Great Softstyle Custom T-shirts

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great softstyle custom t-shirts
Soft affordable custom t-shirts

Softstyle custom t-shirts are now more affordable than ever. Gildan, the largest t-shirt manufacturer came out with a softstyle combed cotton blend a couple years back. In recent years they have included men’s and women’s styles in the regular crew neck t-shirt, long sleeve, tank top, and v-neck styles. The offer color options not available in their other styles and their softness on some color combinations rivals the softest t-shirts on the market. Since it’s Gildan you know they have a great price point.

If you are looking to order custom t-shirts and use it for your brand or simply to get your message across, the new trend is a soft tapered shirt that is big on comfort. These are the types of shirts you want to purchase because these are shirts that people will actually wear. If you are using custom t-shirts to get your message across you better have a shirt that people will wear out in public. Softstyle custom t-shirts combine the softness, colors, and comfort that people are looking for today. The best part if the price point these shirts have. All the major brands who specialize in soft shirts have a price point that is double a regular t-shirt. The Gildan Softstyle t-shirt, a great softstyle custom t-shirts are priced between a standard t-shirt and the specialty brand soft shirts. So you get a truly affordable shirt that people will like.

Gildan went a step further and expanded their collection to include the tank top, long sleeve, and v-neck styles for both men and women. Softstyle custom t-shirts are becoming the shirt to have screen printed because of the options with color and styles. While they are soft they are also contain a euro cut taper so for the best fit it’s the good idea to bump up sizes. The only flaw in Gildan’s Sofstyle is that the women’s crew necks are junior fit making them especially small. Softstyle custom t-shirts are the best bet for marketing purposes. We have done these shirts for small local bands who sell shirts at their performances. It doesn’t matter if you are rock n roll, country, pop, etc. The bands who pay a little more for their softstyle custom t-shirts sell about twice as much as those getting your basic cotton t-shirts. That is our experience here locally in Saint Louis where we have a specific clientele we can compare. We screen print softstyle custom t-shirts for schools, athletic teams, bars and restuarants, promotions companies, and anyone needing custom tees. We just know the feedback on softstyle custom t-shirts has been very positive.

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