Custom T-shirt money saving tips

custom t-shirt money saving tips
Affordable custom screen printed t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company will show you custom t-shirt money saving tips whenever we can. A lot of our customers have no need for large quantities of custom t-shirts and sometimes customers can’t afford a large quantity when the need is there. Whenever possible we will work with you and give you options with our custom t-shirt money savings tips.

The first tip I’ll offer is to have the number of ink colors (print colors) be commenserate with your quantity. If you have a need for 12 t-shirts, keep your print colors down to single colors. When you get higher than that with this kind of quantity the shirts can become cost prohibitive. The more print colors your design needs the more setup and pre-press time their is for us. As everyone knows time equals money and nothing in this world is free. Every single print color has it’s very own screen from which to be printed. Each screen has a designated price per screen. Some companies charge $15 per screen per color while some companies charge as much as $25 per screen per color. The ideal cost effective theory is to have $1 to $1.50 of your total cost per shirt going towards screen charges.

We get calls from customers who need 25 t-shirts. Their design is for a 5 color front print and a 5 color back print. That’s 10 screens at $15 a pop for a total of $150. That breaks down to $6/per t-shirt which doesn’t include the price of the shirt or price for printing. So in this case we’ll work with them to get their print colors down but yet keep the same depth on the design.

The attached picture is a perfect example of a custom t-shirt money saving tips. A customer came to us with this 5 color design. They had a budget and wanted to keep the t-shirts at $9/shirt. With their 5 color design they were looking at around $14/shirt as it was. We showed them a single color print using gradients that still gave the design depth, but cost them far less. We actually charged him $7/shirt on this design beating his budget, saving him money, and in the end he was thrilled with what we could do with a single color print.

Custom t-shirt money saving tips work and just about any design can be scaled down in color to save money based on custom t-shirt quantities. Custom t-shirt money saving tips will be a new series of posts we’ll do in the future. Keep an eye out.