Free Online Spirit Store

Free online spirit store
Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirt screen printing in Saint Louis.

A free online spirit store is the obvious step for any school, organization, or foundation who has the potential to gain revenue through logo apparel. Even those that have a brick and mortar shop will gain an advantage from an online presence. Take a high school or college for instance, people graduate and move away but still like sporting their old school digs. They may not get into town very often so they go online and make a purchase. Parents wanting to buy their kids a school sweatshirt may not want to hassle with visiting the school store so they go online to purchase the sweatshirt. It’s a convenient way to gain more revenue that a physical store would garner on a regular basis. Sure a physical store allows people to see the apparel in person, touch it, put it on, etc, but most people aren’t that concerned with all that. They simply want a shirt with a logo on it.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers people the opportunity to open a free online spirit store to sell your goods. As a screen printer we can print on demand and get orders our quickly to your customers. We set up the shop, put the logos on the shirts that you choose, we print the orders and ship the orders. It’s a very simple process and makes a free online spirit store a no brainer.

A free online spirit store gives shoppers another avenue to get your products. Studies show that they actually tend to buy more online as well because they are able to see so many products in a short amount of time.

If you’d like to contact us about providing you a free online spirit store and our screen printing services that go along with that, feel free to contact us any time and we can put together a specific solution that fits your specific needs.

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