Custom Printed Next Level T-shirts

custom printed Next Level T-shirts
Next Level Apparel and brand t-shirts by Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company in Saint Louis Missouri provides custom printed Next Level t-shirts and apparel. If you have never heard of the Next Level brand, you will. They are gaining market share by leaps and bounds and it’s not just because their main competition, American Apparel is in turmoil, but because they are coming out with really great apparel. They have very soft t-shirts with amazing colors and several styles for both men and women. These are the types of shirts you can sleep in they are so soft and comfortable.

Custom printed Next Level T-shirts are the shirt to order if you are wanting to truly use apparel as a marketing source. Why? Because these shirts are so soft and comfortable that people will actually wear them. I print t-shirts for a living and I know that we print shirts that nobody will ever wear and usually that is more because of the design than the quality of the shirts. With custom printed Next Level t-shirts design doesn’t matter. People will wear them simply because of the way they feel.

Aside from their soft feel they offer awesome colors. They are variance of traditional colors that just give them a stand alone look above and beyond what everyone else offers. In addition to custom printed next level t-shirts you can also get a few styles of tank tops, a few crew necks, v-necks and they even offer the profound burnout tees.

The printability of next level t-shirts is also excellent whether it’s their tri-blend, 50/50 or ringspun cotton. Kirkwood Trading Company’s custom printed Next Level T-shirts are great for anybody needing custom t-shirts. We can print a minimum of 12 or 12,000. Truly a shirt that will bring a whole new feeling of comfort. You can browse the Next Level brand at the following page. Catalog