Custom T-shirt Online Designer

custom t-shirt online designer
Design your own t-shirts online at kirkwood trading company

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a custom t-shirt online designer for people looking to design their very own t-shirt orders. It’s a fun and easy to use tool and gives you creative control at your finger tips. You can complete access to our catalog so you can choose exactly the shirt and color you want including bags, hats, blankets, and everything else.

The best part of the custom t-shirt online designer is that you have two options for artwork. You can upload your own logo or design or you can choose from our clip art and text fonts. The custom t-shirt online designer has tons of clip art and designs from which you can choose. There are several fonts available and most are really cool that you probably haven’t see before.

You can toggle between the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt and unlike most web based designers, this custom t-shirt online designer is very easy to use and to size your artwork appropriately. So if you want a full front or full back design or even a left chest, it’s very easy to use and navigate.

One unique thing about our custom t-shirt online designer is that we make sure what you designed is priced correctly. There are too many intricacies in screen printing and none of the software out there catches some of these, such as white ink on dark shirts. In reality it costs more but to get the designer to pick that up just doesn’t happen. The point is that you cannot purchase directly from the custom t-shirt online designer, you can only get a price quote. The price quote allows us to explain the pricing to you so you know exactly what you are paying for. The last thing you want to do is have a company back after they charged you and tell you they need more money. We don’t want that and you don’t want that. So when you design your custom t-shirts, simply click the quote button and we’ll provide you with a price. Another cool tool is that you can email people your design or post it to social media. A lot of times customers will design the shirt online and then send it to a few people involved in the process to get their feedback before purchasing.

The custom t-shirt online designer is a great tool you can use to design your shirts. You can check it out here and start designing right away.
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Custom t-shirt Online Designer Pricing

The best part of the custom t-shirt online designer is our pricing. There is no price hike for using it. Since we print all of our own t-shirt orders at our facility, the pricing is the same as if you ordered by phone or walked in our shop. This also gives us the same quality control on our shirt orders that we have from traditional orders via phone or walk ins. Most online companies send your orders across the country to be printed without ever seeing the finished product. A lot of hands touch your order and it’s a labor intensive process. In the end you pay a higher price for your t-shirts when you don’t have to. Since we print all of our own orders you get the best price possible and the highest quality custom t-shirts.

Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, our custom t-shirt online designer allows us to serve a national clientele although many of our local customers take advantage of it as well. Check it out, have fun, and design your heart out!