company who provides custom corporate apparel and reach out to them. These companies can provide you with a array of apparel options and also let you know what’s popular, what works, what doesn’t work. etc. As a long time logo apparel company our corporate clients look to us to put them into shirts and jackets that their employees will love. Now the next step. We started offering our corporate clients access to our free online stores where their employees can go online and pick out the apparel they want. With us providing them a free online store they don’t have to worry about designating an employee to do all the work, we do it. We build the store, we track the orders, and we ship or deliver the orders to corporate. Basically nobody in the corporation has to do anything but sign off on the apparel we are providing them and approve the pricing. From there it’s simple. We handle all the orders, bring the apparel in from our suppliers, print or sew the logos, deliver or ship the items, and it’s done. It’s a very simple process that saves our corporate clients time and money. Contact us about your corporate wear and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options.