Selling Spirit Wear Made Easy

sell school spirit wear Online
Images depict stages of printing custom spirit wear for a school or team.

Selling Spirit Wear Made Easy

Over the past three years our list of schools that we provide spirit wear has grown. There is one simple reason. Taking their spirit wear online via an free online spirit wear store that we create for them and it’s 100% free.

Why it works today

1. More and more people are buying everything online
2. Teachers who organize the spirit wear sales spend too much time with it.
3. Parents and students are looking for convenience with everything turning to an online platform.

Our stores are successful because we realize these three things mentioned above.

Kirkwood Trading Company truly makes selling spirit wear made easy.

1. The stores are 100% free – no costs to the school
2. We are giving parents and students an online presence to purchase spirit wear.
3. We do all the work freeing up the time of the person who organizes the spirit wear.
4. We handle all order processing and field any questions.
5. We can ship to individual homes or deliver orders to the school in individually marked order bags
6. We pay the school their portion of the profits which is the difference between what we charge for each item and what the school chooses to sell each item.

The feedback from every school we have worked with was how easy it was to do the online spirit wear store. Selling spirit wear made easy is just that. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s giving people and place online to buy. No more paper order forms that have to be collected and tallied, no more reminders about dates when things are due. No more up front costs on inventory. All of that goes away and simplifies the process with our free online spirit wear stores.

What’s more! Having an online store increases sales which makes more money for each school and their purpose for raising money through spirit wear.

Here is a look at a typical online spirit wear store with a link to visit the full store.

screenshot of custom online spirit wear store
Custom online spirit wear store

visit the demo store Sample Spirit Wear Store

To learn more give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to explain how easy our online spirit wear stores are to use.