Custom T Shirt trends

Kirkwood Trading Company t shirt trends
Current trends for 2016 t-shirt season

Custom T shirt trends for 2016 haven’t changed a whole lot but there are some very nice additions that you can use to increase your marketing. By leveraging these new trendy shirts you will undoubtedly increase your brand awareness by putting people in t-shirts they actually want to wear.

Softer and lighter have been the trend for some time but now it’s in over drive and not only that, companies are starting to manufacture lighter softer shirts with lower price points. A couple companies are now offering v-necks and crew necks in ladies and unisex styles at a price point just a few cents above a basic cotton tee.

Custom T Shirt Trends Fabrics

With current custom t-shirt trends companies are producing softer t-shirts using ring spun cotton. Ring spun has a noticeable softness compared to the basic preshrunk cotton people are accustomed to. Additional fabrics such as rayon and ring spun poly bring a softness that has been rivaled before. Together with the soft fabrics they are bringing the weight down on the shirts for a truly comfortable fee.

Custom T shirt trends colors

Custom t shirt trends in the way of colors are changing with more companies going with heathered colors, meaning it’s two different colors making up one. So a Heather purple will have heather and grey material giving it a unique shade and when white or gray are used, the dominant color, purple in this case, becomes lighter. When black or darker thread is added the dominant color becomes darker. So there are a lot of new antique (black thread blend) and heather (light thread blend) colors that are new. Heather orange, Sapphire, Purple, irish green are very popular choices.

Of course people have their staples and there is always going to be a place and a market for the staples like the 100% preshrunk cotton tee. If it’s not broke don’t fix it and trends always come and they go and they come back again in due time.

If you need custom t-shirts that are competitively priced with a fast turn around time and superior quality, Kirkwood Trading Company will discuss an order and options.