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Design A Shirt St. Louis custom t-shirt screen printing
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Design A Shirt St. Louis

So you have a great idea for a shirt for your up coming bachelor party but you have no idea where to begin. Well Kirkwood Trading Company has just the thing. Our online custom t-shirt designer is meant for people like you. You are a great idea person but you don’t have the software and clipart know how to bring your idea to fruition. Wait no longer. Our online custom t-shirt designer has all of the clipart you could need. In addition we have what’s called Design Ideas. These are designs that are already made for you to use. They just need a little simple editing in our designer to make them yours. Changes colors, change text, change size, add text, delete text, you want to do it, you can.

People call us all the time. The conversation generally goes like this.

Customer: “Hello, I want to order some t-shirts for my soccer team, I have an idea for a design, can you guys put it together for me?”
Kirkwood Trading Company: “We absolutely can and depending on how complex or simple your design idea is we could do it for free, or there may be a charge for artwork time. However you can go to our online shirt design and design your shirt yourself using pre-existing designs and tons of clipart, it’s really easy.”
Customer: “Oh…that’s sounds really cool. Okay let me check that out.”
Kirkwood Trading Company: “Go for it, and when you have the design you want just follow the links to submit it to us and we’ll get back to you with a price quote based on your actual design and quantity.”
Customer: “That’s awesome, I can’t wait to get started!”

We custom screen print t-shirts for just about everything you can imagine. Birthday parties, corporate t-shirts, work safety t-shirts, weddings, family reunions, sports teams, schools, churches, Vacation bible school, hospitals, lake resorts, local brands, Swim teams, and more. If you want it on a shirt we’ll print it.

Whatever the reason, Kirkwood Trading Company is an experienced screen printer who can print your t-shirts professionally, quickly, and you’ll look great with our t-shirt printing.

If you are interested in designing your own t-shirts, you can follow this link. Design A Shirt Here

If you would like to speak with us directly with questions or to get a quote on your t-shirt order. You can contact us here. Contact us