New Spirit Wear Hoodies

Best selling Spirit Wear Hoodies
Kirkwood Trading Company St. Louis screen printing.

New Spirit Wear Hoodies

New Spirit Wear hoodies for 2019-2020 will be a game changer for your school or team. New hoodie styles will increase sales and increase profits. By offering something new to your audience you’ll immediately increase demand because most schools and teams offer the same staples year after year.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve been printing the same hoodies and t-shirts for 10-15 for the same school clients. They sell well year after year and these are what we call the staple products. They are usually pretty simple consisting of a shirt color and print color in the two school colors. Generally with just the school name as the screen print. These will never go away because each year there is a new freshman crop of students just waiting to purchase these staples. On the other hand you have your filler products. These are new trendy items that people who buy the staples will also buy.

People like to be unique which is why schools and teams are always looking for new things to set themselves apart. Hoodies are always popular, so these new spirit wear hoodies are just want does the trick.

Stylish, made of popular durable materials with various accents to set themselves apart from the traditional hoodies. Now you can get custom drawstring laces to match team colors, accent color block to match school colors, and the list goes on. Soft materials, performance materials, tapered cuts, and more.

Kirkwood Trading Company has one particular club team we have been working with for over 7 years. For the past 5 years we have been providing them with a free online team wear store. It generally runs 3-4 times per year. This particular client looks to us for bringing them new products. We creating a custom screen print on some of these new hoodies to see what happens. This store is closing tomorrow after a two week run, and the two new hoodie styles are by far the biggest sellers this time. In fact of the 98 products offered so far, 56 of them are these new hoodies.

The client is happy. Their team is happy. It’s a win win for everyone involved.