Refresh Your Spirit Wear

Refresh your spirit wear
Custom spirit wear for schools and teams

Refresh Your Spirit Wear

The number one reason spirit wear sales fall flat is because what you are offering is either not the right products for your target or the products stale. Think about your spirit wear and the apparel you have offered over the past 3-4 years. Has it changed or is it always the same products?

Granted, most of the schools and teams we work with have what we call staple items. These are items that stand the test of time and are always good sellers. These are your basic hoodies and t-shirts with a simple text of logo. They simply say Kirkwood, or Affton, or Pacific. These items will always sell but generally because they are associated with a town as well as a school. That’s not always the case but it helps.

However you need to sprinkle in new and trendy items to prevent your store from becoming stale.

Now more than ever there are new styles and blends that are really changing the face of fashion trends. Blends with designs, dye sub shirts, and various patterns on sleek fabrics are the new trend. Older style shirts with the new softer cotton and poly blends are making a huge come back. Girls and women now have more options than before.

When it comes to athletic uniforms they are also following suit with more design in the accents of sports jerseys. They are actually becoming so cool and popular that schools are starting to offer them because non athletes like the trendy look.

It’s all new and new sells. Colors change, styles changes, fabrics change. The key to a successful spirit wear campaign is riding the hot wave. Staying on top of the trends to get the most out of your spirit wear sales.

Keep the staples but spirit wear has to be an evolving venture.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been a St. Louis screen printer for 24 years. We provide the highest quality screen printing and embroidery, and now dye sublimation because we employ people with the same vision. We can work with your team sport, company, or school to help you achieve record sales on your new spirit wear, team wear, or corporate apparel order. Through our free online spirit wear stores we can help you generate more revenue while increasing your marketing reach through apparel.