St. Louis Custom T-shirt Printing Fast

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts
Custom T-shirt Screen printing

Kirkwood Trading Company provides quality custom t-shirt printing fast. If you have to wait two weeks to receive your custom t-shirts then you are going to the wrong place. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turn around time of any other local company with a 4-6 business day turn around. Since we print in-house under one roof we can control the output of orders as we don’t rely on any other companies to output our custom t-shirts.

From the date the order is placed to the date the order is ready is inside 6 business days. For 98% of the orders we receive this turn around time is true and usually even faster with an average turn around time in 2014 of 4.6 days. We simplify the ordering process so it’s easy for our customers. First, we make it very simple for our customers to get a free price quote. They can call us, email us, go online and use our online shirt design studio or our online quote form. So we offer several ways to contact us and there is a way for everyone so you can choose which method works best for you.

We also have an online catalog on our website ( so people can see the apparel we offer. In addition we also offer a custom t-shirt buying guide. This compares the most popular styles and materials so you can see a side by side comparison. Allowing our customers a way to educate themselves simply moves the process along that much quicker. However you find it easier to simply pick up the phone and call us with questions, we are just as happy with that as well.

Once the initial contact is made we need artwork. Now artwork ideally will be in a vector format either an illustrator file or Corel Draw file. But if you don’t have either of these files no worry, we can make what you do have work in most cases. Once artwork and shirt color and ink colors are decided on, we simply need a deposit to get the order placed. Once the deposit is made and the order is placed we will provide our customers with a digital mock up to approve. This way there are no surprises when it comes to your custom t-shirts. The printing is laid out and we go! It’s that simple.