Custom Printed Ladies Tank Tops St. Louis

Custom printed ladies tank tops in St. Louis
Custom Printed ladies tank tops in St. Louis

Custom Printed Ladies Tank Tops in St. Louis

If you are looking for custom printed ladies tank tops in St. Louis, or any tank tops for that matter, Kirkwood Trading Company has you covered. With a full line of tank tops for men, women, and youth, we carry all major brands and styles from camo to dri fit performance tanks.

We screen print tank tops for a variety of clients from restaurants to bachelorette parties. Gyms and fitness businesses do well with tank top reselling and high school and college’s are ordering tank tops regularly.

What’s nice about the tank top is that it’s been a trend for a few years now starting about 4 years ago. With that trend came more manufacturers making more tank tops in newer styles and materials to go along with the trend of light weight soft materials. So now you have a lot of triblend and dual blend tanks with the soft polyester and the cotton percentage now being ring spun for added softness.

On the performance tanks these are 100% poly with moisture management properties and are very big in the athletic community be it team sports or gyms and fitness centers.

A trend we have seen grown just among our own clients in the fitness industry is reselling custom printed ladies tank tops to their female clients with there gym logo on it. The smart marketing behind this is the gym’s are spending a little more money on nicer trendier softer tanks their own clientele are willing to pay more for because these tank tops truly are great to wear. They feel great, they look great, and the wear great.

While the cost of custom printed ladies tank tops are across the board there are a variety of tanks in the every day brand price point as well which are great for team sports and the bachelor & Bachelorette parties. While the price points are good these will typically be your 100% preshrunk cotton or a dual blend. Great for keeping costs down but still making a statement.

There are about 15 brands now offering tank tops in a variety of colors and styles and materials. The next time you are in the market for custom printed ladies tank tops give us a call at Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll show you options and find the right fit your your budget and event.