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We’ve noticed lately that we are getting more and more orders for custom printed tote bags. The answers are as different as our clients are but they all have one them in common. To customize a product and monetize it while doing good for the environment. Our grocery clients are starting to offer tote bags with their logos on them as an alternative grocery bag for their customers. Of course this isn’t anything really new. Many independent and niche grocers have been doing this for years. However larger grocers are getting in on the action because they see it as a great marketing product that they can make a little money on. While at the same time they are offering their clients a more eco friendly option compared to the paper and plastic grocery bags. Its a win win for everyone.

We also are getting more personalized orders for things like ladies trips. Let’s face it, people are getting their yeti’s and koozies custom printed, so custom printed tote bags are just another item that can be customized. Ladies beach trips are by far the most popular request for custom tote bags. A little something that is both useful and practical and also gives people something to remember the trip by.

Canvas bags are by far the most popular but there are several styles of custom bags we offer. From the nylon sling bags that are popular among sports to the larger bags specifically meant for grocery shopping. With many styles in between and colors and accents.

The turn around is quick, generally 4-6 business days on custom printed tote bag orders. Most come with a handy little pocket that make great placement for a logo of quote. Contact us for any custom printed tote bags you may need and we can discuss pricing and options and the best fit for your occasion.