Marketing with Custom T-shirts

marketing with custom t-shirts
Be seen when you wear a custom t-shirt

It is said that the average t-shirt on an average day in an average town is seen by 300 people. Sounds good doesn’t it? Although skeptics will see this as pretty vague and it really kind of is because nobody knows what an average day is and no one knows what an average town is unless you want to spend some time searching for these answers. Let’s make it easier and just understand that some company who specializes in market analysis knows this information and what logistics take place to make this sentence true. A t-shirt that is worn in a single day is seen by 300 people. That is powerful marketing with custom t-shirts. There must be truth behind this sentence otherwise why would organizations like Komen and Autism Speaks order hundreds of thousands of t-shirts to put on their walkers backs? Harley Davidson makes more revenue from their custom t-shirts than they do their motorcycles. Think about that for a minute. A company that builds motorcycles actually makes more money from t-shirts with their brand on it than they do the one product that were created to sell. That’s powerful.

Here is what we in the industry know. A t-shirt is seen by a lot of people over the lifetime of that t-shirt. Marketing with custom t-shirts just makes sense because everyone wears t-shirts and everyone likes to read other people’s t-shirts. When you are talking about the most bang for your buck, nothing comes close the marketing power with custom t-shirts. If over the lifetime of a t-shirt that message is seen by 10,000 people, the t-shirt may have only cost $5. A dollar amount that little for the exposure cannot be competed with.

You have an event, a team, a business, or just a simple message you want to get out there. There is no better way to reach the masses than with custom t-shirts. Marketing with custom t-shirts by far out weights any other advertising medium for the cost per unit compared to exposure. Often times you can find yourself with a captive audience which makes sense.

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