Custom Printed Greek T-shirts

custom printed greek t-shirts
custom fraternity sorority printed t-shirts. Kirkwood Trading Company.

Custom printed greek t-shirts are a popular marketing material. People love branding their fraternity or sorority for their various yearly events such as Rush week and Greek Week. The nice thing about custom printed greek t-shirts is they are usually budget friendly because the quantities are typically high enough to result in quantity discounts.

The nice thing is these days the college students are all about technology so you don’t have to order from your local print shop. At Kirkwood Trading Company we print for Greek organizations all over the country and I believe our niche is that the price is right on the shirts, the shipping is low because the turn around time is so fast that we can ship economy and they still get their custom printed greek t-shirts on time.

When we work with greek organizations, we work closely to make sure their custom printed greek t-shirts are printed to perfection. We offer brands and styles they make like with the trends of today’s t-shirt markets. Greek life are all about the trends and currently the popular trends are Comfort Colors by Chouinard. These are garment dyed t-shirts and yes, they come with or without pockets. Pockets among high school and college kids is a big trend currently.

Currently we work with several greek organizations around the country and work closely with them on each order. Many of them place orders five and six times a year gaining additional discounts on each order. Because we are located in the Midwest, shipping to either costs if less expensive than if we were located on a coast and shipping to another coast. The quality of our shirts and screen printing spreads through the greek life of a particular campus and it’s a win win for these fraternities and sororities because they know what to expect with our service and quality and they know they’ll receive it very quickly while saving a little extra money.