Custom Printed Tank Tops

custom printed tank tops
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Custom Printed Tank Tops – Something for everyone

Tank tops are an unusual creature. They come into style, they go out of style, they come back in. Of course everything in fashion is like that but what’s funny about custom printed tank tops is that it’s never the same age group bringing them back in. Today College and high school kids love the tank tops. Before it was early twenty something men who ate, slept, and drank volleyball that set the trend. Whoever the trendsetters, the have made the manufacturers take note and now more than ever people have more options in tank top styles and tank top colors and fabrics.

During the warmer months here in Saint Louis we will print 8-10 orders of tank tops on any given week. The biggest buyers are the bachelorettes traveling to Memphis or Nashville for the bachelorette party. Women are so creative when it comes to catchy funny tank top sayings. These orders typically number in the 12 -20 tanks per order. We’ll also do a few hundred custom printed tank tops for local area bars with that offer a female persuasion as their shtick to get guys in the doors. Then there is the Girls Gone Wild tank tops. These are a fashion statement in and of themselves. A few thousand at a time and you’ll see Kirkwood Trading Company supplies custom printed tank tops for any ocassion.

So custom printed tank tops aren’t just for the after school basketball pick up game. They are big fashion these days and manufactuers have gotten smart and made tanks to fit several different body styles from the mom on the run to the mom who likes to stay in shape to the mom’s who just like to lounge around with something comfortable on. Guys, don’t worry, you have been left out either. There are fashion tanks with more taper and a softer feel. There are performance tanks when you want to take your game to the next level while having some breathability, and they even have nice soft garment dyed tanks for all you college guys that come in a plethora of colors.

We’ll be happy to help you design them or you can use our online t-shirt designer and pick out your favorite tank and start designing.

If you are interested in a price quote feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to provide you with pricing and any options you request.