Custom event and staff t-shirts

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We print event and staff t-shirts for you fast.

Custom event and staff t-shirts

Ordering custom event and staff t-shirt is typically a big investment. An important investment at that because you want the people representing your brand everyday to look great in the shirts you order. Your brand has to be at it’s best where people will see it most. Naturally this is custom t-shirts that your staff wears. Especially if your staff has face to face communication with your customers you want them looking professional. Your logo needs to be at it’s best. The obvious choice is to find a quality screen printer. A budget friendly printer with experience.

Choosing the right screen printing

When it comes to event shirts generally these are large orders. Staff needs to be represented in a way that they stand out. This includes staff shirts for races, security shirts for concerts or events. Custom event and staff t-shirts should be an easy decision that doesn’t take up much time. Professional screen printers with experience know what their customers expect. Kirkwood Trading Company gets two different kinds of customers for custom event and staff t-shirts. The first customer provides all the sponsors and logos in a print friendly format already laid out how they want it. Other customers give you several files of sponsor logos that need to be tweaked and then placed properly in the design. Choosing an experience printer who knows how to lay out sponsors boosts your professional look and saves you a lot of time.

Custom event and staff t-shirts are generally large volume orders. You’ll want to find companies with automatic presses which will give you a great quality print at a better price compared to a manual printing press. Depending on the design we can print 100-500 shirts faster per hour on our automatic presses than we can on our manual presses. Manual press only companies can’t compete with large volume pricing. They lose their margins in the time of printing. Time is money and the more time their printers are manually printing shirts the most cost is involved raising the per shirt price. If we print 2,000 shirts in 8 hours on an automatic press compared to 800 shirts in 8 hours on a manual press. Naturally your per shirt price with an automatic press is going to be significantly lower.

When it comes to custom event and staff t-shirts. choosing the right company for your printing, layout and print capabilities can make a huge difference in costs and ultimately how the shirts look.

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