Custom Printed Fundraising T-shirts

custom printed fundraising t-shirts

Use custom t-shirts to raise money and fundraising projects.

Custom printed fundraising t-shirts are a great source for making money for a cause. They also make great incentives in obtaining memberships or participation in things like camps, vacation bible schools, and various events. Everyone likes to feel like they are getting something for their money and a custom t-shirt with your message is a great product.

When it comes to custom printed fundraising t-shirts people are getting something for donating their hard earned money. When they receive a custom t-shirt for their donation the purpose is twofold. First they are getting something “free” in return for their donation and second, the t-shirt they are receiving has the message and the purpose for your fundraising on it which just creates more awareness.

Schools use custom t-shirts as a give away to kids participating in their sports camps. They’ll state registration includes a t-shirt or a free t-shirt. Well we know the t-shirt isn’t actually free as it’s built into the cost of the camp. Regardless, in addition to the fun the camp provides and the skills you’ll learn during the camp, you’ll walk away with those skills and a t-shirt stating you participated in the camp. So it’s a great promotional piece for the camp and at the same time a bonus to the campers as well all know kids like wearing t-shirts.

Custom printed fundraising t-shirts are very cost effective and the ROI on t-shirts is enormous. The concept certainly works better with larger fundraising efforts where the volume of shirts needed is high. This lowers the cost of the shirts making the dollar amount going towards fundraising higher, but it means you are reaching a broader audience so the potential is much higher.

Kirkwood Trading Company in Saint Louis has been screen printing custom t-shirts for over 20 years. In that time we have printed thousands upon thousands of t-shirts for various fundraising organizations. Those few thousands of t-shirts have yielded tens of thousands in donated money. So custom printed fundraising t-shirts work whether it’s to raise money for cancer, funeral costs, a foundation, sports team, or anything else where fundraising has been essential.

If you are interested in learning more about custom printed fundraising t-shirts give us a call and we’ll be happy to take a look at your needs.

St. Louis Original Custom T-shirt Screen Printer

Custom T-shirt Printing

Custom T-shirt Printing in St. Louis

They say imitation is the best flattery and we can dig the fact that younger local t-shirt companies use our marketing materials and blog posts to build their content. But it’s not original, Kirkwood Trading Company was printing custom t-shirts when many of these companies founders weren’t even born yet. We printed our first t-shirt over 30 years ago and started our business over 20 years ago. We have seen many t-shirt companies come and many t-shirt companies go. Just about every year one company will open and one or two will close. I think 3 companies fell victim in 2014 because it’s a competitive market and it’s not just about printing t-shirts for people.

As a Saint Louis custom t-shirt screen printer we operate with old school values and we’ve taken a few jobs in the teeth to get those customers to come back and give us another opportunity. Every company makes mistakes and we are no different. On occasion things go hey wire and it’s how you handle those situations that makes a customer come back for another shot or go elsewhere next time. There are no statistics available on customer retention across our local industry but as a company with continued growth, we have to have one of, if not the highest customer retention in the area. As a custom t-shirt screen printer in St. Louis with a lot of competition I wouldn’t fathom that we are the only company offering the highest quality custom tees. I know there are lots of companies who print very well and have experienced printers just as we do. I would however take the Pepsi challenge on customer service and turn around time. As a custom t-shirt screen printer we build relationships. We want our customers to keep coming back to us. While there may be a hiccup on one out of one hundred jobs, we are going to make that hiccup right. We treat every customer like they are our only customer and we treat our customers how we here at Kirkwood Trading Company like to be treated when we are someone else’s customer. It’s simple old school ethics that I think a lot of companies in all industries take for granted. I’m going to retire one day but I’m not going to retire from any one customers order. I’m going to retire from a lot of orders from a lot of repeat customers over a period of many years. There aren’t many businesses that are a custom t-shirt screen printer in the area who are older than we are. The fact of being one of the oldest companies in a city in a particular industry is a testament to the people who work at a business, the way they do business, and the quality and reliability of their business. Nobody turns orders around on a consistent basis as quickly as we do here at Kirkwood Trading Company. We do have a 12 shirt minimum because there is no money in single t-shirt orders and 9 times out of 10, for us to make money on an order less than 12 pieces, the price per shirt is cost prohibitive for you as a customer. We have a 12 shirt minimum because that’s how our business model has always been. As a custom t-shirt screen printer in Saint Louis, we offer our clients the highest quality product at a very fair price and a quick turn around. When we tell you your order will be ready, it will be ready. If you tell us it has to be done by a certain date, 9 out of 10 times it will be before that date and on the 1 time it isn’t, it’s still ready on your deadline date.

If you have a need for custom t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, bags, shorts, sweatpants, coffee mugs, performance shirts, ladies apparel, oxfords, polos, youth apparel, spirit wear, team wear, school store, school play, etc, whew!, contact the Kirkwood Trading Company. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you about your order and provide you with no hassle price quote.

Design T-shirts Online

design t-shirts online

Design your own t-shirts online

Design t-shirts online with our Online t-shirt design studio only at Kirkwood Trading Company. Technology is fantastic and one of the great innovations for the custom screen printing business is the ability for people to design their very own t-shirts and then order them. For those to love to have creative control on your custom tshirt designs, this online design studio is great.

When you design t-shirts online you have two options now which is really cool. The first option enables you to upload your very own design or logo into the studio and place it anywhere you want on the shirt. Depending on the format of your file you may or may not be able to change colors of your design and play with it. So upload your logo or design in the color you want it to be printed for convenience. The second option is our online design studio is chalk full of clip art and fonts that you can choose and create your custom t-shirts from scratch.

To design t-shirts online is to have creative control and hands on input in on something really cool! Our online design studio gives you access to all of our products including sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, polos, and a variety of performance apparel, youth apparel, and ladies apparel.

Since we print in-house we save our customers a ton of money compared to other online t-shirt design companies. Those companies take your order and send it somewhere else in the United States to get printed. The fact that the company taking the order doesn’t do the printing means you are paying more than you need to because they take a big chunk, and printer gets a chunk and then there are higher than normal shipping costs. Since we print in-house and we order shirts in to be printed and then ship out direct when finished, there is no middle many and shipping costs are very minimal. Depending on shirt quantity and design we typically save customers $1.00 – $3.00 per t-shirt compared to the big online based companies. Over the course of a 100 shirt order, that’s $100-$300 savings we provide our customers when they choose to design t-shirts online with Kirkwood Trading Company. The best benefit is that when you have questions we answer the phone too.

If you want to check out the online design studio and start to design t-shirts online with us and see how fun it can be, you can click here and start having fun. Design T-shirts Online and if you like us give us a like on Facebook. Like us on facebook

Logo Placement Guide For Custom T-shirts

logo placement guide for custom t-shirts

Guide showing traditional logo placement on custom t-shirt printing

This logo placement guide for custom t-shirts is meant to assist anyone looking to have t-shirts made who may not be sure where to put the print. While most people ordering custom t-shirts have an idea where they want their logo to go, many people don’t. Truth be told, depending on your logo, certain logo’s actually need to be placed in a certain location to be effective while other logos can be screen printed anywhere and look good.

Logo Placement on Front of custom t-shirt

You really have 3 logo or design placements when it comes to the front of the t-shirt. The full front is traditionally 12 inches by 12 inches or smaller but squared. Then there is the smaller front center print which is great for certain logo and ladies tees. Then there is the left chest. The left chest is a different beast honestly. Left chest is typically a personal preference. For me personally if you are going to have a single print on the t-shirt my suggestion would be to do a full front print, not a left chest. Some people like a left chest because it’s subtle and not so in your face. But for a single print I prefer my message, logo, design be seen and I prefer a full font or center print. A t-shirt is a walking billboard and the purpose of the shirt is to simply get your message out there.

Logo Placement on Back of custom t-shirt

The back of t-shirts are always a good option so people see your message coming or going. You’ll see on the logo placement guide for custom t-shirts that you can have a traditional back print or a tag print. The back print is an attention grabber but so to is the tag print because it’s a trendy print placement. I’ll never be a fan of back only prints and if you are going to have one print on a t-shirt it always needs to the be front. With back prints, full back prints make a great compliment to a left chest print and a tag print compliments a full front print very well.

Hopefully this logo placement guide for custom t-shirts helps you visualize your own design on shirts you will be ordering. As I mentioned earlier, some designs lend themselves to a certain placement. Kirkwood Trading Company can help you on that decision and provide you with digital mock ups so you can see first hand what your logo will look like on the finished product. Part of the ordering process with us is that we provide all of our customers a digital mock up to approve prior to printing.

You can contact us anytime to place an order or to inquire about placing at order at Kirkwood Trading Company website