Custom Printed Field Day T-shirts

custom printed field day T-shirts
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custom printed field day t-shirts

Field Day, the time honored tradition of blowing off school to play games with our classmates. If you’re lucky it involes some sort of competition against the faculty for bragging rights and some sort of coveted prize.

What’s field day with out custom printed field day t-shirts. As more and more schools create a field day more and more schools are ordering custom printed field day t-shirts. It’s become a tradition…sort of like graduation. while students look at both with equal anticipation, field day is one of the last occassions where all of the school is together at one time participating in fun activities.

Kirkwood Trading Company has printed tons of custom printed field day t-shirts over the years. The biggest trend is getting a custom shirt to setup different teams. These shirts are either done with a custom design or a the same t-shirt design printed on different colored shirts.

We can assist your custom printed field day t-shirt needs anyway you need them. They don’t have to break the bank either. Generally when it’s a school wide event and you are talking about a few hundred custom t-shirts, the price is very attractive. It also doubles as a nice keepsake for the students. Few things save a memory like an awesome graphic on a t-shirt.

You can spend as little as a few dollars per t-shirt just depending on your individual needs. We have some schools we work with every year who simply get the same design printed on a variety of colored t-shirts.

Lastly, they make a great marketing tool when the kids where the shirts around town. Great marketing for the event and the school. And kids love sporting logo wear from the school they attend.

Kirkwood Trading Company is happy to provide free price quotes on custom t-shirts and logowear. We have competitive rates locally and generally online t-shirt companies can’t even compete with local pricing.

You can contact us here and use our online quote form or give us a call or shoot us an email.Online Quote Form