Custom t-shirts for non profits

custom printed t-shirts for non-profits
Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirt printing in Saint Louis area.

Custom t-shirts for non profits

Fundraising is the life blood of non-profit foundations and organizations. Many times those fundraisers involved custom t-shirts. Which makes sense because in a significant quantity custom t-shirts are a low cost high profit item. custom t-shirts for non profits is a niche Kirkwood Trading Company has filled since our inception into the screen printing business.

We have produced high quality screen printed t-shirts for non profits such as First Responders, churches, schools, and awareness campaigns at discounted pricing. Our goal as a business is to make money but we never fail to do our part to work on skim margins for a good cause.

The biggest misconception is that recipients of discounts get low quality products. Kirkwood Trading Company makes our entire catalog available for non profit organizations. They can choose exactly what they want just as any customer we work with does. We simply take our standard cost based on their specific needs and discount it. Nothing changes on turn around time, print quality, custom service, and product quality.

Often times we get contacted from someone needing custom t-shirts for non profits. They already have a budget in mind. Sometimes we can make that work. Other times we cannot. We certainly make recommendations on how we can meet their budget needs. But that’s not always the case because sometimes costs and labor are too much to over come. So while we will still discount the order, it may not reach their budget. More often than not we have provided cost cutting recommendations where we meet or beat the budget and the customer is thrilled.

Custom t-shirts for non profits is a great idea to raise money with little costs. If you are thinking about custom t-shirts give us a call and let’s see how we can help. Contact Us

If you are thinking about starting a non profit. This link could help. starting a non profit