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order custom graduation t-shirts
Custom graduation t-shirts for high school or college. Great gift idea and a last momento of solidarity.

Custom graduation t-shirts

Custom graduation t-shirts are a great idea and really the last momento or keepsake between classmates. Along with their diploma’s what else can they keep? The answer is an awesome graduation t-shirt. It is a nice little bonus gift they can cherish. An inexpensive keepsake that they all can wear to the after parties and enjoy their time with one more bond.

Regarding ordering and design that’s easy. Simply tell us what you want and we make it happen. Kirkwood Trading Company has been printing custom graduation t-shirts for over 20 years. We understand the value placed on these and why they are so popular. We’ve printed thousands of high school and college graduation shirts and no two designs are alike. I’ll admit it’s hard to create so many different designs over the years without having to repeat and recycle designs. I mean there is only so many different ways to layout Class of and a number and the word graduate. But the interest in ordering shirts is still going strong and we are here to print them for you.

A lot of our clients have custom designs already made which does speed up the process and save money on the order. However when in doubt we can always create a one of a kind custom graduation t-shirt design just for you.

The biggest question is a white shirt or black shirt. Occasionally a school strays and goes off the beaten path and chooses a random color. Generally though the shirts are either white, black, or some color that matches the school color.

When all is said and done that cap and gown needs to be returned. Custom graduation t-shirts never need to be returned…unless you borrowed your classmates. Contact us for a free quote on graduation tees and we’ll be happy to work with you on that project.