custom printed youth sports jerseys

custom printed youth sports jerseys
Kirkwood Trading Company St. Louis Missouri screen printing

Custom Printed Youth Sports Jerseys

As a parent who has had several kids in youth sports and coached youth sports as well I understand the need for a fashionable, functional, quality jersey that can last multiple seasons. I also understand that price does not equate to quality. There are 3 parts to a jersey and that people don’t think of.

First, there is the brand itself. Are you using a brand of jersey that is knew or one that has been around for decades. The longevity of a brand name is in direct correlation to the quality and durability of the product. As a local St. Louis screen printing company we have tried them all and have relied heavily on the ones we determine as the best quality and value. We’ve seen some brands come and go and we will put your team in a jersey we know to be of great quality. A jersey that will hold up through multiple washings, the tugging and pushing that goes on with sports, and the general.

Second, the printing, quality printing lasts just a long as the jersey. An important factor in choosing the right custom printed youth sports jerseys is one that matches the customization quality with the quality of the garment. We know what kind of action a typical sports jerseys sees over a season or seasons. We print them with the upmost quality as we print everything all day long in our shop.

Third, customization of names and numbers. To have cost effective custom printed youth sports jerseys the lettering of names and numbering is done with an athletic vinyl. This vinyl is a heat applied method that bond the letters and numbers to the jersey. The quality of the vinyl, heat press involved, and knowledge of the best process ensure you are buying jerseys with quality and longevity.

If you are in the market for custom printed youth sports jerseys and athletic uniforms contact Kirkwood Trading Company. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and we can go from there. Average turn around time on custom printed youth sports jerseys is 5-7 business days. So you need not worry about starting your season without your gear.

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