Design T-shirts Online

design t-shirts online

Design your own t-shirts online

Design t-shirts online with our Online t-shirt design studio only at Kirkwood Trading Company. Technology is fantastic and one of the great innovations for the custom screen printing business is the ability for people to design their very own t-shirts and then order them. For those to love to have creative control on your custom tshirt designs, this online design studio is great.

When you design t-shirts online you have two options now which is really cool. The first option enables you to upload your very own design or logo into the studio and place it anywhere you want on the shirt. Depending on the format of your file you may or may not be able to change colors of your design and play with it. So upload your logo or design in the color you want it to be printed for convenience. The second option is our online design studio is chalk full of clip art and fonts that you can choose and create your custom t-shirts from scratch.

To design t-shirts online is to have creative control and hands on input in on something really cool! Our online design studio gives you access to all of our products including sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, polos, and a variety of performance apparel, youth apparel, and ladies apparel.

Since we print in-house we save our customers a ton of money compared to other online t-shirt design companies. Those companies take your order and send it somewhere else in the United States to get printed. The fact that the company taking the order doesn’t do the printing means you are paying more than you need to because they take a big chunk, and printer gets a chunk and then there are higher than normal shipping costs. Since we print in-house and we order shirts in to be printed and then ship out direct when finished, there is no middle many and shipping costs are very minimal. Depending on shirt quantity and design we typically save customers $1.00 – $3.00 per t-shirt compared to the big online based companies. Over the course of a 100 shirt order, that’s $100-$300 savings we provide our customers when they choose to design t-shirts online with Kirkwood Trading Company. The best benefit is that when you have questions we answer the phone too.

If you want to check out the online design studio and start to design t-shirts online with us and see how fun it can be, you can click here and start having fun. Design T-shirts Online and if you like us give us a like on Facebook. Like us on facebook

T-shirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

T-shirt Screen Printing in St. Louis

Great custom t-shirt screen printing

If you are looking for quality, professional t-shirt screen printing in St. Louis, check out the Kirkwood Trading Company. This company has a long history of printing custom t-shirts and other logo apparel in the St. Louis area dating back to the early 90’s. They have a reputation for being very friendly and their service and quality of printing is second to none.

Their normal turn around time is faster than anyone else in the area on a regular basis. While they are happy to jump through hoops to meet a tight customer deadline, they rarely have to because typically the order turn around is four to six business days. They have accommodated orders in 24 hours and they’ve even on a rare occasion done same day work on things like custom coffee mugs. Not matter their capabilities I think you’ll find that having custom t-shirt screen printing done inside one week is pretty good.

To go with their screen printing they offer a full line of logo apparel. They don’t just do t-shirts either. They screen print and embroider on just about anything from hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, hats, bags, towels, mugs, iphone cases, jackets, scarves, blankets, and so much more. They are a full service imprint company and do a good amount of business working with local sports teams providing team jerseys and uniforms for youth soccer teams, baseball teams, volleyballs teams, and pretty much all sports.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing

Matt is typically the person there who handles the orders and is experienced in both the apparel and printing side of the business as well as the artwork side of the business. If you have the proper artwork your job will go slightly smoother but these guys are graphic experts and they can create, tweak, or convert your existing artwork into the correct format should it need to be. While they are a t-shirt screen printing company they are a full service logo apparel business.

They can be reached online at Kirkwood Trading Company. You can design online, see samples, get a price quote and learn about their business. T-shirt screen printing in St. Louis, Kirkwood Trading Company.