Fast Custom T-shirt lead time

custom t-shirt lead time
Fast turn around time on custom t-shirts

Fast custom t-shirt lead time is what we do. We love it when the first question a potential customer asks isn’t about quality, our history, or even the brands we offer, but when it’s how quickly we can turn a custom t-shirt order around. This means they either thought of having custom t-shirts made as an after thought or they simply waiting until the last minute.Either way is fine with us and they are always shocked when we tell them no problem. Kirkwood Trading Company has always had a fast custom t-shirt lead time of 4-6 business days. However we can always see what we can do when people are really behind the gun. If you need fast custom t-shirt lead time we are the company to get it done on time, correctly, and without hassles.

As I write this on a Wednesday we had a gentleman enter our shop today looking to have some shirts for Mardi Gras. We asked when he needed them and he said he was leaving Saturday to head to New Orleans. Well we don’t work weekends so we have 2 days to print his shirt order. We tell him we’ll design them, print them and they’ll be ready by 3pm Friday. Talk about an ecstatic customer. No extra charge, No hidden fees, it’s simply a matter of we can fit it in the schedule and make a customer happy.

The process of ordering custom screen print t-shirts is simple. We need a design, shirt color and quantity, and a deadline. It’s pretty simple and we try to make it as simple as possible. Prior to printing the order we provide the customers with a digital mock up to approve prior to printing. We require a 50% down deposit on all orders which is the standard for classifying the order as placed. Once that happens we order the shirts and begin working on a digital mock up. Shirts typically arrive in 1-3 business days which gives us ample time to hash out the artwork. Once the digital mock up is approve we begin printing. Fast custom t-shirt lead time is just that, fast. The entire process is completed with the finished product ready for pick up or delivery in 4-6 business days.