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custom printed bella canvas tshirts
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custom t-shirts bella canvas

In the screen printing business trends change from time to time. No unlike everything else. However some trends change for good and we never go back to the old. Such is the case with companies like Bella Canvas and Next Level. These are two trendy fashion brands that were ahead of their time in the softness and cut of their shirts. Today we print 200% more Next Level and Bella brand shirts for customers than we did 10 years ago. It makes sense, soft and tapered is in. Women wear leggings all day long everyday because they are super comfortable. Your custom printed Bella shirt shouldn’t be any different. Just as we will never go back to the 2 pound installed car phone, many people won’t every go back to a boxey cotton t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, cotton t-shirts have their place. I have customers who swear by them and they’ll never change. They like the feel and to be honest 100% cotton will always be the easiest shirt to print. It accepts the ink so well and looks sharp. Not to say blends and poly shirts don’t, but there is just more structure to the cotton.

Custom t-shirts bella canvas. Today though soft is in. If you are creating a shirt brand or looking to impress a client, customer, audience. The softness will immediately grab them. It has a the feel that says this is a great shirt. Personally I’ll sleep in a soft CVC or triblend shirt, they are that comfortable. If you can sleep in it chances are people will want to wear it out in their daily lives.

The shirt colors available in these brands are great. They have bright colors, dark colors, neutral colors, and everything in between. Custom t-shirts Bella Canvas are great for any occasion. Contact us for a free price quote or stop by to check out a sample.