Custom Printed Spirit Wear

Kirkwood Trading Company custom spirit wear
Order custom spirit wear Kirkwod Trading Company. Online spirit store

Custom Printed Spirit Wear from Kirkwood Trading Company means you will get the highest quality screen printing at the best price with a super fast turn around. Kirkwood Trading Company can supply your custom printed spirit wear in several different ways guaranteed to fit your needs.

1. We can provide custom printed spirit wear and be the supplier for the school or teams physical spirit store. With our full line of apparel we can provide you with several items in various categories from hats, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and bags. Since the purpose of spirit wear and raise awareness about your brand, we turn re-orders around very fast for spirit wear and school clients. Empty shelves aren’t making you money and we understand that. Typically our current spirit clientele place and order for a particular item or two and they have them in their hands in 2-5 days. So we can be a great source for your brick and mortar physical spirit store.

2. We can also provide your custom printed spirit wear through a Free Online Web Store. Yes we said free and we can do everything from building the site and adding the products to processing the orders and shipping the orders. With so many people buying on the internet this is a good way to get started with offering spirit wear as well as offering in addition to a physical spirit store on site at a school. This takes the burden off of you and simply lets you collect the profits while we do everything else. One of the biggest headaches to online stores is that people don’t want to handle the shipping or don’t have the personnel to deal with shipping. With an online store from Kirkwood Trading Company… you don’t have to worry about that because we handle all the shipping.

3. Team Wear is another custom printed spirit wear we offer directly to teams who want to promote their team brand and give parents as well as the kids and coaches apparel to wear weather it’s athletic uniforms and jerseys and coaching shirts as well as tees and sweatshirts when they aren’t on the field. Parents love supporting their kids activities and extending team wear to the parents and families of the kids is a huge money maker and support of such teams.

Products we offer for custom printed spirit wear include several brands and styles of hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, bags, jackets, and more.

If you have a need for custom printed spirit wear contact Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to discuss with you options and pricing and product availability.