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Custom t-shirt screen printing class of 2025 t-shirts.
Seniors, 8th graders, class of 2025 custom printed t-shirts

Custom printed class of 2025 t-shirts

Each year as school starts to resume there is a high demand for Class year shirts. This year the 2025 shirts will be popular as we’ve already printed several orders for college and high school seniors, and it’s just the first part of July.

Part of the reason is Kirkwood Trading Company has made ordering graduation t-shirts easier than ever. Our school customers can always order on demand as always. Lately however we’ve seen an increase demand for our free online stores. This makes it so much easier for everyone involved. From the teacher or parent who is organizing it to the families who are purchasing the shirts. Having the ability to buy them online at your convenience makes things easy.

We work with the teacher or parent getting the shirt color and design figured out. If they don’t have a design we can always put one together for them. From there we discuss store dates, and then their job is pretty much done. Once the store opens we do all the work.

Popular trends for custom printed class of 2025 t-shirts

Trends for class t-shirts aren’t making any waves this year. As in years past school colors will be popular with a shirt and artwork combination of school colors. That tends to be the trend mostly among high schools. Colleges on the other hand are trending towards unique colors that often times have no ties to the school colors. Their finished with school completely and they tend to want a unique keepsake that is just that…truly unique.

If you’re looking for design help one trend that will never go out of style are the clipart items traditionally used for graduations. The Cap, the trassle, unique numbers for the graduation dates. All of these traditional design ideas make for a memorable custom printed class of 2025 t-shirt.

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