Product Loyalty on custom tees

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Product loyalty on custom tees

Brand Loyalty vs Product Loyalty on Custom Tees

In the custom t-shirt screen printing business, product loyalty on custom tees is why companies like ours stay in business. On one side of the table you have brand loyalty, people are loyal to a particular brand when it comes to getting custom tees printed. Other people aren’t particular about the product but they have product loyalty on custom tees and for us, that product is the custom tees we print for them.

Brand Loyalty is having a favorite brand of t-shirt be it Hanes, Gildan, or Next Level. We have clients asking specifically for these brands for their t-shirt order. This is easy for us because we carry all of the major brands in custom apparel. So we know there is loyalty when our clients ask for a specific brand and style by name. They have ordered this particular shirt in the past and it worked well for them. Sometimes clients think they have brand loyalty when they don’t and we can explain the difference to them in those instances. Those who think they have brand loyalty who really don’t are easy to spot because they are requesting an inferior product. To each their own but we still try to understand their decision because from a screen printers perspective, we do not want to provide our services on an inferior product.

Brand loyalty is getting harder because so many t-shirt manufacturers are coming out with similar items that follow the trends of light weight soft materials. Often times to steer someone in the right direction I’ll mention a product I specifically wear. Think about it, if you are going to a butcher shop and you aren’t sure what cut of meat you want, knowing the cut the butcher himself likes is a great way to determine my own cut of choice. If it’s good enough for the professional it is good enough for me.

Product loyalty on custom tees boils down the product they are purchasing from me. How well do I screen print their logo on the shirts I provide for their order. Product loyalty is vital in the success of a business because ultimately it relies on the satisfaction of the customer. A happy customer is satisfied with your product and gains product loyalty on custom tees from my business.

In the screen printing business, when a client has brand loyalty that is the easy one. They can go to any company and get their custom t-shirts printed. Product loyalty is whey they keep coming back to a particular business. In the screen printing business it’s fortunate that we can cater to both sides of the table here. The brand is the brand, we don’t make the shirts, we only provide them. The product is where our hard work pays off and equals loyalty.

You can browse our products on our online catalog and we can discuss your custom t-shirt order with you to make sure you have product loyalty on custom tees.