Custom Printed Burnout T-shirts

custom printed burnout t-shirts
Burntout t-shirts custom printed

You have been missing out if you have never ordered custom printed burnout t-shirts. They are a trend that was before their time and is only now gaining the traction they hoped they would over the last 5 years. The premise for the burnout tee is based on the vintage t-shirt from back in the day. You know the shirt, your favorite t-shirt you wore every day and after a few months you noticed you could see your skin through the shirt on the shoulders and back and sometimes the sleeve and stomach. Yep! That’s the idea behind the burnout t-shirt.

If you have never owned a manufactured burnout t-shirt you are truly missing out. The shirt starts out as a regular t-shirt but very soft. They manufacturer then goes through a process where a lot of the shirts fabric is thinned giving it a see through effect just as old vintage t-shirt had. What you have is a very soft t-shirt that breathes incredibly and actually is so comfortable, you forget your are even wearing a shirt. Me personally, living in the St. Louis summers, the burnout t-shirt is the only t-shirt I wear in the summer time. Trends start on the coasts and work inward. People on the coasts don’t understand the summer heat with the high temperatures and soaring humidity we have in the midwest. If these shirts are trendy and stylish on the coasts, that trend has arrived in the midwest but with the added benefit of being the ideal t-shirt to wear on a 95 degree day with 80% humidity.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts are the new rock stars in apparel fashion. However anytime the manufacturer has to take extra steps and processes in creating a t-shirt, the price of the t-shirt goes up and honestly, custom printed burnout t-shirts are just about the most expensive t-shirts on the market.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts – quality

The quality of these shirts is in line with the highest quality t-shirts. Don’t be fooled, just because the fabric is thin in a lot of areas, their quality is exceptional. The feel of these shirts is the softest t-shirt I have ever worn. They are lightweight and when it comes to comparing a burnout t-shirt to a moisture wicking performance shirt, there is no comparison. The custom printed burnout t-shirt should be considered a performance shirt if you are looking at fabrics ability to breath and wick moisture away. Nothing compares to a custom printed burnout t-shirts ability to breath and wick moisture away. Polyester has nothing on a burnout t-shirt.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts – price

As I mentioned early, they are priced higher. Depending on brand and style they can be up to 4 times what a basic custom printed t-shirt costs. So they aren’t for everyone. However if you are looking to brand your product and market it with logo wear, a burnout t-shirt is a shirt that people will wear because it is so comfortable. Isn’t that the idea when selling or giving away t-shirts with your brand on it, to have people actually wear it around town? Yes it is.

Custom printed burnout t-shirts are a unique line of apparel that because of their price, make them more niche. Although if a budget can be increased, the logo on these shirts get seen but I can tell you from first hand experience, the shirt itself gets people asking questions because most people have no idea what a burnout t-shirt is. So for marketing purposes you have your logo on a shirt that people actually wear, and you have a shirt that draws attention all by itself, it’s a 2 for 1 win win in the marketing world.

If you want to check out various styles and color options for custom printed burnout t-shirts, you can follow this link to our online catalog and simply type “burnout” in the search bar. They have styles for both men and women in short and long sleeve styles, burnout tank tops, and other styles as well. Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to provide you with pricing on any custom printed burnout t-shirt needs you may have.

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