Custom Printed Spirit Shorts in St. Louis

custom printed spirit shorts
spirit performance shorts

Custom printed spirit shorts in St. Louis by Kirkwood Trading Company. We are a local screen printing business that specializes in logo apparel. Custom printed spirit shorts are always a popular option for teams, spirit wear, and the school store. While shorts will always be a great option for teams and fundraising, like everything else they do follow trends. Currently the velocity short is popular which is generally a 2-tone short for women that are short with a tapered crease from the front panel to the back panel along the side. The color tones generally match up with school or team colors.

Custom printed spirit shorts such as basketball style shorts that come in a variety of inseam lengths will always been in style in both the micro mesh and performance poly options. The nice thing about most of the popular brands of custom printed sports shorts is that they are budget friendly, especially if you are purchasing bulk higher than quantities of 24 pieces. These shorts are easy to print on and are team and school color friendly. Shorts compliment any spirit outfit and are here to stay as a custom logo apparel option.

custom printed spirit shorts in St. Louis – print options

From a screen printers point of view one print tend on custom printed spirit shorts that has kind of gone by the wayside was the bottom or seat print. There is nothing more frustrating from a printers stand point than trying to print on the seat of a 3 inch inseam short or a mesh short with a high seam. This print was very popular for a long time and hopefully it won’t find it’s heyday anytime soon. The current trend on custom printed spirit shorts is the simple thigh print. It’s classy, it’s simple, and it goes a long way from a price point because it’s a simple print and that cost gets passed onto the customer.

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