Free Online T-shirt store

Free Online T-shirt Store
Kirkwood Trading Company

Free Online T-shirt Store

So you are looking for a website where you can sell a t-shirt for fundraising or team wear to your members or sell your t-shirt brand to the masses, you’ve come to the right place for your free online t-shirt store.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been screen printing tshirts and logo wear for over 20 years. Over the past 5 years we have provided an additional service of providing clients in need with an online store where they can sell their spirit wear or their own logo wear items to the masses. Starting in 2017 this free online tshirt store will not cost any of our customers a dime to use. That’s right, we are offering a completely 100% free online t-shirt store where you can sell your shirts or logo wear.

Free Online T-shirt Store – How it works

Here is how your free online t-shirt store works. We print the shirts, we ship the shirts or you pick up in bulk, and you collect the revenue, it’s that simple. We carry a full line of apparel from all the major brands. We print in-house and have shipping accounts with both UPS and USPS.

We build the store with your products on a dedicated store. We discuss your intended volume of sales and provide you with a price per piece based on that. You profit the difference. We handle ALL order processing and if need be shipping.

These free online t-shirt stores are perfect for:

Fundraising: Have a cause you want to raise money for. Selling a t-shirt is a great way to get people to donate. Statistically people tend to donate when they receive a tangible item in exchange for their donation. A t-shirt is a great low cost high profit way to raise funds for any need.

Spirit Wear or Team Wear: We work with many club teams who want to offer their logo wear to the parents and families and general supporters of their teams as well as spirit wear for the student body. These stores are typically made up of several different items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, blankets, etc. A great way to gain exposure and reach more people with the trend of people making more and more purchases online.

Apparel Branding: We get a lot of people contact us who have the next big t-shirt idea. Often times they have the cost of a website, a webstore and then the cost of shirts. We can build a dedicated store for your own brand. There is no costly inventory or upfront costs to on an idea that may or may not work. Keep costs low.

Here is a fully functioning (Shopping cart disabled) sample store that is one of a few teamplates we can use. You’ll see it’s perfect for a shop as it’s a one page store with a logo and very simple routing.
Kirkwood Crush Spirit Store

Contact us if you are interested in learning more and how Kirkwood Trading Company can help with your online presence to sell t-shirts.