Custom printed cheerleading Shirts in St. Louis

Order custom printed cheerleading shirts in the popular oversize print style and we won’t charge you more for the oversized print. Best part is you can receive your completed orders in 4-6 business days.

The current trend for competition cheerleading teams is to have large prints on the fronts and backs of their shirts. In most cases screen printers need to tweak their presses and incorporate larger screens to fulfill these orders. What that means is you are then paying more for a custom t-shirt because the setup required is not standard for most print shops. Two years ago we incorporated new equipment into our shop which enables us to print just about any size image with one setup. So while we can print standard images for clients we can now print over sized images for clients without having to tweak our equipment or our setup. THis saves our custom printed cheerleading shirts clients a lot of money.